Custom Wholesale Pendant Manufacturers & Supplier in India for Every Occasion

Wedding Pendant Manufacturers in USA & India 

Pendants are an excellent choice for weddings, providing elegance and a personal touch. Maroth Jewels offers beautiful custom wedding pendants. Consider a delicate diamond pendant for the bride, signifying eternal love and purity. For the groom, a sleek gold pendant can be a sophisticated yet impactful accessory. Wholesale custom pendant options, like customizing initials or the wedding date, make the piece even more special.

Anniversaries Custom Pendant Wholesaler in USA & India 

Anniversaries call for something unique and memorable. A custom pendant in India with a romantic symbol, like a heart or infinity sign, can attractively celebrate the occasion. For women, consider a 14K pendant with her birthstone or the anniversary gemstone. Men might prefer a stylish, modern 22K gold and 925 sterling silver pendant, such as a sleek bar or custom-name pendant. Maroth Jewels have various customization choices to reflect the couple's journey perfectly.

Birthdays Pendant Suppliers in USA & India

Private label pendants that mirror the personality and character of the person receiving them make perfect birthday gifts. You can purchase a personalized pendant at wholesale price depicting a woman's attraction, their zodiac sign, or their birthstone. 

Young girls might love a colorful design, like a butterfly or flower pendant in lab grown diamonds. For men, a white label pendant with initials or a symbol of their favorite sports team can be cherished. Customizing the pendant with memorable symbols or messages adds a personal touch.

Best Corporate Gifts - Custom Made Pendants in 925 Silver & Gold

Corporate gifts need to balance professionalism and thoughtfulness. Wholesale custom  pendants are a stylish selection. For female colleagues or clients, consider a minimalist personalized pendant, like a geometric design or a simple gold or 925 sterling silver piece. Male recipients might appreciate a sleek, modern lab grown diamond pendant that suits both formal and casual attire in India and USA. The engraving of the company's logo or a motivational quote can add a unique touch in white label pendant manufacturing.

Affordable Luxury: Cheap Custom Pendants in USA & India

Custom pendants often seem expensive, but Maroth Jewels bust this myth by offering affordable choices without compromising quality or style. MAroth Jewels is the top custom pendant manufacturers, suppliers and Wholesalers in India & United States of America. 

Affordable Materials From the Top Pendant Manufacturers in India

The materials we offer meet different budgets. Besides 9K, 14K, 18K, and 22K gold, we provide excellent 925 sterling silver, gold-plated silver, and other high-quality yet cost-efficacious materials. It is feasible to appreciate the luxury of custom pendants without having to pay a high price tag for these alternatives.

Simple Yet Elegant Designs of Wholesale Pendant In India 

Custom pendants don't need to be elaborate to be beautiful. Maroth Jewels focuses on creating simple, elegant designs customizable with personal touches at cheap prices. Whether it's a name, initial, or meaningful symbol, these timeless, versatile designs remain cherished pieces without unreasonable decorations. For those looking for chunky, large pendants or more delicate styles, we have options that fit every taste and experience from all around the globe.

Bulk Orders and Discounts From Pendant Manufacturers

For those purchasing multiple wholesale custom pendants, like corporate gifts or bridal parties, we offer significant discounts on bulk pendant orders, white label pendant orders & personalized pendant orders. This reduces overall costs and allows for personalized gifts that leave lasting impressions. Whether for necklaces or chains, our bulk pendant orders, white label pendant orders & personalized pendant orders options ensure affordability and quality in gold as well as in 925 sterling silver.

Seasonal Promotions for 925 Sterling Silver & Real Gold Pendants

We frequently offer seasonal promotions and discounts on our custom pendant collections. These sales enable customers to buy high-quality, personalized jewelry at reduced prices, making luxury more accessible. Keep an eye out for our best deals to get real gold pendants at a fraction of the usual cost.

Transparent Pricing on Custom Pendants in USA & India 

Maroth Jewels believes in transparent pricing. Customers are fully informed about the costs involved in creating their custom pendant, from material selection to design intricacies. This ensures no hidden fees, allowing customers to choose options that fit their budget confidently. Whether you're looking for a cheap custom-made pendant or a more extravagant design, you can trust our pricing to be clear and fair.

