How to Use Chakra Wands on Yourself: Ultimate Guide

May 07, 2024
How to Use Chakra Wands on Yourself: Ultimate Guide

How to Use Chakra Wands on Yourself: Ultimate Guide

We all are aware of the fact that we humans have seven chakras serving us as guards to keep our mind and body well regulated and on tight control to solve all of our physical and emotional health problems. Should these chakras perform disorders instead of the original order, then the fate might be of mental, physical or even other kinds of disease. 

On your own, you are just going to open your chakra wand's disease and make yourself a little more healthy, happy and rejuvenated. This is all about the chakra wand for now. Shall examine the use of it laterally in the next passage. However, the core of the discussion is what are the chakra wands.

The primary variance between crystal wands and chakra wands is the provided crystal. First it can be quartz, then clear quartz and many more. However, a chakra wand generally works as a whole and maintains good alignment between the 7 chakras. Keeping the chakra wands inside the dedicated pointed zone is going to ensure that the body can remain in a state of emotional balance, and no physical upsets will be encountered. 

Chakra wands are wafting their colors stronger than the crystal rocks, although they can get them just for only one time. Chakra wands have an immediate and obvious positive influence on the patient by healing and improving his speed of recovery and well-being. Chakra wand helps to get relief in a shorter period and heals you a little faster.

Purpose of the chakra wand is:

Chakra wand is what is used to unbind the knots of energy at the chakra positions on the Energetic Anatomy and for this reason you have to keep the harmony in the Energy centers placed in the physical body of the human. This is the act which generates the corresponding vibrations in the different chakras inside your body.

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Amazingly though, you fail to see what determines the free flows of your chakra system in the known energy channeling centers? Why you need to clear the blockages and enhance the overall positivity within yourself. Why do you have to struggle doing that with the change of the balance to your chakras?


Lets without any ado, lets learn out negative energy from all levels of your chakra system!

Magick Wand which is also a chakra wand that is used for healing. Of course, these are the chakras which you can safely assume are seven energy centers that are aligned throughout the body.

  • Crown Chakra

  • Third Eye Chakra

  • Throat Chakra

  • Heart Chakra

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Sacral Chakra

  • Root Chakra


Each specific chakra point represents a different range with a more unique sound that may be better able to react to different frequencies. Some stones possess their own vibrations with others that could match with the chakra. This is what describes how an unstable swarming chakra’s vibration would interrupt the correct progression of the negativity. 

What are the Key Factors to Know Before Using Chakra Wands?

When one or all chakra points suffer from blockages or an imbalance, it can cause several problems in your body. These problems can manifest into physical discomfort or emotional experiences.

Chakras are considered in spiritual and healing traditions to be energy centers within the body. Each chakra is associated with a specific physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of our being. Here are some ways to check if your wheels are open or stuck. 

1. Self-Awareness: 

Monitor your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Notice if there are areas of your life where you are stuck, out of balance, or out of alignment.

2. Bodily Sensations :

 You can experience physical sensations in areas corresponding to each chakra. For example, stiffness or discomfort in the neck may indicate a (sacred) imbalance in your neck chakra.

3. Emotional States : 

Each chakra is also associated with certain emotions. For example, the heart chakra is associated with love, compassion and forgiveness. If you experience any emotional difficulties related to these aspects, check.

4. Intuition and Visualization : 

Use your intuition and visualization techniques to understand your chakra state. You can visualize each chakra as a spinning wheel of energy, and imagine it glowing and intensely hot.

5. Meditation and Energy Work : 

Regular meditation and energy healing practices can help you tune into your chakras and identify any blockages or imbalances. There are specific meditations and exercises to balance and align the chakras.

6. Guidance : 

Contact a qualified energy therapist, yoga teacher, or spiritual advisor who can help assess the state of your chakras and provide guidance on how to balance.

What Selenite Actually Is?

Selenite has multiple variations and colors. And following this each is believed to have its own perspective results in its properties and uses. Selenite is known by a number of other names including:

  • Desert rose

  • Gypsum flower

  • Butterfly selenite or golden phantom (a yellow-colored one, if I was the one to name it).

  • Disodium selenite

Selenite Types

Unlike gypsum which forms in only one light color, selenite can be found in a wide range of directions and colors. While this legion may be considered the same material by most, there are subtle differences in each that render them useful for different tasks.

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Hourglass which acts for mastering and clarity of mindedness as well as balancing the mood and releasing the psychological suffering. Wand is involved in the case of both - removing the dust of aura, changing stuck energy, and directing the stream of energy. Tower generates a symbolic defensive cover, amplifies power, and disgraces down the negative limits.


White color is most widespread with selenite but golden, peach, and rose variety are also not rare. Others bear signs indicating their location. 

  • White: are the sacred tools for the different rituals, such as purification, communion with the Upper growth or simply honoring the divine.

  • Golden : It increases awareness and is also zoned in/out to external energies.

  • Peach: associates oneself with the second chakra that lies in the sacral part, helps bring clarity to personal emotions, and expresses the highest level of vibration in sexual energy.

  • Rose: By altering the mindset and emotions as well as engaging with the third chakra, which works on intuition and imagination, it enhances the ability to materialize the desires.

Multiple Chakra Wand Uses

Use a chakra healing wand if you want to: Home energy disruptions in the body are identified by place.

  • It’s like a person's anger, resentment, and suffering are preventing the flow of the positive energy of the universe and are causing the blockages.

Activate stagnant chakras

  • A device that will be employed in the practice of meditation and other spiritual working.

Chakra Wand Benefits

  • Using a chakra crystal wand may offer the following benefits

  • Strive for a holistic approach which includes physical, mental & emotional strengthening.

  • Stimulate the flow of energy by executing the necessary asanas of yoga poses to the 7 chakras.

Improve meditation experience

  • Release your muscles from body pressure through your hands.

While Summing Up,

Remember, it’s important to approach chakra work with an open mind, listening to your body and emotions. If you think your chakras are blocked or out of balance can make it several issues in our body, that can make it a physical discomfort and emotional well-being. Keeping a healthy life and regular use of chakra wands can make your life much healthier, happier and more energized.

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