How Much Is 14 Mg Of Gold Worth?

Sep 22, 2023
How Much Is 14 Mg Of Gold Worth?

How Much Is 14 Mg Of Gold Worth?

Are you wondering how much 14 mg of gold is worth? Let us tell you, it is quite a common question considering the fact that a lot of people own gold. And since it is a super precious metal, the majority of it exists in small pieces.

So, do you have a 14MG gold piece that you want to know the value of? Well, this is the blog you are looking for. Here, we shall be discussing all you need to know about calculating the worth of 14 Mg gold in India at any time for that matter. Let’s get right into it, starting with:

How Much is 14 Mg of Gold Worth? 

Let’s first try to answer the important question, how much is 14 Mg gold worth at the time? Well, it’s not that simple to answer. Reason being that there are various factors that affect the cost of 14 MG gold. This includes the purity of the gold, the form it is in, current rate of the gold in your location among other things.


However, let’s assume a few factors and try to figure out how much 14 Mg of gold worth. As of September 17, 2023, 14MG gold is worth approximately ₹4,500 per gram.  


But then again, this is something that can greatly vary based on the purity of gold and the current gold rates ( we shall be discussing other factors which affect gold rate later down the line). Therefore, we have a better way for you to calculate how much is 14 Mg of gold worth in the section below. 

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Calculating the Value of 14 mg of Gold in India 

Do you have a 14 Mg piece of gold? Well, that leaves many things unsaid, like its purity, its form, and so on. Therefore, in this section of the blog, we shall be teaching you how to calculate the worth of 14 Mg gold in three easy steps. With this being said, let’s get started with the first step, which is: 

Step 1: Convert Milligrams to Grams

Mainly in India, gold is measured, sold, and bought in grams and not Milligrams. Therefore, the first step to calculate how much is 14 mg of gold worth, we need to convert it into grams. There are 1,000 milligrams in a gram, so 14 mg is equivalent to 0.014 grams.


Now that we have the weight of the gold, it’s time to look at how much the gold costs in India at the time of reading this blog.

Step 2: Check the Current Gold Price in India 

It goes without saying that the value of gold is never stable, sometimes it’s sky high and other times is surprisingly cheaper. Based on that, to calculate how much 14 mg of gold worth, you need to find out the current price of gold.


At the time of writing this blog, the price of gold in India of 1 gram in 24 – carat purity, is around 4,600 rupee. Always cross-check it on a trusted online source or a jeweller. In any case, now that we have a price, let’s calculate how much 14 mg of gold worth in India. 

Step 3: Calculate the Value

Now that we know you have 0.014 grams of gold, and the current price of 1 gram of 24-carat gold is ₹4,600, we can calculate the value of your 14 mg of gold in India.


  • 0.014 grams × ₹4,600/gram ≈ ₹64.40


Therefore, the  answer to “how much is 14 mg of gold worth” is ₹64.40 at the current market price in India.


Now, you might be wondering why the price of gold is always changing. Well, let’s look at some factors that affect the price or value of gold in India. 

Factors Influencing the Value of Gold in India

One of the most confusing parts when answering how much is 14 mg gold worth is the changing price of the gold.


Now we know that the value of everything is based on the demand and supply. It is the same when it comes to the worth of gold.


To better understand it, let’s look at some common factors which affect the gold price. These are, as mentioned below: 

1. Festival Seasons 

India is the nation of festivals, right? Well, that is one of the biggest factors which affect the worth of gold. Reason being that, during the festival season, there is high rise in the demand of gold, even surpassing the supply. Therefore, the price of gold goes much higher than usual. 

2. Wedding Season

If you are from India, you do know that weddings here are big. And most of them occur in a particular period of time. During this time, much like the festive time, a lot of gold is bought. Due to this, the total value of gold goes higher, since the demand is higher. So, if you want to sell your gold piece, it is one of the best times. 

3. Government Policies

Government policies also highly affect the price of gold. Let us tell you how. You see, governments keep changing their policies and tax schemes thus adding to or subtracting from the gold price at that time. This is one of the leading factors which affect gold worth.

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4. International Prices 

Lastly, how much 14 mg of gold worth is also highly dependent on the international prices. Reason being that, gold is bought from the international market and imported. Therefore, the price of gold is affected by the currency exchange rate.


Gold prices and worth keeps rising and falling due to the current state of the market. In this blog, we answered your question: how much is 14 mg of gold worth?. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How much is 14 mg of gold worth in India?

A1. As of September 17, 2023, 14 mg of gold is worth approximately ₹64.40 in India, assuming a rate of ₹4,600 per gram for 24-carat gold. 

Q2. How do I calculate the value of 14 mg of gold in India?

A2. To calculate the value, first convert 14 mg to grams (0.014 grams), then check the current gold price in India, and multiply the weight by the price per gram. In this case, it's 0.014 grams × ₹4,600/gram ≈ ₹64.40. 

Q3. Why does the price of gold in India fluctuate? 

A3. Several factors influence the price of gold in India, including demand during festival and wedding seasons, government policies and taxes, and international gold prices affected by currency exchange rates.

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