15 Comfort Crystals For Grief, Loss And Sorrow

May 14, 2024
15 Comfort Crystals For Grief, Loss And Sorrow

15 Comfort Crystals For Grief, Loss And Sorrow

Loss is a part of the natural course, a universal thing to which everybody will be exposed one way or the other. Being a failure means the person will suffer and in this case, the feelings will be out of control. On the contrary, this can be done but only if it is done right, it will give you an opportunity to become introspective and see your true self in the process.

The fact is, some people need time to process their feelings and emotions when dealing with a loss. Loss of a loved one in any form has caused many people to be into self-destructive behaviors such as excessive drinking, smoking and other harmful addictions. 

Top 15 Most Comfortable Crystals for Grief and Bereavement

1. Amazonite (The Bringer of Harmony Stone)

Forgiveness is the basic thing in the grieving process. That “Truth Stone” is especially held for providing the harmonizing effect.  Don't forget to check our essay writing service too!When you come to a point where you understand that your healing relies on talking to certain people, especially, this quartz can truly serve you well.

Amazonite makes a bridge between the heart and the mouth so our most heartfelt truths can come to the surface. Amazonite would seduce us if our mind is the same reason for a passionate truth to be concealed.  

2.  Amethyst (the Stone of intuition and clear thinking)

Amethyst is very diverse in the wheel of the healing stone making it suitable for different ailments. Here is still a valid forerunner of grieving and loss. This purple crystal is about improving our spirituality and helping us to deal with the grief. 

Amethyst fills our being with the high energy that links us to our spirit guides and the Divine Wisdom.  In turn, it cleanses our minds and brings to the fore a great depth of inner knowledge which is desperately needed when we face challenges.

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The new philosophical knowledge trauma has awakened in you will make your pain not the source of torment but rather of enlightenment. It will show you how to turn fear, anxiety and anger into positive energy that can be used to start anything all over again.

3.  Holilyhe Tears(Also called Stone of Empathy) 

These beads for sadness, which come through black or dark brown crystals, are named after an Apache Indian story. The tale is that to prevent capture by cavalrymen, Apache Indian warriors jumped off a cliff to their deaths. Theatrically, the women wailed and lamented.  They did so as their tears fell to the ground and turned to black stones.

The Apache Tears are in very close connection with our emotions and may aid us in getting through the tough times like grieving. In that case, if your heart is empty, these stones will be your shield until the healing is done and your heart is full again. Not willing to be a complete recluse or the bearer of the pure burden, Apache Tears will be a confidant and an occasional shoulder to cry on when required.

4.  Aquamarine : 

I find it very exciting, as these are quite volatile.  However, in a short period. . . a world where we cannot enemies and ourselves are not tied to work together, to become threatening because we are faced with the same enemies.

Talk therapy is crucial to the healing process of grief, regardless of the loved ones you are with or the professional you are consulting. However, you should be the one to speak as courage flows from your heart. This aqua or seafoam color of the crystal for grief addresses the wide distance between a person’s heart and mouth, so it will be conveyed at the moment  it is needed, and your words will flow like water.  

5.  Black Obsidian (Auras checkout stones) The determination comes from a multi-dimensional aspect. 

Athletes thrive on the rivalry, the euphoria of the cheers, and the support of their teammates.  From the thrilling start of the match to the final whistle, soccer players experience a range of emotions.

Black Obsidian, which was subsequently polished, was used most likely as the first mirror in the past. This incredible black stone has become a very strong grounding crystal of grief now. In times of distress, your brain, which is usually peaceful, may begin to run at a frenzy and your thoughts and/or emotions, which are usually calm, may become all over the place. via Black Obsidian crystal you are like a “psychic vacuum cleaner” which draws all the negativity around including what is inside you.

6.  Black Tourmaline (Stone of Shielding and Those Who are Weak in Physical Strength)

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is another effective crystal for grounding when dealing with grief. Black Tourmaline is very much like most grounding stones when it comes to providing an impenetrable defense to your aura.  It works by neutralizing all the negative energy surrounding you.

This is exactly its purpose, that is why this is the right crystal to use during times that otherwise are filled with excessive anger, anxiety and unwanted thoughts that usually come with grieving. Besides, it is also a fact that Black Tourmaline can transform negative energies into positive energies that you can later use as a push to keep you going during your healing. 