Where Can I Get a Custom Pendant Made?

By focusing on affordability without sacrificing quality, Maroth Jewels makes custom pendants accessible to everyone. Our mission is to provide beautiful, meaningful jewelry that fits every budget, proving that luxury can indeed be accessible.

Top Custom Pendant Manufacturers, Suppliers & Wholesaler in India & USA

Looking for a trusted top custom pendant manufacturer, suppliers, & wholesale in India & USA? At Maroth Jewels, we have a wide selection of custom pendants at wholesale prices to help you take care of all of your jewelry needs. Since 2010, we have been supplying wholesale jewelry to the retail market. We are recognized as a company that emphasizes quality and puts the needs of the client at the core of our business process, which has led to a firm that has roots in several countries around the globe. Regardless of whether you are in the USA, India, the UK, Australia or Canada, you can order wholesale custom pendants from us at an extremely affordable price. 

The custom pendant is a loose-molded piece of jewelry, usually attached to a necklace by a small loop, which may be known as a “pendant”. A personalized pendant is a jewel that sparkles around your neck. A whitelabel pendant in Maroth Jewels are available in many varieties. Private label pendants also help you make a fashion statement all around the globe. At Maroth Jewels, we offer stunning wholesale gold pendant necklaces for a wide variety of stone-quality women. This will make it easier for you to choose the one that meets your needs and budget. A real diamond custom-built pendant is a perfect choice for a corporate look, but at the same time, gold and 925 sterling silver pendants are also valued. At Maroth Jewels, we offer elegant made-to-order pendants that can make your day beautiful.

How to Choose the Perfect Custom Pendant Necklace for Your Style?

A beautifully designed specially made pendant will add dazzle and glamor to your style. Also, the pendant is the best jewelry to give to someone among any other type of jewelry. The style you’re looking for can always find pendants in your budget and the person who is wearing them will want them. You have a wife, girlfriend, husband, mother, or child. A 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K gold tailor-made pendant is an independent style element that does not require matching earrings or rings. So you should increase its uniqueness because it is the centerpiece. A 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K gold customized pendant that is given as a gift to someone also expresses your feelings for that person. For example, a customized pendant with a unique heart shape expresses your feelings towards your partner or a custom star-shaped pendant design makes your woman know how unique and important she is to you.

A beautifully custom designed pendant will add glare and glamor to your style. Moreover, custom pendant india is the best jewelry to give someone among other types of jewelry. You can always find pendants in your budget and the style you are looking for- no matter who the person is wearing it, whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, husband, mother or child. A real gold and 925 sterling silver pendant is an independent style element that does not require matching earrings or rings. So you must increase the uniqueness of it as it is the centerpiece. A 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K gold pendant that is given as a gift to someone also expresses your feelings for that person. For example, a customized pendant with a unique heart shape expresses your feelings towards your partner or a customized star-shaped pendant lets your lady know how unique and important she is to you.

Wholesale Diamond Pendants:

Wholesale pendants are mostly the ubiquitous piece that you can find in jewelry. It is unquestionably the most regularly worn piece of jewelry. Wholesale necklace pendants are preferred even more than rings. Many women just prefer wearing a necklace with a diamond pendant compared to other jewelry. Even young girls start wearing customized pendants with a chain before they start wearing earrings or rings. A personalized pendant is just a piece of jewelry that even men prefer to wear. Whether you want to wear a diamond pendant every day or just for any special occasion, our team will create the best unique piece of the diamond pendant for you.

Maroth Jewels are the best custom Diamond Pendants, Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Wholesalers in the United States of America and India. We are also regarded as the best jewelry supplier, wholesaler, and exporter in the international market.  We have gained this special name because of our high-quality jewelry, service, and varied collection. Maroth jewels possibly have the wide and best range of collections and talented craftsmen. Women always have a deep desire and curiosity to pamper themselves with adornment. Be it makeup, clothing, or any piece of jewelry, women always prefer to get accessorized. However, accessories usually begin with an attractive custom-built pendant along with the necklace chain. A custom-made pendant is located at the focal point in the body so it is usually noticed by others. However, a customized pendant can enhance the look of your neck.

