Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand

Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand

Having been in business for 12 years as a Custom jewelry Manufacturer, Maroth Jewels is a leading “custom jewelry manufacturer” in providing jewelry of every kind, from high value jewelry to one-of-a-kind masterpieces to everyday silver and gold jewelry settings, based in India with 500 employees.

In addition to helping our clients differentiate their products from the competition, we also emphasize their brand identity in helping them stand out from the crowd. We assist over 1000 clients around the world in creating private-label jewelry collections. The custom designs are created to reflect the latest jewelry trends in different parts of the world as well as the regional customer's fashion tastes or culture.

As a company, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We strive to deliver the highest quality products, on-time delivery and within your budget range that is comfortable for you. We utilize the best craftspeople in the industry, including designers, model makers, jewelers, and setters, to create exquisite "one-of-a-kind" jewelry pieces.

  • Our company is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) manufacturer.

  • We are dedicated to growing our internal teams, providing quality service to our clients, expanding production and technology, adapting to client demands, and enhancing efficiency.

  • It has always been our philosophy to grow together with our customers, developing specialized products customized to their requirements, and creating unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

  • Our mission, success, commitment, and growth have allowed us to serve clients in a wide range of countries.

It is hard to open a newspaper or study an online information site today without being confronted with articles stating that Thailand is becoming a global superpower. Due to its booming economy and rapidly rising middle class, Thailand is one of the most effective markets on the planet.

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It is no secret that Westerners from Europe and North America are flocking to Thailand in droves - for tourism, profitable production contracts, and some of the best buying in the world. In the course of its 5000-year history, Thailand has kept its own style and evolved a unique way of life, which has preserved it for centuries.

For a taste of Thailand's true culture and way of life, Maroth Jewels is a wonderful place to visit. A stunning memento of your journey to the East or an exceptional gift for those at home, authentic jewelry made with a historical approach, and homemade excellence, these jewels make an outstanding gift.

Traditional Bangkok Jewelry, Necklaces and bracelets are frequently worn as amulets representing exact good fortune and exact fortune — making them a captivating and significant present for friends and family back home.

Jade has long been one of the most precious details in Bangkok Jewelry production—it is thought to bring good fortune to the wearer. Individual attendees, jewelry designers, and wholesalers from around the world attend to view the first-rate hustle and bustle.

Customers can choose Bangkok-style jewelry wholesale from a wide array of eye-catching selections at Maroth Jewels. Find the very best offers on each actual and imitation rings and purchase many without any regrets, Be assured of the outstanding excellent of the goods, and don't hesitate to take advantage of the extraordinarily discounted prices.

Custom Jewelry Manufacturer, Thailand

The most famous jewelry to come out of Thailand is pearls and tooth jewelry, but gemstones could also be found there. In any case, clients with a sufficient amount of knowledge can conduct a careful investigation of a seller before purchasing silver/gold or a valuable stone in Thailand or elsewhere.

When it comes to buying jewelry in Thailand, be sure that the jeweler is trustworthy and you decide what the last buy rate is before you turn in your money. If you take some precautions before buying, you will be able to return home with stunning, genuine Bangkok Jewelry, which you will be proud to wear for years to come.

There are a lot of reasons why fashion jewelry has become so famous nowadays. What topics are the most popular in Sustainable Jewelry designs? Our artisans are exceptionally competent in designing paintings that combine ethnic and conventional designs. We are one of the leading online dealers of style jewelry, offering quirky and beautiful designs of style jewelry tailored for a variety of events.

Within the context of an exquisite batch of usually greater segments and portions, our organization can pay as much attention to each individual's piece as possible. It was our intention to deliver you in time with the maximum quality of our actual efforts, for us punctuality subjects and the body and shape of the device are now no longer remembered. Our companies possess an excellent understanding of the sort of artwork objects and equipment that we offer, which is of great pride and satisfaction to us.

The location is regarded as one of the most reputable and dependable business partners in the country in general, as Maroth Jewels usually maintains a close relationship with our customers throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We keep our customers well-versed in the whole process's parameters. For the most swanky and quiet designs of jewelry, come to Maroth Jewels for a quick turnaround all throughout the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process for Custom Jewelry

The goal of our simple process is to translate the client's requirements into the piece of art. The success of our jewelry manufacturer lies in our ongoing communication with our customers, as well as our expertise in ensuring that every detail is taken into consideration.

There are a wide range of concerns to consider, ranging from the user's desire, the jewelry making boundary, the design element, the characteristics of gemstones, jewelry styling, and the price of materials.

  1. Inspiration

We begin the process of designing custom jewelry with a meeting in which we will gather all the details of your imagination or requirements specifications and determine our goals and budget, in order to get a sense of your ideas and requirements. Using a simple napkin sketch, our dedicated design team can easily make a detailed hand illustration for your project.

  1. Sketch

The process of working with Maroth Jewels begins with a detailed hand drawing of the custom jewelry. We provide a few design options and suggestions, wholesale jewelry, and after hearing your comments, adjustments can be made until we reach the perfect design.

  1. 3D Modeling

Maroth Jewels uses the most advanced, state of the art computer design software, where our jewelry artist creates your custom jewelry piece by piece into a 3D modeling program for your review and approval.

You will have the opportunity to view the jewelry from every angle during your design meeting, change the gemstones, and even make small adjustments right before your eyes during your design meeting. We ensure that your designs will look exactly as you imagined with our detailed computer renderings.

  1. Wax Craving

The wax model of your custom-designed ring will either be hand carved or made by a computer-aided wax-making machine after the design has been finalized. An exact replica of the jewelry is grown by a 3D printer or a computer file of the 3D model is transferred to a milling machine for cutting out a wax model or by using a computer file of the 3D model.

Whenever we design delicately detailed jewelry with dimensional elements and vintage inspired elements, such as milgrain details, filigree or scrollwork patterns and intricate galleries, our designer uses traditional hand carved wax techniques to produce intricate details that advance technology cannot replicate.

  1. Wax Model Approval

It is at this point that the customer can take one last look at the wax model before the casting process begins. The wax replica must be handled with care, every opening and every prong of the gemstones and milgrain are created. Even very small engraving is visible on the wax replica.


We at Maroth Jewels, Welcome our customers in a completely proper manner. We entirely understand that our regular clients are our associates, and that these are the key elements that contribute significantly to our organization's success. This is enormously crucial to the establishment of any business.

Most significant ring designs are made with the aid of our company, Maroth Jewels is constantly evolving to become the largest jewelry manufacturer in Thailand, We recognize first-class-famed progress, and we also understand the final plans of our clients. 

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Our customers are our key resources, and we take care of them as our vital resources. Moreover, we made sure that the paintings were in keeping with the clients’ pre-making plans and ideas. Customer satisfaction have been our primary concerns throughout the globe.

This leads to our satisfied clients throughout the entire globe. We have distinguished international clients such as the UK, United States, and India that are bifurcated internationally.

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