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Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers

Maroth Jewels are a private label jewelry manufacturers from India. We are one of the best Private Label jewelry manufacturers with great customer service. At Maroth Jewels, we offer a full-in-house facility to order your custom designs.

What is a private label?

Private label means when a product is manufactured by another company and sold under another brand name. In other words, we can define it as a product manufactured by a manufacturing company and sold under the name of a retail brand.

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a jewelry manufacturer that makes jewelry for jewelry designers and jewelry brands. Jewelry designers and jewelry brands who buy jewelry from us can use their own private labels.

Maroth Jewels also customize jewelry as per your favorite design. You can give us the idea or design of the jewelry you want to design. We can customize it for you.

Reason to choose us for your Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers:-

Maroth Jewels are the best private label jewelry manufacturers from India. We are popular for our creative works, authentic designs. We work with almost all types of jewelry like 14k gold jewelry, 9k gold jewelry, 18k gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry as well as precious gems.

Before designing jewelry, many confusing questions arise in the minds of jewelry designers and Owners of jewelry brands such as product quality, product and designs, and communication with the manufacturer.

With Maroth Jewels, you don’t have to worry about the above. As we are the best private label jewelry manufacturers we provide you the best quality products. As all our jewelry is handmade, so we can guarantee the quality of the jewelry. We are a private label jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler. We offer our manufactured jewelry at wholesale price, so you don’t have to worry about the price.

Our creative team is highly experienced and talented and hardworking. They make trendy designs for you. And you can also customize your design. If you have any idea to design jewelry as per your choice, we can make it for you.

Here we will discuss some important reasons for choosing us for your private label jewelry manufacturers: –

custom design:-

Maroth Jewels also provides you with custom design service. This means that you can customize your designs in your own way. If you have an idea or a design that you can create for your brand or store then we can make it for you and you can get complete control over it. You can give us instructions on your design. You can also define the dimensions and size of the product.

Design Privacy: –

As private label jewelry manufacturers, we respect your privacy. Maroth Jewels are the most trusted firm among its customers since 2010. If you are a jewelry designer or you own a jewelry brand then you can trust us blindly, your designs and details are safe with us. We do not share your designs with anyone else. Our ultimate priority is to develop loyalty and trust in you. 

In Design Confidentiality, we provide you with an NDA agreement which means a non-disclosure agreement. This is an agreement between Maroth Jewels and our client who wants to keep their things secret.

Logo Engraving: –

Maroth Jewels also offers you a logo engraving service. You can engrave your logo on your jewelry. You can show your brand name with a custom engraving logo created just for you by Maroth Jewels Pvt. Limited.

Our process of private Label jewelry manufacturers is:

Our process of private Label jewelry manufacturers is:

Process one: Quote Request

Reach us to get a complimentary value quote dependent on your structure idea, gemstones, valuable metal, and size. If you have details available like weight and material of design we can give you instant price quotes or we have to process for CAD making to get detail and consistent with CAD final details we will submit price quotation.

Process two: Concept/ CAD

Our professional designers will hear your ideas, notice the drawing and pictures provided by you. They will work with you to produce a concept of your design. Once you finalize the planning, we’ll move forward to make a CAD or 3D jewelry model which can show the planning in various angles, each corner going to be covered. Images of the computerized and CAD model are going to be soon sent to you for your approval. You can also modify the design at this time. 

Process Three: CAD approval

We will send you a Cad to approve and after your approval if the price is not given. we will make a price quotation and send it to you. That’s why we call ourselves Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers from India.

Process four: Approval of the final piece:

After you give the final approval, our team will create the design on the metal as per your preference and also use gemstone and Diamonds according to your choice. All these stones are then set on the custom jewelry by our team of expert craftsmen. Your desired design is then carefully observed by the standard assurance group then shipped to you. Sometimes we also send final images to approve the designs so we will confirm you get what you expect custom jewelry.

Maroth Jewels serve you the best in the world. We are the most reliable private label jewelery manufacturers in India. We provide our services worldwide.

If you want to personalize your jewelry, You can also contact us via: –

Contact Number: – +91 8003816293

Mail: – [email protected]

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