Shop Online Premium Quality Custom Name Pendants at Low Cost in India

We are the diamond custom pendants manufacturer, wholesaler and suppliers in the USA & India. So we Provide the best clarity and cut to the made-to-order diamond pendants. With its excellent setting, diamonds add a modern approach to jewelry. We at Maroth Jewels continuously strive to develop new designs of custom-made diamond pendants to keep our customers always ahead of the trend. Even a simple piece of customized jewelry can look elegant and beautiful with a classic diamond. Maroth Jewels is the leading gold and 925 sterling silver diamond pendant Manufacturer, Suppliers, & Wholesalers worldwide. Maroth Jewels are the foremost exporter, supplier, and wholesaler of an exclusive array of gold, 925 sterling silver diamond pendants. Our range of diamonds includes natural best-grade diamonds, also we offer lab grown diamonds at lower cost than anywhere in the market. Moreover, with our fine finishing, affordable price, and lightweight and premium quality our diamonds Pendants are highly appreciated by trendsetters around the world. Thus, we are considered the leading custom gold, 925 sterling silver diamond pendants Manufacturer, supplier and  globally.

Wholesale Pendants At a Price That Creates Huge Margin Opportunities

Our company Maroth Jewels is geared towards supporting the needs of wholesale pendants suppliers. We are proud of our company's history of providing high-quality jewelry products and services at competitive prices since our foundation, and we always strive to maintain that reputation. With our commitment to providing our customers with the newest and trendiest styles, we offer a wide range of genuine whitelabel pendants that are sure to impress anyone. In our experience, we have learned that our long-term relationships with our customers contribute greatly to our success, because they allow us to build trust and reliability for both parties. You can always reach out to our professional team if you need assistance at any point during the shopping process in order to find the best selection of personalized pendants that matches your retail small jewelry business needs. When it comes to supplying discounts to our customers, we do everything we can to guarantee that they receive the most competitive rates possible. We also offer seasonal promotions when necessary. As a professional company, the most important thing for us is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in every way possible. 

As the jewelry industry has evolved over the years, it has become easier for those working in the industry to keep up with current trends than ever before. At Maroth Jewels, you will find all the latest fashions in the world of pendant jewelry to put you in the mood to dress up. When you're a wholesale jewelry buyer, you need to ensure you act quickly in order to meet your customers' demands. The pendant jewelry section of our shop is continually being updated to ensure our customers have access to the latest styles of pendant jewelry out there. Your customers will be able to get the newest styles right away as they come out, so you can always keep up with the trends and offer them what you think they'll like.

Browse Our Wide Collection of Wholesale Private Label Pendants Jewelry Available for India and the USA

Our reputation in the market is not only based on our excellent collection of jewelry but also on our integrity over the last few decades. By using the highest quality raw materials, we are able to produce jewelry that has high standards without losing its original value. Let’s walk through our different collections of wholesale pendants available for sale at Maroth Jewels:

Custom 14K Gold Pendants Manufacturer

Choosing private labels or custom gold pendants is a very personal decision, which is why it is so important to choose something that symbolizes your dreams and desires. We at Maroth Jewels are proud to offer you the best collection of golden pendants, ranging from 9k, 14K, 18K and 22k real gold, that you can’t find anywhere.

Shop 925 Sterling Silver Pendants Wholesale in USA

Discover new styles and designs in our collection of modern and stylish 925 sterling silver pendant wholesale. During the creation process of the collection, we keep in mind the needs of the retail small jewelry businesses and their requirements. The silver pendant can be ordered in bulk from our website in the most convenient way possible if you wish to do so.

What Makes Maroth Jewels Best Pendants Manufacturer in the USA & India?

Our company is the leading manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of pendants in India and the USA. Maroth Jewels can be a great solution for those who are looking for luxury, something that can enhance the sales of their retail small jewelry business to a great extent, and at a price that is competitive as well. Here we have mentioned a few of the reasons that helped us maintain our position as the leading wholesale pendants supplier & dealers in the USA:

1. Buy Custom Pendant Jewelry from Manufacturer Online In India

It is our goal to provide you with unique custom pendants jewelry designs that come to life in the expert hands of our jewelers with no middleman costs. You can be confident that we will be able to manufacture exquisite jewelry pieces in large quantities without compromising quality.

