Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in Philippines

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in Philippines

Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in Philippines

Since 2010, Maroth Jewels has been ISO certified in Design and Manufacturing in recognition of our commitment to make products of the highest quality and reliability. A leading manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler of a unique collection of Custom Jewels, Maroth Jewels has over decades of experience in the manufacturing, exporting and wholesale of jewelry. 

Our company manufactures the latest custom designs for gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, silver jewelry, fashion jewelry, metal jewelry, imitation jewelry and other fashion accessories.

Among the largest manufacturers of gold jewelry, silver jewelry, fashion jewelry and gemstone jewelry in the world, Maroth Jewels is the largest exporter of jewelry for luxury brands in the Philippines. 

In addition to having the largest and latest handmade collection of custom jewelry and Western trendy Gold, Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry in the Philippines, we are proud to announce that we also carry the largest and latest handmade collection.

Browse through our different collections of custom jewelry at Maroth Jewels in the Philippines and find jewelry that suits your style. Each piece is handmade from genuine materials, including 18K gold, 14K white gold, and 925 sterling silver and many more options as per your demand. Choose from a wide variety of diamond quality and sizes, plus alternatives, such as moissanite or semi-precious gemstones. Our in-house design team will work with you to create a piece that suits your style.

If you’re an independent designer or business owner who’s looking for reputable jewelry manufacturing in the Philippines or any other country to partner with you in bringing your creative vision to life, Maroth Jewels has the best jewelry manufacturing unit and technology to meet your needs. We go beyond your expectations, sticking by your side from the genesis of an idea through to the final, completed piece.

In the Philippines, our company is one of the top manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, wholesalers and exporters of jewelry. Applauded for their dazzling luster and brilliant quality, our products are offered at affordable prices. In addition to gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and brass jewelry manufacturing, we also offer a range of other jewelry items.

With a number of styles and budgets to choose from, we have jewelry to fit every need, including gold and silver options with both classic and modern designs. We sell all types of custom jewelry with quality gemstones and diamonds made in 14K, 18K, and 21K gold.

Our Services

Check out the creative end-to-end services we offer creatively tailored to meet your specific needs, so you can create the piece of jewelry you've always wanted, whether it's a commemorative piece for a special occasion or a creative piece of jewelry for an important occasion. Our passionate team of jewelry experts will make sure your vision is realized.

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Our experience in the jewelry market is geared towards making the entire process as easy and seamless as possible so you can focus on your story while we work on the rest. With this in mind, we design the entire process to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible.

1. Let us Know About Your Expectations

Our brilliant Personal Jewelers are ready to assist you with the nitty-gritty details such as gemstones and metal selection. Tell us about your ideas and inspiration behind the piece and let us guide you on the perfect gemstone and metal combination. With our invaluable experience, we will be able to source the most appropriate precious stone.

2. Putting Your Imagination onto Papers

The Personal Jeweler will then work closely with our seasoned jewelry designer to illustrate your vision on paper, offering several options to choose from. This is accomplished through detailed drawings and scale models to better help you visualize the finished item.

3. 3D Designing

We will present a final design before we begin crafting your desired piece, and once you're happy with it, our master artisans will begin creating your masterpiece at our own workshop.

4. 3D Printing

We are equipped with the best 3D printers in the jewelry industry to turn your computer design into a physical model, once our designers have created a visual prototype for your design. With our CAM ( Computer Aided Manufacturing) service, you can expect the quickest turnaround time possible.

5. Casting/ Finishing

Casting is the process in which the design models are attached to the tree and melted metal is poured into a mold and later let to rest in a high or low temperature environment. For your project, we will work with you to choose a casting process based on the metal desired by the customer.

6. 3D Scanning

A 3D scan is a method of converting physical objects into accurate models and molds. It allows you to capture the shape, vertices, and geometry of your object, and we are able to convert it to any format or file that is needed.

7. Engraving

Whether you require hand engraving or laser engraving for your design, Philippines Jewelry Manufacturing can help you with both. For designs requiring precise and similar characters, laser engraving is the best option. With laser engraving, the layout of the text is mathematically calculated, and the lines of the text are sharply and efficiently drawn.

If you want to give your jewelry a special touch, hand engraving may be the option for you. Our skilled artisans possess masterful techniques and are meticulous in their work, so they will collaborate closely with you to accomplish all your specific requirements.

8. Setting

If you want a subtle finishing touch for your jewelry or if you prefer a flashy gemstone presentation on your jewelry, it is extremely important that you choose the design of the setting carefully.

You can count on Philippines Jewelry Manufacturing to work with you to design the best piece for you. In addition to our setting services, if you would like to add a personal touch to the piece, you can inquire about our engraving services! We have years of experience in the jewelry industry, so we can provide the most popular and modern setting designs in the industry.

Piece of Art from Your Imagination

If you shop at a jewelry store, you do not usually have much control over the designs you get. It is possible to create your own custom jewelry by designing your own piece, in whatever way you want, and you have the choice of either picking out what you want or leaving empty-handed and discouraged.

While there are many jewelry shops in town, it can still be challenging to find the right one for you if you would like to design your own custom jewelry instead of hunting across different stores for the right jewelry. In spite of the fact that there are many jewelry shops in town, finding the right one can be challenging. 

Despite the fact that many people choose to design their own jewelry, the result is rarely as creative or customized as it should be. Even though some stores let you choose which metals you want to use or which gemstones you want to put in your jewelry, the final product is still not very creative or customized.

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However, Maroth Jewels will provide you with a dedicated team of jewelry makers that will assist you in designing a customized piece of jewelry that will fit your preferences in terms of look, color, and feel. Find your perfect piece of choice with Maroth Jewels.

Why Choose Maroth Jewels as Your Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in the Philippines?

As a specialty of Maroth Jewels, we help you design jewelry that matches your style, is within your budget, and adds a level of sentimental value that makes it unlike anything you could find in a store. Because of this, we want to discuss the many benefits of custom jewelry design.


A-Z Manufacturing is one of the many services we offer to help you with all of your jewelry manufacturing needs, from small business owners who produce multiple pieces of jewelry to individuals who create a one-of-a-kind custom piece. We would be happy to assist you in designing the perfect jewelry piece for you.

1. Best Quality in Work

The highest quality custom jewelry can be found only at Maroth Jewelers. Whether you're looking for custom jewelry manufacturers in the Philippines you can trust, look no further than Maroth Jewelers.

2. Quick Turnaround

Our business prides itself on having a lightning fast turn-around; we'll keep you updated on every step and the expected lead time.

3. Always Try to Work on New Projects

We are always up for a challenge at Maroth Jewels, which is why we have a "never say no" attitude towards all projects. We welcome your most creative suggestions.

4. All Services Are Performed in Our Own Atelier

Our jewelry manufacturing shop in the Jewelry District in the Philippines handles every step in-house from start to finish.

5. 100% Confidential With Your Ideas

Our team is passionate about every idea that walks through our doors, which is why we guarantee your information will remain confidential at all times.

6. Gratification Certified

We, as jewelry manufacturers who are passionate about high quality craftsmanship, promise your satisfaction and are available to assist you at every step of the way.

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