7.  Blue Calcite (stone with meanings of protection and insight)

Calcite is not as plain as the eye can see.  It appears in a myriad of colors. Blue, in most cases, is the color that helps people to cope with the loss of a loved one the most. Blue Calcite is an energy shield against all unwanted vibrations affecting the aura. It will suck up all your energies no matter from where they come but fan them into worthwhile ventures. T

This will also be a good way to accelerate your efforts towards recovery. The blue calcite can balance the emotions and creates this protective barrier from the unhealthy thoughts.  

8.  Celestite (The Crystal of Divine Wisdom)

Celestite is a crystal which is for grief and the most important of its attributes is making one to reach a peaceful fulfillment as well as release emotional blockage, learn from experience and now, move forward against higher spiritual thought. Being an aptly named celestial body corresponds to this ethereal blue mineral. If you want to cooperate with the crystal you will have a better connection with your higher self and the spirit guides.

Some meditations give us an inspiration to put the meditation techniques into practice as the divine energy permeates you from within and outside thus we will not strain ourselves when it comes to meditation and receiving divine-inspired thoughts. 

9.  Clear Quartz (Master healing stone)

Few crystals can do it all - activating the whole chakra system, including the Etheric Chakra and the Earthstar Chakra - just like the Clear Quartz. I see why Aztecs, Egyptians, Celts, Mayans, and Native Indian tribes used Clear Quartz in their healing rituals, which made it the “Master Healer” of crystals. Powers of this caliber guarantee that Clear Quartz gives you the opportunity to expand your level of awareness from all energy centers in your body. 

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10.  Larimar (Spiritual Wisdom Stone)

The green of Larimar is replete with the two essential attributes – reason and spirituality – as they offer us both anchorage and spiritual connection when we experience loss and pain. The blue rock that we talked about is a memory support, and I think you must be a patient and wise person to use it.

On the other hand, it is also a verification of our belief in the “alrightness” of the universe and the Divine at the same time. It has been rightly said that Larimar is a communicative stone.  It teaches us that we should share our problems with others and our loved ones, so as to be able to get the grief out of our hearts. 

11.  Lepidolite (The Stone of Inner Peace) corrects negative energy, promoting emotional balance and thoughtful decision-making.

This amethyst or garnet stone has a tranquil energy that can be used to keep the mind calm and relaxed, to fight mood swings, anxiety and depression. It can be assumed that this property in the tea comes from the lithium it contains in good amounts, this is the chemical used by psychiatrists to treat bipolar and major depressive episodes. Just like the scales on the finest dragon, Lepidolite named so, comes into the picture to balance the turbulence.

 12.  Moonstone (The Stone of Feminine Energy)

On the list of stones there are two minerals that carry on the names of those celestial objects that illuminate our skies, and one of such is Moonstone. Not only does the Moonstone pearl, which brings to mind the beauty of our moon, symbolize the feminine power, but it also reflects the sense of compulsory surrender to it. The name itself implies the presence of a strong yet silent inner strength which will come to rescue a crushed spirit and fill it with love, compassion and care. 

13.  Pyrite (Manifestation Stone)

The yellow crystals in the form of pale yellow or metallic brass which is an element with masculine associations, pyrite owes its name to the Greek word “pyro” (associated with fire). This is because this friction leads to a spark when the pieces of Pyrite rub together. This crystal is a highly charged stone that is able to determine and materialize things. It stands out so much that it was born to be utilized as jewelry by the Greek and Romans; who thought they could have the healing power just by casting it on their bodies. 

14.  Rhodochrosite, the stone of the warrior heart, which is deep in the realm of the Underworld.

Rhodochrosite is the “Inca Rose Stone” or the “Raspberry Spar”. With its name being derived from the color of roses, it is Rosy coloured blood which is assumed to be of those ancient rulers from Argentina. This is one of the legends that say that they (archeological objects) crusted and turned to stone to divulge stamina, strength and prowess.

15.  Rhodonite (The Buffer Stone of Emotions)

This vivid red crystal works effectively in a situation of deflecting passing flashbacks of thoughts and stroke us when we are in the denial stage of the mourning process. Now, this time can be pretty bumpy, because you feel the loss although it is still not really real. Rhodonite will allow us to feel these feelings in all their fullness, yet will make us centered so that we can go through each feeling coolly and learn how to let them go.

In the End,

Take a crystal grid in your house now. Energy shifts are possible in your time and space. The geometry of the crystal grid, which is also known as the crystal grid, helps to amplify the vibrations of the crystal and your intention, thereby facilitating the access of the Universal Source of unlimited and abundant love. This replacing feeling that you are always occupied with love will definitely help you overcome pain that the time after your grief would cause.

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