2. Staying Within a Budget : Buy Personalized Pendant Online at Best Price

If you do not have a large budget, that does not mean you cannot buy pendants. At the lowest price, we offer you the highest quality wholesale pendants from our factory that will leave you with huge margins.

3. Customized Certified Pendants 

As the customized pendants that you will purchase from us will be sold under the domain name of your store, we provide you the assurance that your brand will profit from the certified jewelry that will become an advocate for growth.

4. Hassle-Free 24x7 Customer Support 

Offering customer service 24x7, our goal is to make sure each of our clients gets the appropriate answer to their jewelry needs. Whenever you need support, you can get in touch with us on WhatsApp and we will provide you with the right assistance that you need. Get in Touch With Us!

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Pendant Jewelry

1. Where to Buy Wholesale Custom Pendant Jewelry?

Here at Martoh Jewels, we have all the expertise and skilled professionals required to buy wholesale custom pendant jewelry  at a very competitive price.

2. Why Buy Wholesale Pendant Jewelry Online?

From the comfort of your retail store, you have the option to explore the widest collection of jewelry available worldwide. In addition to that, you can conveniently buy the jewelry in a hassle-free manner.

Why Custom Made Diamond Pendants are Better?

No doubt, all kinds of jewelry have their own special place, but a customized pendant is something very noticeable. Pendants are not just purchased to adore themselves but also it is gifted more often. Symbolizing friendship, love or grief, custom pendants can never go wrong when it comes to gifting someone. Moreover, custom pendants are also used for milestones or to reward people. From sports to academics it is presented to a champion as a form of victory. At your demand, we can create any kind of customized gold, silver diamond or gemstones pendant of any font, word or name or shape.  If you want to draw letters on it, we can also do that for you. You just have to share your idea with us and it’s our responsibility to create an awesome customized pendant for you. Presently, custom pendants are extremely popular. There were days when a simple pendant was enough, but now everyone dreams of a pendant that is unique and also that gives a personal touch. The best part is it’s easier to get a customized pendant made especially for you. If you have visualized a pendant of your choice, but are unable to find it anywhere, you are at the right place. At Maroth Jewels, you will find solutions to all your jewelry-related problems. We assure you to create the right customized diamond pendant exactly as you need.

Who We Are and How Do We Work?

We are a certified diamond, gold and silver pendants manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in India and USA. Maroth Jewels Private Limited is a gold and silver pendant manufacturer, Wholesaler, and exporter, dealers also. We supply gold, gemstones, silver, and diamond pendants worldwide, We can also customize your pendant designs. So if you have any ideas or You have inspiration for your designs you can share them with us. We can help you convert your imagination into reality and can create jewelry according to your preferred design. Apart from Diamond Pendants manufacturers, We can also work with Gold and Silver Jewelry. All manufacturing processes are in-house and we provide a high quality of products.

Maroth Jewels are the Leading and Trustable Company in the Jewelry Industry For 11 years all over the world. If you want to manufacture or customize Jewelry you can contact us Via:-

Maroth Jewels are the best Custom 14k Gold Pendants Manufacturer Company. Maroth Jewels offer an elegant and variety of 14k solid gold jewelry with great service and reasonable price. We are the best Custom Jewelry Manufacturer for Brands and Jewelry Designers. We are a top 14k Gold Pendants Manufacturer in India and USA. A pendant is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry, generally attached by a small loop to a necklace, which may be known as a “pendant necklace”. We can Cherish Our Love toward our Loved Ones through Pendant. At Maroth Jewels, Apart from Gold Pendants Manufacturer, We manufacture gold, silver Jewelry, and also customize them. We also Manufacture the designs which you want from us. Being a gold pendant manufacturer, we provide you the best and unique designs of pendants.

We are a well-known gold, silver, gemstones and diamond pendants manufacturer & supplier in India. Our skilled craftsmen comprehend the latest market trends to design your perfect customized diamond pendants. Moreover, our team of quality controllers follows strict rules to check the range of diamonds according to the defined parameters. All our jewelry is manufactured in-house in our factory. Hence, we guarantee 100% assurance on the quality of our diamond pendants. Maroth Jewels assure you with quality diamonds, Pendants, reasonable price, and transparency in our deals all of this together have contributed to our success in the international market. We possess a fully equipped manufacturing facility along with sophisticated and automatic machinery. Extra measures are taken at Maroth Jewels to ensure a precision cut of diamonds and are dispatched carefully under the expert’s supervision. Explore our collection to enjoy premium quality pendants.

