10 Famous Jewelry Manufacturers In Italy of 2024

Mar 19, 2024
10 Famous Jewelry Manufacturers In Italy of 2024

10 Famous Jewelry Manufacturers In Italy of 2024

Like clothes, jewelry completes our appearance, defines our style, and helps others recognize us. What reason is there to wear jewelry created in Italy if not to support ethical and local businesses, adopt a greener and sustainable approach, encourage careful and aware purchasing, and elevate Italian craftsmanship?

These are the principles that underpin a lot of emerging jewelry firms, which are often small to medium-sized businesses that have become industry staples in the accessories space because of Instagram.

List of Top 10 Famous Jewelry Manufacturers In Italy of 2024

1.      Maroth Jewels

Maroth Jewels is recognised as the custom made and private label famous jewelry manufacturers in Italy. They are also known for their creative use of natural materials, stunning designs, and excellent artistry.  Their  jewelry is well known for its inventive material combinations and striking use of color. Its hallmark pieces feature bold, vivid gemstones set in platinum, silver, and pure gold.

2.      Coquillage

Giulia Beltramini launched Coquillage, a jewelry company, in the balmy summer months of 2018. After relocating from Trieste to Milan, she turned her love of jewelry-making and artistry into a skill with a true artistic flair. From the most traditional rings and earrings to necklaces, earcuffs, and hoops, these pieces convey us from the coast and beaches to farther interior, evoking numerous styles and regions. Simple jewelry that exudes elegance is sentimental and works well in any setting. The brand offers tiny, handcrafted pieces of art that combine semi-precious stones like coral, amethyst, and jade with stainless steel that has been coated in gold.

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3.      Voodoo Jewels

It would be impossible to avoid hearing about voodoo jewels at least once. Designer Livia Lazzari founded the brand in response to her desire to break free from the traditional perception of jewels as priceless items. By doing so, she was able to steer clear of noble and costly materials and take on a new role as a spokesperson for the study of the interaction between humans and nature. Her bold and rebellious style gives jewelry a new urban identity. Unusual forms along with uncommon and unique materials are what define Voodoo Jewels, which gives rise to the term "voodoo" accessories: Voodoo items were thought to have magical properties and to serve as a link between the natural world and the human realm in tribal civilizations. In a similar vein, the objects made by the Voodoo Jewels serve as a bridge between the physical world and the magical realm.

What was the outcome? Being noticed are earrings and rings crafted from valuable stones such as gold, silver, and bronze. Each gem tells a unique story about a world that is both complicated and eloquent. Every item is crafted by hand and is a singular, one-of-a-kind creation enhanced with power and magic. In addition, every Voodoo Jewels product puts women's bodies in touch with their inner selves in an effort to foster self-love and acceptance of the qualities that, although often seen as defects, really make each of us special and distinct. Voodoo Jewels is a genuine statement of self-love rather than merely a jewelry business.

4.      Damiani

Its collections also include a range of colorful stones, priceless metals, and traditional patterns. In addition, Damiani provides customization options so that clients may design one-of-a-kind items that express their own preferences.

5.      Alessandra Camilla Milano

Alessandra C. Mustacchi, the brand's creator and designer, brought her passion, inventiveness, and vision to life in creating the jewelry line Alessandra Camilla Milano. The significance and position that women play in society inspired Alessandra to create her business, promoting the notion that women may forge their own identities while still feeling unique and feminine. One cannot but notice the refined and elegant Alessandra Camilla gems.

All of the pieces are totally crafted by hand in Milan by regional artists, which benefits the neighborhood, lowers carbon emissions, supports small companies in the area, and creates jobs. Furthermore, the company places great importance on sustainability and a passion for the environment. All of the stones are also ethically and responsibly extracted, with no exploitation occurring during the extraction process. Lastly, Alessandra Camilla tries to prevent the extinction of elephants by not using ivory.

6.      Pomellato

Bright, striking hues, often combined with priceless metals, define Pomellato's distinctive jewelry. Every piece is handcrafted with unique forms and creative material combinations.

7.      Pepa Flaca

Pepaflaca is a brand of exquisite ceramics and porcelain jewelry that jewelry designer Natalia Triana created. The name literally means "pepa" (something rounded) and "flaca" (thin) in Spanish. Everything comes to life in her laboratory in Bologna, where she creates her masterpieces. The majority of the jewelry is made of white porcelain clay, which allows for endless decorating possibilities.

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However, more recently, different types of porcelain have been mixed because each clay has a unique texture and set of properties, opening up new possibilities all the time. The form is established using your fingers or a wooden tool, and it takes about two days for each piece to finish baking in the oven. Lastly, you may add gold, mother of pearl, stainless steel, or 975 silver or bronze during a third baking session.

8.      Argentoblu

The Scapecchi family founded the handcrafted jewelry business Argentoblu in Tuscany in 1950. The brand's creative journey spanned more than three decades, starting in Arezzo and culminating in the dream marriage of precious materials with the chromatic notes of the surrounding waters. The jewels are all constructed of tarnished silver (925), rhodium- or 18k-plated, 1-micron thick, nickel-free galvanic finish, and have a touch of vintage character and eclectic style. Additionally, each Argentoblu jewelry item is updated by reapplying the original plating in support of a more sustainable and green world when it starts to lose its "glow" and becomes more opaque and dull.

9.      Iosselliani

Italian jewelry company Iosselliani was established in Rome in 1997. It is renowned for its magnificent handcrafted items, which draw inspiration from Italy's vivid hues. Iosselliani uses a blend of sterling silver, 18-karat gold, and semi-precious jewels to create its distinctive creations. The company is dedicated to producing opulent, classic items that are both modern and traditional.

10.  Lil Milan

Veronica Varetta launched the Italian company Lil Milan in 2014 as she was still looking for jewels that matched both her style and her budget. She was looking for jewelry that would be pure gold, have simple designs, and be wearable every day. She then started to sketch the first ideas and searched Milan for a jeweler who could create them for her, a search that continues to this day! Nowadays, Lil Milan has 84,4 thousand Instagram followers and is well-liked by everybody for her simple, minimalistic style. Each gem is expertly crafted in Italy using 9 or 18-carat gold!


Hi, those who like shine and elegance! Max is your style buddy; he's utterly enamored with Italian artistry. The finest Italian jewelry brands are the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication, and they are the perfect reward for your style sense today.

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