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Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Turkey

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Turkey

Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Turkey

As a result of Maroth Jewels' considerable experience in doing business internationally, and its highly professional and results-oriented team, we are able to provide proactive business support for the global supply chain within the jewelry industry. Providing our clients with our expertise and technical support is the core of the company's business, which encompasses Designing with Creativity, Manufacturing with the latest technology, and Delivering with the latest skill sets. 

Having the ability to offer end-to-end solutions to jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers with continuous and consistent quality control has made Maroth Jewels one of the leading companies in the jewelry industry. The introduction of its 3D printed direct casting master models revolutionized how jewelry is made, and Maroth Jewels strong distribution network has enabled it to explore many countries so far.

We control all the steps of jewelry manufacturing to ensure the highest quality for our customers since jewelry manufacturing is such a detailed process. As a result, we aim to provide our valued customers with quality jewelry at a competitive price because we work directly with our manufacturing partners during each stage of the manufacturing process, from smelting to finishing.

Keeping up with the latest trends, we make sure to satisfy the expectations of our clients from all over the world by creating creative, precise, and fashionable designs. The company warmly welcomes its potential business partners from all over the world to do business with us!

Business Idea

The business model of our company is to create innovative solutions based on our customers' needs. Knowing our customers' tastes, we deliver the desired designs from our professional team. So far we have expanded our collections of trendy and unique designs.

Our Vision

It is our mission to be a leading custom jewelry manufacturer of creative and luxurious jewelry designs that define desire and style in the contemporary world.

Our Mission

With our creative designs, we inspire jewelers so they can focus on what they do best: making and trading jewelry.

Either- Or Impactful Jewelry Solution

Just forget about all the already stocked designs, Accept the fascination of custom- made jewelry.


There is no limit on the number of pieces no matter what kind of business scale clients are engaged with, Take pride in our short production cycle.

Short Turnaround

We generally take 3-4 weeks to complete the entire production cycle for a batch, no matter what kind of business scale clients are involved in.

Factory Pricing

With no middle costs, we create customized jewelry with unique designs that make them a reality.

Fast Sampling

Achieve customer satisfaction within 5-7 days, after 3D drawings are confirmed.

Certified Jewelry Quality

Skilled professionals ensure quality is never compromised, with rigorous quality control processes according to AQL guidelines.

In order to ensure that every customer's needs are met to the fullest extent possible, we mold our approach to meet customer requirements and deliver the recommended products on time. 

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We have decades of experience in custom jewelry manufacturing, which has led to our position as one of the best jewelry manufacturers that can conduct levels of testing in the production of our jewelry.

How We Create Your Custom Jewelry & Bring Your Design to Your Life

Your dreams and ideas can be translated into a real, unique piece of jewelry when you create your own jewelry! When you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry or you're redesigning an older piece, creating a custom design is a great option to consider. We offer jewelry design, 3D modeling, and rendering services that set us apart from other companies. 

Our expertise extends to the use of haut-relief, bas-relief, and digital sculpture components in jewelry design to create distinctive, robust, and striking pieces. In our 12-year history, we've helped countless people design their own pieces, and here are the steps you need to take when working with a jeweler to create a custom jewelry design:

Start With an Initial Concept

In this store, you can create practically any jewelry design you can think of, and we welcome any challenge. All you need is a general idea of what you want in the design when you begin, and we can work with you to create your dream design together. Our team will collaborate with you and together, we will create your unique design. You do not need to know all the details before you walk into a store.

Maybe you are having difficulty finding the perfect engagement ring, for example, but you don't know what exactly you want. You may have an idea of some of the characteristics that you would like (for example, the diamond's shape and the ring's style) but you cannot visualize it exactly. The experts at our stores can help you get started just by having a general understanding of your concept if you come into one of our stores and explain some of your ideas.

Create A Rough Sketch

The jewelry's design will be decided upon and our staff will work with you to produce a rough sketch of it or show you various pictures to demonstrate the various features the jewelry will include. This will serve as a quick way to show you how we can make your design come to life, and you'll get an idea of what it will look like.

CAD ( Computer- Aided Design) is Used to Create Your Piece of Art

As soon as we receive a rough sketch, our staff will create a CAD (computer-aided design) rendering of the custom design, so the jewelry appears to be a three dimensional digital image. This visual includes the type of metal and any colored gemstones you might have on your piece. Upon viewing the final image, you will be able to rotate it so you can see it from different angles.

Before the jeweler starts creating the final piece, you should make any last minute changes that need to be made to the design using the CAD visual. You can either be shown this CAD visual in person or emailed it to you so that you can view it on your own computer.

CAM Technology

Hand drawing elaborate designs or determining gem sizes can be challenging. Because CAD is an advanced technique, we can construct elaborate parts and determine where gems should be placed, and because it eliminates errors, production time is greatly reduced compared to hand-drawn sketches. Additionally, CAD eliminates errors and reduces errors in the process.

Wax Or Resin Model

Upon approval of the CAD rendering of your custom jewelry, we begin the CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) portion of the process. We create a wax or resin model of your piece using the latest technology and cast it. Afterwards, stones are set where they are necessary, and we will then work on bringing your custom design to life with this near-final version. In order to build the resin model, we used a fully functional 3D Rapid Prototyping System (RPT).

Your Dream Piece of Art is Finalized and hand- Finished

In the end, after just a few weeks, your custom piece of jewelry will be ready for you after a period that typically takes just a few weeks after the model has been approved. Even if you know what it will look like, there is nothing like watching your dream come true for the first time. You will enjoy your uniquely built piece for a lifetime afterward!

The Art is Designing Jewelry

Often the design process is dictated by a single stone, while in other cases the design process is dictated by the creation of a piece that highlights each stone's beauty. As Maroth Jewels discovered, the art lies in the balance between light and design that creates such timeless and exquisite jewelry designs.

In order to fulfill our mission, we strive to understand the importance and value of jewelry in every individual's life as well as ensure that the jewelry we make will endure and help preserve the memories of the most important moments in their lives.

In our manufacturing workshops in Turkey, we maintain a strong tradition of producing intricate handcrafted jewelry. The region has a rich history of producing intricate jewelry. A team of highly trained experts and high tech equipment execute every step of the jewelry manufacturing process meticulously in our secure, modern, modern manufacturing facility.

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The Maroth Jewels team works very hard to ensure extraordinary standards in every jewelry item that it produces. Each piece of jewelry is created with love, passion, precision, and technology.

The Wonders of Life

An important part of jewelry design is understanding the meaning behind a piece of jewelry, what it means to a client. Maroth Jewels believes that regardless of how small or how large the piece of jewelry is, it memorializes a moment in a person's life and represents gratitude, love and self-expression.

Since we are fine jewelry manufacturers with over 12 years of retail experience, we have a strong sense of responsibility toward our clients. In order to ensure our clients' satisfaction, we make every effort to ensure that they are satisfied with the jewelry they receive. In order to choose the perfect jewelry set or piece, we consider customer engagement as one of the most important factors.

No Need To Worry For Your Dream Piece With Maroth Jewels

Developing personalized jewelry designs with us doesn't require you to be an artist. Our best jewelry designers will work directly with you to help you provide 3D jewelry design ideas.