Discuss Your Preference With Us:

Talk about options, design ideas, budget limits with our professional team. We will be glad to guide you with the perfect customized diamond pendant that suits you the best.

See Your Visual Diamond Pendant into Life:

Visualize the piece of the pendant you imagined in the 3d high-resolution renderings. We will make all possible adjustments until you feel it’s perfect.

Treasure the Customized Pendant Piece:

Receive the custom-made piece from us with an assurance to last for a lifetime as our products are of the best quality. We are the renowned custom silver, gold, gemstones and diamond pendants manufacturers, supplier and wholesaler in the industry.

Why We are the Best 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K Gold Pendants Manufacturer in the USA and India

  • Maroth Jewels are the 9K, 14k, 18K, 22K gold pendants manufacturer and we also manufacture gold rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets. We offer the finest gold rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings, etc. 
  • As we are Gold Pendants Manufacturer we believe that Our Clients are our Priority. Our First Duty is to meet the demands of our clients.
  • The right kind of gold jewelry defines your feature adding a complement to your look. Maroth Jewels are the right choice for you as we suggest to our customers the right type of diamond rings, earrings, wedding band jewelry that enhances their beauty.
  • We are the leading Solid Gold Pendants Manufacturer worldwide. We are also regarded as the best wholesaler, supplier, and exporter of solid gold in the international market. We have achieved enormous success in the international market due to the presence of excellent customer service and quality items at a competitive price.
  • Our collection of solid gold is wide and you can pick the right kind of gold from our varied collection. We are famous for our customized gold designs, you can customize the gold into different lengths and sizes.
  • At Maroth Jewels, we constantly introduce new designs for you to get the best-customized idea. We are the best Custom 14k gold pendants manufacturer. We will create beautiful customized 14k gold pendants the way you want it to be designed. 
  • If you want a customized 14k gold pendant then you need to know the style statement that matches them perfectly. 
  • However, at Maroth Jewels, we will also guide you and even suggest you with designs. We will even introduce to you different customized pendants we have created so that you can get an idea to design a unique pendant.

Specification of Our Private Label Gold Pendants Jewelry:

  • Handmade Jewelry 
  • Best Gold Jewelry Manufacturer in the USA and India
  • Customize Gold Jewelry at wholesale price
  • Design privacy protected
  • Logo engrave on your jewelry
  • Worldwide shipping
  • High-Quality Products

Custom Pendants Manufacturer in the USA and India

When you want to design a customized pendant, you need to not think of complex design because the design and the detail related to it makes the pendant a unique piece. Try to add an emotional touch to the pendant so that the person you are gifting always remembers it. Being a Gold Pendants Manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier, We assure you that you are aware of all our manufacturing processes. Remember the pendant should have a meaning, it may be the simplest of gold and silver designs but it should touch the heart of the recipient. One common way to customize your gold and silver pendant is to pick up a number, letter or a name and present it in a unique way that will also be relevant to the person that it is specially made for. If you want a double initial pendant then we can help you in designing it. We specialize in initials and name jewelry and have created several initial pendants, bracelets, rings and also personalized pendants for mangalsutras.

You can also check out the designs we have created before and then make your own design to give it a unique touch. We also specialize in initials for a couple’s pendant. If you want to customize four-five initials, don’t worry, we are here at your service. You can also place your order online through our streamlined process and we will guide you over Whatsapp, email or through a video call to help you create the best gold and silver customized pendant.  We will then manufacture your customized pendant in-house and then deliver it to you. Maroth Jewels are the trusted Gold Pendants Manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier company. Our team is always ready to guide you in every step. All our team members are professionally trained. Our craftsmen are some of the best jewelry designers in the market; they make sure each of your designs is unique to others. Moreover, all our designs are created by our in-house team so you need not worry about the quality. Maroth Jewels are the best Manufacturer Company in the Jewelry industry. Currently, We are dealing with Jewelry Brands and Designers. Buying jewelry from Our online store, we ensure the use of the finest materials and craftsmanship. We offer our customers a 7-day return policy.