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Wholesale Pave Diamond Bracelets : Get the Best Deals

Aug 25, 2023
Wholesale Pave Diamond Bracelets : Get the Best Deals

Introduction to Wholesale Pave Diamond Bracelet 

There will always be a strong bond between Jewelry and women. Undoubtedly, Jewelry is the perfect attire for women and strengthens their appearance. For women, Jewelry is a symbol of power and elegance. Not only women but many men strongly desire to wear high-quality, trending Jewelry. Women have a strong desire for Jewelry on any special occasion. These days, most women prefer to wear trendy Jewelry. Overall, Jewelry contributes significantly to women's attractiveness.

In the marketplace, you would then discover a variety of pave diamond bracelets made from various materials such as gold, silver, platinum, and some other common materials. Diamond jewelry is now very favoured by individuals. The eye-catching glittering of the Diamond certainly adds an unrivalled allure to the Jewelry. Diamonds are valuable, and there are many Pave Diamond jewelry manufacturers in India.

Suppose you'd like to buy some high-quality diamond jewelry with pave settings. In that case, looking for wholesale pave diamond bracelets manufacturer is always a good idea to get the best possible deal.

If you believe a Bracelet design is unsatisfactory without optimized sparkle, look for one with a pavé setting. This popular technique tends to add luster without detracting from your center stone and an artisanal feel that is perfectly striking and romantic. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this lovely setting style…

Pavé diamonds have grown in popularity in the last several years, but they have a long history. Pavé jewelry diamond cutbacks of any kind are distinguished by the placement of several small stones so closely together that they appear to be held or placed in any metal pattern. Maroth Jewels Private Limited is India's leading wholesale pave diamond bracelet, specialising in manufacturing custom or private label pave diamond bracelets that best reflects elegant style.

What Is the History of Pavé Diamonds?

The term Pavé is derived from the French word "paved." The manner the Pavé Diamonds are set gives the appearance of a paved road in some ways. Pavé setups have indeed been popular for hundreds of years.

They first appeared in use in the 1700s. However, they rose to prominence in the 1900s. There have been a few celebrities who have received Pavé diamond Bracelets in recent years. This has risen tremendously in their wide acceptance. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Pavé Settings in Bracelets, Rings, and Jewelry? 

Pavé diamonds are famous in wedding bands, engagement rings, and bracelets. There are numerous advantages to using a Pavé setting. Pavé Diamonds add a unique and enticing texture to a Bracelet. Because several tiny stones are utilized to accomplish the Bracelet, it is often less expensive than one large Diamond or gemstone.

When Pavé diamonds are placed on the shank of a ring or a bracelet, the piece that rests against the wearer's hand could genuinely make the main or center stone look much broader. A Pavé Halo setting provides a similar advantage when smaller diamonds are set around a larger diamond. 

How to Buy a Wholesale Pavé Diamond Bracelet?

When shopping for a Pavé Diamond Bracelet, there are a few things to keep in mind and keep an eye out for. It is excellent to inspect the Bracelet for any diamond destruction, particularly any tiny cracks that may appear. This is best accomplished with a robust magnifying glass or another device widely recognized as a loupe.

The setting's surface ought to be as seamless as possible. Any considerable overlap could lead to small chips formulating or even larger diamond cracks over time. Although it may appear obvious, inspect the Bracelet cautiously for any loose diamonds. If they have even a slight wiggle, this would gradually increase, and it will not be long before the Diamond does become baggy.

The prongs must be precisely sized. If they are too large or protrude too far, they will become damaged over time, compromising the entire Jewelry. These prongs should not cover up or mask any diamonds and will hint at the craftsmanship's reliability. Before setting the Pavé diamonds, ensure the Bracelet is sized correctly. Resizing the Bracelet later would become highly challenging in many cases, so getting the sizing right from the start is critical.

Buy the finest jewellery from Maroth Jewels Private Limited , a wholesaler of newly designed pave diamond jewellery in India offers you a wide range of choices to purchase your very own pave diamond jewellery pieces that endorse for validity and the Maroth Jewels Private Limited assure of purity. 

What Are the Different Types of Pavé Settings?

1. Micropave

Accent diamonds were being set closely together and sealed with tiny prongs in that look. It thus brings consideration to the diamonds whereas concealing the metal. To develop this setting, jewellers should work with extreme accuracy; lasers are frequently used to achieve an effortless outcome.

