The Seven Chakras: Meaning, Gemstones and Crystals

May 11, 2024
The Seven Chakras: Meaning, Gemstones and Crystals

The Seven Chakras: Meaning, Gemstones and Crystals

Human body has seven chakras which have potential power and energy so as to maintain a wholesome life. When the chakras are harmoniously treated and kept healthy, you experience a flow of energy in your body and feel solid and steady calmness. These chakras help our bodies to become pure. 

We can have a healthy and well- lived life when our bodies are feeling good. Harvesting the same output can be achieved by using the energies of 7 chakra stones in tandem with these chakras in the physical body. Since ancient times, before the idea of ‘healing’ was established, stones and crystals had been used widely over is that they have energetic power to heal. Such as a deep inner healing which leads to a proper lifestyle and happiness, encompassing all the worldly wealth and prosperity too.

Every chakra stone depends on its own force and special meaning in the case of healing stones. Several of them are suitable to resolve the issues of love, money or family affairs while other gods are best at making the stakeholders more wealthy in life. 


The first area of study of the chakras starts with the root chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit) which is better known as the first chakra. This space has everything the traveler would need to make it through, they would feel secure and with it giving them the sense of safety.

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The chakra of the root is also related to the Earth Mother, as we are able to create a grounding' bond' with the earth, so that we may stay stable and be non-disturbed, while the earth provides us with the balance and comfort we need to thrive. 


The following chakra or the second chakra is also known as the belly , keeping the main focus on sexuality. It is located two centimeters outside from the navel that holds it and is linked to the spine. All these are thought to be essential for such basic needs like sex, creation, intuition and fulfillment. But apart from that, it is related to our approach to new circumstances, compassion, and individuality as well. It impacts people's own self-esteem, their own confidence, whether they find communication easy or impossible, and whether or not they feel able to freely understand and sympathize with others. 


The yellow chakra is located above the navel.The third chakra is known as Solar (Surya) Plexus in Sanskrit. This gland is 2 inches deep under the salmon thymus and lies in the middle of the body cavity, behind the abdomen. Mind is the focus of the third Chakra, which is the place of self-projection, the stage of the ego, emotions, desires, rage and strength. In that, it is simultaneously, the place for astral travelers and astral influences,  the place where things develop, and where mediums accept spiritual help from guides. 


Chakra fourth, known as heart chakra, represents the fourth element in chakras. The ribcage is just behind the breast bone and postero-lateral part of the spine. Here comes the heart of caring, sympathy and spirituality. Such a center is unquestionably good for self-love, for relating to the world and learning to give and receive affection. Also it is the medium that connects mind-body-spirit.


Vishuddha or the throat chakra is the name of the fifth chakra. This wave is the part of the V shape that exposes the lower neck and the midpoint of the communication, tone, and sound channels.  The creative channel involves thinking, talking, and writing. There is power in possibility here.  It is the power of transformation and healing. And also anger keeps us together and It finally gets released from the mouth. Under the influence of this chakras its imbalance may manifest itself in a desire to hold back, feel timid, be silent, feel weak, or be unable to express your thoughts.

SIXTH CHAKRA - SATVA: - Ajna / Third eye

The sixth chakra, the Third Eye is depicted. The third eye, or the sixth chakra, is situated on the forehead above the two physical eyes.  It is the chakra of spiritual awakening, intuition, and transcendence. This is the center of mind power from Theta, deep intuition, the energies of spirit and light. In the same way, it helps the purification of bad ones and even casts out self attitudes. Being endowed with high spiritual potential can obtain guidance, you may channel your Higher Self's energy, and perfect tuning into it is also possible.


The last chakra, or the Crown, finally is discussed. It thus forms an immediate neighbor of the upper of the skull bones. In Sumbha it is the place of divinity, enlightenment, minds that germinate as well as the soul. The process is the gate inward, where wisdom comes in.  And it brings the gift of knowing everything by becoming cosmic. So, it is not only the place of nature (deity) animation; it also stands for the bond and union with the God/ Goddess, the place where the soul unites with the body.

What Are Most Either Settled On As The 7 Commonest Chakra Stones?

1. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a healer in chief because it contains powerful energies that are good for the soul. Since the crown chakra connects with this color, it automatically pulls off together all the negative energies and helps in releasing the stress, anxiety, anger and depression. It can as well add up the energy to the other crystals and a big transformation when they are placed in close proximity with it.

