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How to Start a Wholesale Jewellery Business in Kenya?

Sep 04, 2023
How to Start a Wholesale Jewellery Business in Kenya?

How to Start a Wholesale Jewellery Business in Kenya?

Understanding your target market is essential for starting a successful wholesale jewellery business in Kenya. Kenya has a population of about 50 million people, therefore there are many potential clients but you must target specific demographics.

Understanding the Jewelry Market in Kenya

1. Locals

Kenyans love jewellery especially gold and gemstone pieces. Focus on traditional styles and gemstones like tanzanite that are mined locally. Market to individual buyers as well as small local shops.

2. Tourists

Over 2 million tourists visit Kenya each year and many look to buy unique souvenirs. Cater to this market by selling handcrafted pieces with traditional tribal designs and locally-sourced materials. Set up shops in popular tourist destinations or markets to tour operators and gift shops.

3. Export

Some Kenyan jewellery is exported to the Middle East, Europe and North America. Build relationships with international buyers looking for handmade fair trade and eco-friendly pieces. Focus on high quality and unique designs using recycled or sustainably-sourced materials. Obtain required export licences and certifications to sell overseas.

4. Online

E-commerce is growing in Kenya, so sell your pieces on local websites and your own online store in addition to brick and mortar shops. Photograph items professionally, write engaging descriptions, and offer fair prices with discounts/deals. Market on social media to reach new customers across Kenya and beyond. With the right product, marketing strategy, and customer service, the opportunities to start a successful wholesale jewellery company in Kenya are endless. Do your research, find your niche, and tap into this vibrant market. The potential for growth and profits will have you well on your way to building a thriving business.

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Sourcing Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers and Manufacturers

To get your wholesale jewellery business off the ground, you need to find reputable suppliers and manufacturers to source your inventory from. A few tips for finding and vetting them:

1. Check Trade Shows and Industry Events

Attend jewellery trade shows, expos and conventions to network and connect with potential suppliers in person. This allows you to view their products firsthand, assess quality and get a feel for their business practices. You can find industry events on sites like TradeShowCalendar or 10Times

2. Search Online Directories and Marketplaces

Websites like IndiaMart, Alibaba, GlobalSources and DHgate are hubs for wholesale jewellery suppliers, importers and manufacturers. Browse their listings, check out suppliers’ profiles and product catalogues. Look for those with a large selection, good reviews and that have been in business for several years.

3. Ask for References and Samples

Don't just take a supplier at their word. Ask for 2-3 client references and contact them. Inquire about their experience with the supplier, product quality, delivery times and customer service. Also, request free samples of pieces you're interested in to evaluate firsthand. Any reputable supplier will be willing to provide references and samples.

4. Visit the Supplier's Facility

If geography allows, visiting a potential supplier's manufacturing facility is ideal. You can view their operations, ensure safe and ethical working conditions, and see quality control procedures. Not all suppliers will permit visits, but those with nothing to hide likely will. If visiting isn't possible, ask for video tours and as much detail about their practices as you can get. With due diligence, you can find trustworthy wholesale jewellery suppliers to form long-term partnerships with. Building those connections will help ensure your business is stocked with high-quality, affordable products your customers will love.

Building Your Customer Base as a Jewellery Wholesaler

Building a loyal customer base is key to success as a wholesale jeweller in Kenya. Focus on the following to establish a strong foundation of repeat buyers:

1. Target the Right Retailers

Do some research on jewellery stores, boutiques, and other retailers in your area that sell pieces similar to yours. Approach them about carrying your jewellery on consignment or purchasing pieces upfront to sell in their store. Look for stores that attract your target customers - fashion-forward, high-end, bohemian, etc. Depending on your designs, tourist-heavy areas may also be a good option.

2. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Once you have retailers on board, give them your full support. Deliver orders on time, check in regularly to see if they need restocking or have any feedback on your pieces. Offer discounts and promotions they can pass onto their customers. Well-supported retailers will continue buying from you and spreading the word about your brand.

3. Build Your Online Presence

Create a professional website to showcase your jewellery collections. Start an email newsletter and social media profiles on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to raise brand awareness, promote new products, and connect with potential retail partners and individual customers. Engage together with your fans by means of posting in the back of-the-scenes snapshots, styling guidelines and walking competitions.

4. Network and make your own connections

Get accessible and meet people in jewellery and style. Attend industry occasions, be part of local trade associations, and search for possibilities to collaborate with different artists and architects. Make actual private connections with folks that proportion your aesthetic and enterprise values. These relationships can cause mentoring, go-merchandising, and new consumer or retail partnerships.

5. Offer incentives and discounts

Offer promotions and reductions that encourage retailers to area larger orders, go back orders and generate more customers to shop for from outlets that deliver your line. For instance, reductions on bulk orders over a certain amount, coupons for quit customers, or unfastened gifts for vacation purchases. Promoting sales will hold your customers engaged and constant. With dedication and consistency, you may construct a thriving client base and a hit wholesale jewellery agency in Kenya. Keep your customers well supported, work to spread brand attention, make personal connections inside the enterprise, and provide offers and promotions that make your purchases impossible to resist.

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Tips On Dealing With Stock and Coins Float in Your Wholesale Jewellery Enterprise

Managing your stock and cash float is essential to running a high-growth enterprise in Kenya. Here are a few suggestions that will help you stay in the know:

Keep accurate records

Track your sales, purchases and profits religiously. Know what sells and what doesn’t. Keep a record of vendors, costs, and prices. Staying organised will help you make better purchasing decisions and ensure you have enough cash on hand to replenish popular items..

Start with a Small Inventory

Don't go overboard when first starting out. Buy a select amount of trendy, high-quality pieces in a range of price points. You can always buy more once you know what your customers want. Keeping inventory lean reduces the risk of getting stuck with pieces that don't sell.

Set a Budget

Determine how much you can spend on new inventory each month or quarter. Stick to your budget to avoid cash flow problems. Only purchase new items once you've sold enough to cover the costs. This disciplined approach will keep your business in the black.

Offer a Layaway Plan

Allowing customers to pay off purchases over time is good for your cash flow. You get paid upfront while the customer pays off the balance. Just be sure to charge a reasonable service fee and that final payments are made within 3-6 months. Strictly enforce your layaway terms to avoid non-payment.

Diversify Your Products

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Carry a range of jewellery types at multiple price points. That way if one segment declines in sales, you have other products to fall back on. Stay on top of trends in gemstones, metals like gold or silver, and styles to keep your offerings fresh.

Keeping a close eye on your inventory and cash flow is key to sustaining a wholesale jewellery business. Follow these tips and you'll avoid common pitfalls like overbuying, non-payment, and cash shortages. Stay disciplined, keep good records, start small, budget well, offer a layaway plan, and diversify your products.If you follow these steps, you will be well on your path towards developing a thriving business!


The fundamental steps to launching your own wholesale jewellery business in Kenya. If you have passion and determination, go make it happen! Do your homework, create a strong business plan, acquire quality and inexpensive products, assemble an excellent team, advertise your products wisely, provide excellent customer service, and continue to learn and improve. Starting a business is a difficult endeavour, but with hard work and patience, you can achieve great success. Who knows, you might be Kenya's trendiest new jewellery designer and merchant in a few years. If you want to be successful, the possibilities are limitless.

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