Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in NYC

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in NYC

Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in NYC

Let us do the backbreaking work for your dreams

It is well known that Jewelry is an extremely competitive industry. To get your perfect piece of jewelry, you need the right combination of innovation, quality, and determination. But creating the perfect product can consume precious time and resources. With Maroth Jewels, you can expand your jewelry inventory and achieve your dreams without having to spend a fortune.

Since consumers are increasingly searching for custom and unique jewelry, it's imperative to offer items that you can't find anywhere else.

The stacked eye-catching colorful crystals will allow your individuality to flourish. Providing high-quality custom jewelry in NYC for small to large businesses, Maroth Jewels is NYC’s leading manufacturer and supplier of custom jewelry in gold, silver, and diamonds. 

You can order earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains, and more designer jewelry, as well as personalized and custom jewelry. The Maroth Jewels Company is one of the top jewelry suppliers in NYC, including both standard suppliers and custom jewelry manufacturers.

Using our expertise, we will manufacture an exclusive collection for your store, or even work with customers who wish to place custom orders. We will work with you to ensure your jewelry is produced exactly as you specify and with impeccable quality.

With our dedication to providing top-quality craftsmanship and personalized attention, Maroth Jewels has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable jewelry casting company in New York. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is based on providing competitive pricing and rapid delivery of every order we receive.

Maroth Jewels is your one- stop destination for your all jewelry manufacturing needs in New York City.

Ideal Benefits of Going for Custom Jewelry Making

You can customize your jewelry for some obvious benefits, such as an increased level of freedom and control over its appearance, but it also offers some less obvious ones. For instance, you will have access to professional jewelry makers when you choose to go the custom route. There is a big difference between dealing with a salesperson or retail store owner, not only will communication be much easier, but you'll be part of the development of your piece from beginning to end, which will add to the sentimental value of your jewelry.

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The beauty of custom jewelry is that you can specify ahead of time whether you want a specific gem, a metal that is sustainable or hypoallergenic, or other preferences. It means you don't have to settle for less, or spend months searching for jewelry that matches all your unique preferences.

As a custom jewelry owner, you have more control over the price, for example, you can choose the perfect size diamond and have it made to match your specifications without breaking the bank. You can also explore more affordable colored gem options or lower the metal thickness for a more affordable look.

Last but not least, you have accountability from the jewelry studio, because you know your jewelry is not being made in a far away factory, but in a studio that cares as much about its workers and clients as it does about its own.

The Jewelry Manufacturing Experts of New York City

We offer a wide range of jewelry manufacturing services, from CAD design to electronic coating, covering every step along the way. No one else in New York offers such a wide range of jewelry manufacturing services with such a quick turnaround time.

1. CAD (Computer- Aided Design) and Print

Designing jewelry is the first step, and we accomplish this by utilizing CAD, which stands for Computer-Aided Design. We use the latest technology in computer design to make jewelry to meet your specifications.

2. Wax Carving

Taking the virtual design and turning it into a real one, we do this by creating a wax replica of the piece. This allows us to see what the jewelry will look like, and is also an important tool for the next step.

3. Mold Making

After we have developed the model, we may now make a mold from it, the tool that allows us to reproduce your design. At our facility, we use Castaldo (R) materials to make molds. Silicon molds, Vulcanized rubber molds, and CAD Clear molds are all possible at our facility. Working with this premium mold making material will ensure that the finished product is cast with precision and longevity.

4. Casting

Our mold has now been created and is ready for you to place an order to cast your piece. The liquid metal of your choosing is introduced into your piece using a passage feeding system called the sprue, once the metal cools, we open the flask and the casting is ready. Once the cast tree is clean and dry, we will have your casting design, after washing the sprue from the rest.

5. Sprue Removal & Tumble

We can now finish your casting. The first step is to remove the sprue, which is accomplished with micro files and other flexible shaft tools. Our jewelers are experts at erasing sprues, leaving no indications that they were ever present. In cases where the sprue is continuous, we can replicate the design even after it has been removed, leaving no trace behind. A tumble finishing process prepares jewelry for polishing by abrading the surface of the metal with stainless steel shots. 

This removes any roughness that may have formed due to natural casting. As such, clients who have organic, natural-looking pieces feel tumble finishes are all they need to give their designs a slight shine, without removing fine details and texture like polishing might.

6. Assembly

Solder posts and jump rings, peen rivets, and assemble necklaces, bracelets, and other unique items are just some of the skills our experienced jewelers have. Our capabilities in this department include soldering posts and jump rings, peening rivets, and assembly of necklaces, bracelets, and other unique items.

7. Stone Setting

Your input and requirements will be taken into account when setting a stone of your choice. We use a variety of different techniques to set your stone, including prong setting, burnish setting (flush setting), channel setting, pave setting, semi-bezel setting, and full-bezel setting. The stones you provide to be set in your jewelry design should be of high quality and size, which is why we request that you supply your own stones.

8. Polish

A skilled hand polisher gives your jewelry a smooth finish. We offer various types of polishing, such as light buff, buff, satin (matte) polished, and high (shiny).

9. Electroplating/ E-Coating

This final optional step of the manufacturing process involves coating your designs with a precious metal of your choice, a process that is a bit complicated to describe in detail. With electroplating, you add a layer of precious metal to your piece by using an electric current, whether it is gold (with your choice of karat), rose gold plating, rhodium (regular white or black rhodium), or silver plating. It is possible to electroplate 3 microns of gold to your design.

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This service utilizes a new technology in this industry, e-coating. We are excited to provide this service because of its benefits. The process works similarly to electroplating as an electric current forces microns of nano-ceramic particles to form a layer of transparency that protects your designs against damage.

You may use this E-coating on top of base metals and silver metals to prevent tarnishing and small scratches from developing, so that they won't become tarnished and scratched. By applying this product, you'll be able to extend the life of your sample pieces, and you can rest assured that you'll always have a high-quality polished piece to show, because the E-coating preserves the shine.

Let our experts help you choose the process that is right for your piece by explaining the process in detail.

Our Commitment

As a team, we at Maroth Jewels are passionate and are willing to do whatever it takes to realize your dream, from start to finish. Taking pride in the high quality and design of the things we produce regularly illustrates our passion. In addition to being known for our dedication, hard work, and commitment, we've always been able to meet deadlines even with large orders.

  • We believe that the customer is always right, therefore our Custom Jewelry manufacturer services are tailored to meet our customers' demands and desires.
  • The team focused on improvement and adapting to new challenges, and success was constantly on the horizon.
  • Our team is ready to do whatever you need for related jewelry labeling customizations.

A global network of ethical suppliers of bulk gemstone jewelry, Maroth Jewels is a NYC-based jewelry manufacturer that makes top-quality custom jewelry. Moreover, we offer cutting and casting services to private labels all around the world.

Our Collection

It is our mission to provide our clients with the opportunity to create custom gemstone handmade jewelry based on their design, ranging from replicas of their favorite old pieces to formal gowns. We can make it all for you, so stop searching for the “perfect” piece that isn’t on the shelf and have it custom made. 

You don't need to worry about your wardrobe anymore, we are here to provide you with ethical and sustainable Custom 925 Silver Jewelry, Custom Sterling Silver Jewelry, Custom 9k Gold Jewelry, Custom 14k Gold Jewelry, Custom 18k Gold Jewelry, Custom 925 Silver Stud Jewelry, Custom 925 Silver Black Oxidized Jewelry.

We as a team thanks our customers for their support by choosing us.

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