Taurus Crystals And Stones: 10 Gems For The Stubborn Bull

May 15, 2024
Taurus Crystals And Stones: 10 Gems For The Stubborn Bull

Taurus Crystals And Stones: 10 Gems For The Stubborn Bull

The second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is a symbol of someone who is a person of dedicated and hard-working nature. Managed by Venus, who is Venus the planet of love, Taureans are also smart and reliable. They are earth elementals and thus they are known for their pragmatism and steadiness. This is due to the fact they are stubborn and tenacious, thus Taureans, having made a decision, it is almost impossible to change their opinion. On the contrary, they like stability and are not quick to change.

Taurus Crystals And Stones: 10 Gems For The Stubborn Bull To Extract

1.  Emerald

Since emerald is the principal stone for Taurus, the Bull is lucky with its gemstone. It is the Earth element, which means that it is connected to the Earth, and thus it is the symbol of harmony, stability, and stubbornness. 

It is a commonly known fact that Taureans consider loyalty and honesty to be the most important traits in their lives. Indeed, a Taurus is one of the most faithful partners you could have. After they select you, you'll never face alone.

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Thus, it is the ideal stone for them. It creates a serene vibration that gives rise to the spontaneous and unconditional love and devotion.

2.  Tiger’s Eye

The people who were born under the sign of Taurus are very persistent and they are not afraid of doing a hard job. They work hard to achieve what they want and this is why Tiger’s Eye is the right crystal for them.

Tiger’s Eye gives a boost to Taureans to be focused on their job. It is a fantastic crystal for enhancing mental clarity and clear thinking. It can additionally be employed for the promotion of personal power. 

3.  Jade

Jade possesses an energy that is even soothing that matches the gentle personality of Taurus. It is a tool that social natives of this sign use as a main resource for them to be trustable for others.

The color of Jade, which is warm green, symbolizes stability, wisdom and harmony. It's a rare gemstone that encourages self-discovery and equilibrium for those Taureans who are too caught up in the idea of perfection.

4.  Lapis Lazuli

The following in the top list of the best crystals for Taurus is Lapis Lazuli. The dark blue crystal is one of the most common ones that is often used for self-expression. This is the crystal that is most suitable for Taurus natives who are very good at concealing their emotions.

The so-called "Taurus born" are famous for hiding their feelings. Lapis Lazuli is a sort of mirror that shows one the truth of his/her inner self, hence it is the best crystal for Taurus who are usually not able to trust other people.

5.  Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is another powerful healing stone for people who are born under the Taurus sign. The crystal is the one of the most important advantages of it that it is able to stimulate love in all the parts of life.  

Taurus should be aware that his partner can be trusted before he can commit to him. They are the ones who place a high value on the stability and security in the relationship which is why they don’t push things. Just like the other earth signs, they are usually the ones who are very practical and down-to-earth.

6.  Green Aventurine 

Besides, the Green Aventurine stone, also referred to as the stone of opportunity, is a great crystal for the strong-willed Bull of the Zodiac. It is believed to be one of the luckiest crystals which help you to let go of the old habits and develop new ones.

Most of the Taureans do not take up new chances as they are so scared of change. TheyThus, when they finally make up their minds, it is rarely that they are able to change their views.

 7.  Malachite 

Malachite is a strong crystal that emits envy and jealousy, thus, it is considered to be one of the top crystals for Taurus natives. Also, Taurus is famous for their loyalty and patience, but at the same time, they can become very jealous and possessive of their partner because of these traits. 

They are very kind and are looking for the same in return. Malachite produces life-sustaining vibrations which make the people of Cherries adjust to the rejection and jealousy.

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8.  Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is a stone that is highly nurturing in the crystal world. It is a perfect medium to express Taurus women's feelings of sadness when they are going through a breakup or are sad.

It is when they are not feeling happy that Taurus women will usually withdraw into themselves and become distant from other people. The Heart Chakra, which is the center of the Rose Quartz, is the reason why Rose Quartz is the most loving gemstone that can help Taurus natives to get their confidence back when they are in a difficult time.

9.  Pyrite 

Pyrite is a very adaptable gemstone that finds its usefulness for many purposes. It is a perfect stone for the creative Taureans who are led by the planet Venus, a planet which is extremely important for creativity.

It is through Pyrite that the Solar Plexus Chakra is opened and so the second Zodiac sign gets inspired. Besides, it also activates the brain, which can be useful for the generation of ideas.

10.  Rhodonite

The last in our collection of the best crystals and stones for Taurus is Rhodonite. It's a lovely pink and black crystal that heals emotional wounds. 

On the other hand, the native Taurus try to escape from reality then they become emotional. They need time to fully process what happened and make their feelings clear. Rhodonite possesses a soothing character that can therefore help Taureans feel better.

While Summing Up,

The best way to achieve your dreams and desires is by telling your crystal the intention that you want to make a reality. Contemplate what you really want and select a crystal that goes with your purpose. 

Surrounding yourself with the crystal, take three deep breaths and repeat your intention once. This just one-minute routine will make you take a step further toward what you want to do.

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