What do Hallmark, 916 & KDM Jewellery Mean?

Sep 19, 2023
What do Hallmark, 916 & KDM Jewellery Mean?

What do Hallmark, 916 & KDM Jewellery Mean?

"Have you ever looked at a beautiful piece of jewellery and wondered about the tiny mark on it? Jewellery comes with its language and in this article, we're going to decipher it together. We'll demystify those Hallmarks, break down what '916' means and explore the charm of KDM jewellery.

What is a Hallmark?

A Hallmark is like a seal of approval on jewellery. It's a mark that says the jewellery is good quality and real. This mark is like a code that tells you important things about the jewellery. For example, it can reveal how pure the gold or silver is, who made the jewellery and where it was made. It's like a little secret message on your jewellery, that helps you know if what you're buying is real and made with care.

In simple terms, when you see a Hallmark on jewellery, it's a sign that experts have checked it and said, "This is good stuff!" So, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality product when you see this special mark on your jewellery. A Hallmark, etched with precision, carries secrets about your jewellery's quality and authenticity. 

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Types of Hallmarks 

Purity Hallmark

Think of this as the purity certificate of your jewellery. It tells you how much of it is pure gold or another precious metal. For instance, "916" signifies that your piece contains a whopping 91.6% pure gold.

Manufacturer's Hallmark

It's like the maker's signature on a masterpiece. The Manufacturer's Hallmark reveals the skilled hands behind your jewellery, adding a touch of accountability to the artistry. 

Assay Office Hallmark

Here's where quality assurance shines. An Assay Office Hallmark assures you that your jewellery has been meticulously tested and meets the high-quality standards set by the office. 

What is "916" in Jewelry?

916 in jewellery refers to the purity of the metal, particularly gold. It signifies that the metal contains 91.6% pure gold, also known as 22-karat gold. This number, 916, represents the gold content as a percentage of the total alloy.

Gold, in its purest form, is very soft and not suitable for making durable jewellery. To enhance its strength and durability, it is alloyed with other metals like copper or silver. When 91.6% of the alloy is made up of pure gold, it strikes a balance between maintaining the beautiful gold colour and ensuring the jewellery is robust enough for daily wear.

The "916" mark you often see on gold necklaces, rings, and bracelets is used worldwide because it makes gold look shiny and ensures it lasts. In simple terms, "916" means the gold is 91.6% pure, which is the same as 22-karat gold. So, when you spot "916" on your gold jewellery, it tells you that your jewellery is made of high-quality gold. It's a sign of both beauty and durability in your gold adornments.

Why 91.6% Gold?

Gold is lovely but also quite soft. To make it durable enough for jewellery, it's blended with other metals. 91.6% strikes a perfect balance between purity and strength, making it ideal for crafting exquisite pieces. 

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What is KDM Jewelry?

KDM Jewelry, short for "Kundan Meena Damascene" jewellery, is a traditional Indian jewellery-making technique known for its intricate craftsmanship. It involves the use of 24-karat pure gold foil to create stunning designs on jewellery pieces. Skilled artisans meticulously embed this gold foil into jewellery, often complementing it with colourful enamel work and precious gemstones. KDM jewellery is really important in India, especially during weddings and festivals. People adore it because it mixes old-fashioned art, and a rich history, and makes their clothing look even prettier. It's a top choice for those who want jewellery that's both meaningful in their culture and incredibly beautiful to wear. 

The Craftsmanship

KDM jewellery isn't your run-of-the-mill bling. It's a work of art. Skilled artisans employ this technique to create intricate designs, often adorned with precious gemstones. Wearing KDM jewellery is like wearing history and culture with each piece. 

Differences between Hallmark, "916" gold, and KDM jewellery

Hallmark  is like a certification mark on jewellery that tells you it's genuine and meets certain quality standards. It can come in various forms, like a tiny stamp or mark, and serves as a guarantee of authenticity and quality.


916" gold, on the other hand, is a specific type of Hallmark often seen on gold jewellery. It means that the jewellery contains 91.6% pure gold, which is the same as having 22-karat gold. This makes it valuable and long-lasting because there's a lot of real gold in it.


KDM jewellery  is something entirely different. KDM stands for "Kundan Meena Damascene," a traditional Indian jewellery-making technique. It involves using 24-karat pure gold foil in intricate designs. KDM jewellery is celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and is often adorned with precious gemstones. It carries deep cultural significance in India and is worn during special occasions like weddings.


Hallmark is like a guarantee of real and good-quality jewellery, while "916" gold means very pure gold, like 22-karat gold. On the other hand, KDM jewellery is special because it's made using an old Indian method, with lots of fine details, and it's important in Indian culture. All of these factors make jewellery special and offer you various choices if you're a jewellery enthusiast. 

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The Importance of Understanding These Terms

Now, you might wonder why all this jewellery jargon matters. Well, here's why:

  • Quality Assurance: Hallmarks are your trusty companions in ensuring you're getting genuine and high-quality jewellery.

  • Pricing Knowledge: Understanding "916" lets you decode the pricing of gold jewellery better, making sure you get your money's worth.

  • Cultural Significance: KDM jewellery isn't just ornamental; it's deeply rooted in Indian culture and often graces special occasions and weddings.

  • Personal Preference: Knowing these terms helps you make informed choices based on your style, preferences, and budget. 

The Wrap Up 

"And there you have it! We've unveiled the secrets of Hallmark, explained the magic of '916' gold, and delved into the world of KDM jewellery. Explore and shop for jewellery with confidence, armed with the knowledge you've gained. 

Check out these FAQs: 

Q1: What's the significance of KDM jewellery in Indian culture?

A1:- KDM jewellery holds cultural importance in India and is often worn during weddings and special occasions for its traditional charm.

Q2: Can I trust jewellery without a Hallmark?

A2: It's advisable to purchase jewellery with a Hallmark, as it ensures authenticity and quality. 

Q3: Are KDM jewellery pieces more expensive?

A3: KDM jewellery can be relatively expensive due to the use of 24-karat gold and intricate craftsmanship. 

Q4: Do all countries use Hallmarks?

A4: While Hallmarks are common, not all countries use them. However, many countries have similar quality assurance systems. 

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