2. Set of Micropave

Accent diamonds were being set closely together in that look, with tiny metal beads keeping them around each other. This considers the diamonds and their radiance while minimising the appearance of the metal. To set stones with this procedure, jewellers work with extreme precision; lasers are frequently used to achieve flawless results.

3. French Pave

Particularly in comparison to micro pavé, this style features a tiny, V-shaped cut-out beneath each Diamond, allowing more light to strike the stone and far less metal to display on the Bracelet.

4. U-shaped pavé/scallop

The metal beads carrying the accent diamonds in such a U-cut or scalloped setup have U-shaped cut-outs under them, trying to add a unique visual aspect.

5. Channel/bright cut

The bright cut (or channel setting) represents the most classic setting since these diamonds appear to be kept by two metal walls. Because of the growing attention in antique and vintage-style Bracelets, rings and Jewelry, this context has recently shown a comeback in trend. 

6. Shared Prongs 

Two accent stones have been held together by the same prong in this look, minimizing metal, allowing a tightened and much more consistent look, and allowing light to strike the diamonds and maximize brightness.

7. Surface Prongs

Every Diamond is firmly attached by a tiny metal prong inside the most common setting. They can have rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped edges.

8. Bar

The bar setting secures diamond accents with metal bars on either side. This safe setting style is commonly used for baguette-cut diamonds in three-stone rings or eternity bands.

9. Bezel

Diamonds or gemstones are encased in metal in this setting. This secures the stone while also adding a pretty design element. Bezel-set jewels are widely known among men and women and have a long shelf life.

How to Clean and Care for Your Pave Diamond Bracelet?

The prongs used in this Jewellery are solid, or being too harsh or careless with them can lead to loose stones and diamonds. As a result, cleaning chemicals for Pavé settings should be created and evaluated with particular stones and metals. 

Cleaning solutions could be replaced with a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm soapy water. Please refrain from using rough brushes and abrasive chemicals since these can quickly damage the Bracelet. 

A further alternative is to have the Pavé diamonds cleaned professionally. Jewellers could accomplish this by using a deep cleaning device or even an ultrasonic cleaner, ensuring that the Jewelry achieves the finest potential finish. 

Taking these bracelets off while preparing food or cleaning is an excellent idea. Such oils and greases could even harm the Pavé Diamonds. Therefore it is often preferable to take preventative steps instead of extensive cleaning afterward.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Pave Diamond Bracelets and Jewelry from Us? 

The Maroth Jewels Private Limited has constantly delivered the most recent wholesale jewelry designs, looking to attract buyers with such a magnificent jewelry collection at reasonable prices. The jeweler's shop's location in India attests to its knowledge and expertise in the jewelry industry. 

The store is known for offering the best-created and produced Jewelry at a reasonable price. The Maroth Jewels Private Limited name also carries on its reputation as a jewelry exporter and well-known supplier of fine Jewelry in India. They are also recognized Bracelet manufacturers of the most recent designs that clog up the India accessories sector. 

If you believe that more sparkle is much more exciting and want your Jewelry to look like a thousand stars, the pave setting could provide you with just that. It is a brilliant setting style where the diamonds conveniently conceal the metal and offer an oh-so-romantic all-sparkly glance!

 Whenever a woman gets to wear a diamond, it is thought that she is wearing a link to early cultures. If you want to give your loved one this impression, contact us; we are the foremost wholesale pave diamond bracelet and jewelry supplier, selling only accredited diamonds in various shapes and sizes. Purchasing a diamond wholesale has always been preferable to purchasing a diamond at a seasonal discount. Visit our website to engage with our high-quality-based diamonds that meet and exceed your standards.

Several of the most famous pieces of Jewelry from the house of Maroth Jewels Private Limited, the most dependable manufacturer of pave diamond jewelry, are entirely designed and produced by the jewelry team, as the craftsmanship displayed is an excellent tribute to the top standard of each of these designer jewelry entirely manufactured in India.

Maroth Jewels Private Limited is among India's most reputable and pledging Diamond jewellery manufacturers. We have decades of expertise in the jewellery manufacturing and selling industry. Our primary goal is to provide our valued customers with high-quality, well-designed diamond jewellery. We offer our customers the best deal in the market because we are among the highest recommended Wholesale diamond jewellery stores in India.