The Best Crystals for Hypnosis

May 09, 2024
The Best Crystals for Hypnosis


While you might be curious about what crystals have in common with hypnosis, sometimes the best answer lies in just letting yourself be. If there is one thing that you may know about meditation, hypnotherapy and even self-hypnosis, that is how calm and powerful the sessions are, but what if it goes out of the top-notch experience and it becomes full on awesome!


Crystals can be beneficial by helping to purify old energies.  Using such in your hypnotic background will bring new energies. That is to say, it recharges your chakra while you are still down the road to energy and happiness.

 Regardless of which relaxation techniques are used, the manipulation of these energy levels is performed.  The energy is a vibration or frequency. Like humans, who have their own gaits and frequencies in their thoughts, words and feelings each one of them respectively, crystals vibrate to their own frequencies as well.   As a matter of fact, we can actually be tuned into the specific outgoing frequencies that we want to receive with the aid of choosing the right crystals, the application of a mantra and focus.


Healing that produces beneficial vibrations through a variety of methods is known as "energy (vibrational) healing. " In hypnotherapy, you are working at an incredible level of versatility while being in the state of being very relaxed allowing you to enter the subconscious mind.

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Having access to this level you can trigger your mind using the power of suggestion, and you can achieve lasting changes in the areas of your life that need improvement.


When you link new thinking vibrations together, which is the energy of the thoughts, old beliefs can transform, as well as change the old patterns, and you find yourself resting on a higher frequency of being.

We can be said as energetic beings who bear our own unique energy, each being a whole and a part. If everything in our lives is not working at its best, we have the power to make some changes by using our attention.  And it’s to straighten out our blockages with our attention, and then release ourselves.


Prior to use, you may need to do some fast digging, researching each crystal with specific healing properties that it has. Engaging their energy is effortless, as all you have to ask the crystal to be helpful while you hold it or place it within the vicinity of your meetup.

 Let’s say, for example, that you have a collection but many crystals whose names you don’t remember.  Even so, by simply telling the color of each crystal you can easily pick the crystals that would best suit your use. Oftentimes, each chakra corresponds to a specific color which can facilitate the process of choosing the right crystals (where the color is of the same hue).  You can use any crystal even if you’re not sure the exact crystal you’re using.


 You choose a certain goal for your healing, and only this is what concerns you while in a hypnotherapy session. Utilizing their energy along with the intention or objective of the session, crystals have the power to facilitate healing during the therapy. When they work together, they work to establish a deep connection on such a level so that the energy flow can move through any of the blockages; it can be a situation where the energy feels stuck, resistant, or restricted.

Specific crystals prime you to see things clearly, cut your chord to obtain audios from beyond including between your chakra centers, build your confidence, and behave in helping your past healing so as to enable you to move forward.



 We call this crystal 'sorel' because of its ability to cleanse and also to remove the blockage in the crown chakra. This is an incredible source of a breakthrough when all you need is to get rid of anything that is somehow keeping you away from being successful. It also serves as your guardian angel by cleaning your aura area so you can be receptive to giving and receiving the directions and healing you should have. 


It is one of such stones that helps one fight depression and to be grounded. In such a process, grounding your energy is instrumental, for it enables you to accept the recommendations as guidance to your subconscious. It gives you room to believe in yourself and to feel secure and safe with whatever you are going through.


Associated with transformation, the Malachite stone will help you release the unhealthy physiological energy build-up and bring forward a desire for life's improvement. It will enable the realization of YES! for your own blossoming and will lead to the confirmation of the process of turnaround.

4. Hypnosis can be best facilitated through the crystal of Clear Quartz.

Quartz is an amplifying stone and aids in focusing.  It helps the minds to lift the veil of unclarity. It not only has all the other crystal’s strength but also multiplies when combined. Red Quartz is the best "supplement" to maintain in tune with the energy of the Universe and operate at higher frequencies.

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This Crystalline one is a metaphoric stone of courage.  It can help you when you should move ahead and change your life. This gives you confidence to stand out from the crowd, strengthen your power center and stay in tune with the rhythm of the Universe without giving into the unconscious fears that hinder you from creating abundance. Adapting to novel changes is where its unique strength lies, which is the best you can find when you go into something unfamiliar.


You can apply many different types of crystals to spiritual healing and hypnotic experience. We have dug into a few of the most popular ones e.g.: Take time to visit our blog which will empower you with detailed information on how to use different stones for wealth and success, manifestation and abundance as well as other related issues.

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