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It strengthens soul-wisdom, and this leads to intrinsic pure love. This divine stone today is an answer to all those questions – it is useful for purifying the blood to provide nutrients as well as to boost the immune system, looking wonderfully well around every corner of the body.

2. Amethyst : 

Amethyst is the world’s crystallized purple gem and this gem is recorded to have been used for over 2000 years. This stone connects right to these two energy centers forming the most powerful and creative core of your being – that is, it resonates crown chakra and third eye chakra.

The symbolism of Amethyst implies a lot of - spiritual healing, balance, and wisdom. These skills are useful in making people trust themselves and develop a so - called sixth sense. It is not removable and regarded by all as a powerful amulet. This deals with the acceptance of these conditions as a part of the lifelong struggle which includes such problems as anxiety, stress, insomnia, fear and depression.

3. Lapis Lazuli 

The Lapis Lazuli is an opaque deep blue stone with a high content of golden highlights. This is the only mineral gem that is in a rock karat form and is a combo of lazurite, sodalite, calcite & pyrite. With its symbolic significance as the stone of wisdom & self-expression, Lapis Lazuli carries deep meanings, powerful emotions, and profound messages.

Linked with the third eye chakra, its role is to expand your mind and make you more open, therefore, giving you the freedom to have improvised thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, it fractures with the soul body located in the throat chakra and speeds the communication process. Besides it is a manager of thyroid problem, hormonal imbalance and dysregulation in body weight.

4. Aventurine Green 

Aventurine Green color stone, dotted with the mysterious glow, 'Aventurescence'. Green Aventurine harmonizes with career success. Resonated by the clear calming energy of the Heart Chakra stone, it is an ally for both calming and harmonizing purposes offering love and forgiveness.

Aventurine is a stone that inspires honest emotions for you. Indeed, if you are looking for a match which provides you with the true meaning of love and lasting partnerships and friendships, then it is the stone you are looking for. This practice is great for conditions such as heart ailments and insomnia.

5. Citrine 

This Yellow to orange stone comes among the most popular gems widely used in jewelry. It is a stone of wealth, prosperity and health in its nature.  The one who has it in its pocket or wears it is rewarded with financial well-being. Citrine ensures self-worth and cheerfulness to no end. It is taken with both the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Sacral Chakra for energy.

Citrine bestows upon the wearer the desire to fulfill their dreams through strong will power, multiplies their creativity, makes them passionate and helps them to develop confident personality. Lastly, it will lead the wearer to a lifetime of happiness as a spouse along with all other partners of life who surround you. 

6. Carnelian

The carnelian stone is translucent with a red-orange hue and a lustrous surface. The amazing irony is that a sunset produces the same bright orange glare as this gem. Carnelian gives its user creative tools to jumpstart uninterpreted and wild ideas. It is like the stone of aspiration, passion, joy and sensuality or simply the Kama stone. Carnelian motivates and encourages its wearer and enhances their self-confidence. 

When you're working on an assignment, the most difficult part may not be the actual writing but rather the process of finding inspiration and the right words to express your thoughts.  Sometimes, a seemingly simple sentence can become a challenge to make it engaging, concise, and clear. 

7.  Blackienne tourmaline

This stone is well known for possessing many protective properties and being extremely purifying. It is an ally in shielding us from negative vibes, thought forms, malicious spirits and harmful persons. Black Tourmaline is an appealing stone to Root Chakra due to the strong and profound feelings of balance and grounding which is significant.

It helps to achieve the purpose of encompassing the energy field and at the same time release negativity like stress and strain. The good thing about this is that it not only strengthens the immune system as well but, as for chronic pain, it can temporarily diminish it in exchange for an hour or two of relief. 

While Concluding This,

For the ending part, energy chakras are the main ones for us. It is necessary to remove them then as it offers clogs a way to thus the energy to circulate unceasingly around the body. Energy issuing from the gemstone exhibits a remarkable alchemy as you wear it as jewelry or meditate with it.  

Before you try that you must first energize the stone. Such a process will assist in the reanimation of the potential power of the stone, thus improving the wearer in terms of the satisfaction. Verify with known dealers to purchase ‘natural’ gemstones such as Navratan.

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