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Maroth Jewels Private Limited is a custom jewelry manufacturer. We have been in the jewelry manufacturing business since 2010 and since then Maroth Jewels has been successful in building trust among our customers and has established a good place in the jewelry industry.

Who Are We?

Maroth Jewels established in 2010. We are an India-based jewelry manufacturing company that loves to work in design, manufacturing, and marketing, focusing on the development and production of jewelry. In particular, we are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.

History of “Maroth” 

“Maroth” is a village situated in Nagaur district, in the state of Rajasthan, India. Maroth is the Land of Gaurs so it is also called the region of “Gaurati”. It was specially given by Maharaja Vighraj Chauhan to Maharaja Bawan Gaur in 1260 AD. Later in 1659, Aurangzeb gave it to Maharaja Raghunath Singh. Due to Gaur, this village has another name, which is called “Gaudi”. The name Maroth raised the pride of the Rajputs. We named our organization “Maroth Jewels” to represent Rajput pride.

Maroth Jewels based on “The Make In India campaign” which was launched in 2014 by our honorable Prime Minister. Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a leading custom jewelry manufacturer, and all manufacturing processes at Maroth Jewels are in-house in India. This shows that Maroth Jewels is promoting the campaign.

Maroth Jewels entered the jewelry business with high goals, aspirations, and ambitions and are successfully fulfilling it. Maroth Jewels have always been a follower and supporter of the Made in India campaign and have always acknowledged how beneficial and important it is to promote the Indian jewelry sector. Being one of the oldest in the country, the jewelry industry undeniably reflects the prevailing luxury cultures, traditions, and diversity in the country and is one of the largest producers of natural gems and diamond jewelry globally.

What Do We Do?

As we mentioned above, we are a jewelry manufacturer.  We work with all kinds of jewelry like gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and diamond jewelry. We design and manufacture jewelry using different metals. We specialize in making custom jewelry and also love to work with jewelry designers and jewelry brands. We design, manufacture, and export jewelry to jewelry designers and jewelry brands according to their requirements.

We are also a private label jewelry manufacturer, our customers can also use their own private label on their jewelry. And we can engrave the logo of a brand for our customers if they want. We also customize jewelry as per our customer’s requirements. We also make personal jewelry in gold, silver, and diamonds. As we are professional jewelry manufacturers, we have divided our work into teams so that each of our work is done well and closely. Our entire team is highly reliable and talented and is dedicated to its work.

  1. The Creative Team” is responsible for finding ideas for the latest fashionable jewelry designs and also revises jewelry designs. Their designs are very creative and unique. The creative team discovers the latest trends and ideas according to our client’s needs.
  2. “Our designer Team” is involved in the CAD-design of the jewelry. The design given by the creative team creates in 3D-image by our CAD- designing team.
  3. “The Manufacturing Team” is responsible for converting the 3D image into physical form. Once CAD design is done, our manufacturing team converts it into jewelry.
  4. "The Program Managing Team” is responsible for managing the whole process and keeping track of all the moving pieces in Maroth Jewels.
  5. “The Marketing Team” is responsible for other essential roles such as graphic designing, developing content.

How Do We Do It?

The professional manufacturing team and jewelry design teams at Maroth Jewels have unique philosophies of product styles, market trends and craftsmanship.  The independent design team pursues fashion trends globally, while the creative team emphasizes improvement in production technology and craftsmanship. Our manufacturing process is completed in-house, from CAD designing to the final touch-up of jewelry. Everything is taken care of by an experienced worker.

Manufacturing Process:-

Enquiry :

We enquire about the needs and the latest designs to be manufactured for our customer. We also enquire about metal, weight, and size of the Jewelry from our customers and then we work upon their needs.

Idea Share:

If you have an idea of design in your mind, you can share it with us. We implement your idea into real Jewelry. Maroth Jewels also share their ideas with their customer and also try to get customers’ ideas and accordingly work together.

CAD Design:

CAD refers to computer-aided design. In “Computer-Aided Design” the CAD design team creates a 3D image of the design according to the size and description gave by the customers, and we show it to the customer so that if the customer needs to make any changes to it, we can do it.

Price Quote:

After you have approved the 3D image of CAD designing, we discuss the price with our customers. The price quotation for the jewelry will be decided according to the design and weight and other needy things.

Our Services and Policies

About Maroth Jewels Private Limited, we are committed to making every customer “Feel at home” by providing personalized services and fashion, high quality, fair pricing products. We are trying to provide the best service in the world to our customers.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:-

Maroth Jewels is a leading Jewelry manufacturer company. We promote handmade Jewelry worldwide. We are  committed to make handmade Jewelry and reach it worldwide. We want to welcome visitors in our company to have a further business discussion, we look forward to serving your Jewelry needs. We also help the small business to develop by manufacturing Jewelry for them.

Our Mission :-

Our mission for upcoming years is :-

  1. To promote the demand of handmade Jewelry across the world. 
  2. Sustain our creativity about creative design by supporting our staff.
  3. Giving  100 %  satisfaction to our customers.
  4. Maintaining trust among our customers by providing our best services to our customers. 

We Are Accredited

We are proud to announce that we are an internationally recognized company. We are recognized by the Government of India. Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a registered MSME by Govt. of India. We also have our Trademark recognized by the government. Of India. This means that Maroth Jewels has been evaluated by the Government of India to ensure that Maroth Jewels manufactures and provides high-quality jewelry. The jewelry you buy online through Maroth Jewels will be found in the same way as you have seen online.

Our Certification is Shown Below:-

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