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Moldavite, a unique space stone from the cosmos, is the key to a new realm of speaking experiences. This green Tektite, which can be found only in the Czech Republic, was produced 14 million years ago. 

It was this universally shared experience that brought the audience together to stand in awe of the event. Do you know that the collection of Moldavite with other gemstones doesn't only increase the metaphysical benefits but also create a harmonious composition?

Here are Top  Moldavite and Crystal Matches with the Energy

Moldavite and Crystals for love:  Moldavite and crystals are used to not only balance the physical body but also stimulate emotional health.

 Moldavite and Rose Quartz:

Oftentimes, it's love and harmony that we pursue and your definition of appropriateness might differ from others. Moldavite is a sturdy and powerful gemstone, which can crumble and attract you to it with the speed of light. The Rose Quartz gem brings the gentle touch of a lover to all your endeavors that lead to transformation. 

Accordingly, masculinity and femininity go together, being like yin and yang. Combine Moldavite and Rose Quartz in healing processes that involve self-love and looking for a soulmate who perfectly agrees with who you are.

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Moldavite and Garnet: 

These stones are very emotional and very intense healers. When the difficult task of reconstructing a broken heart after a breakup you need to use amethyst and rose quartz. Suggest Moldavite be square-cut and Green Garnet be 20 mm round-cut to activate heart chakra. Go for Zircon and Praseolite combinations if you want to reignite your sex life and find a romantic partner.

Moldavite and Red Jasper: 

The pairs Moldavite and Red Jasper would be suitable for you because the essence of two worlds: Sky and Earth have been brought to you. Moldavite being the chosen stone that covers the energy of space, stars, and sky. Red Jasper is an earthing energy that retains the earth and land vibrations. 

They match your characters perfectly, helping you deal with the love-related world in a rational but compassionate manner. This soft but vibrant green crystal has a connection to post-impact energies.  It is a powerful crystal to heal deep emotional wounds, bringing up deep-seated karma and traumas in order to release and let go.

Moldavite and Black Tektite: 

Moldavite is a green Tektite and suits to the various special forms of glass, which are the best match to her astral brother, Black Tektite. Use Moldavite as your meditation, astral travel, and spiritual spirits expedition companion.  Just pair it up with Black Tektite. 

The universe is a mysterious but powerful entity, it is important to ensure that the negative forces of the universe won't ruin your experience. These two come together when the first gray leather backpack keeps your belongings safe and the second light gray backpack keeps you happy.

Moldavite and Black Tourmaline: 

While you are on the self-transformation of your inside, you may use Moldavite with Black Tourmaline as a tool for healing. Moldavite you extremely hard to clear up and wear your hidden fears.

It’s great to get close with strong cleansing energy, but at this point, you may wish to listen to Black Tourmaline’s help in expunging all the negative feelings from your aura in the process of personal development.

Moldavite and Obsidian: 

What happens when you get Moldavite and Obsidian involved in the mix of the cosmic sky and the imminent volcanic forces?In addition to reducing stress, you get a spiritual and protective result of space and earth on you. In case you wish to be secure on your spiritual and physical paths, they will work well as your protecting twin angels.

Charming Moldavite and Crystals are worn for good luck and abundance of things.

Moldavite and Citrine: 

Moldavite is one and the best combination with the "Merchant Stone '' to work with when you want to bring wealth to you. According to rumors, citrine is the best stone for bringing abundance to your life, however, moldavite - the new era manifestation stone. Practice them to call forth to you any form of material wealth that you can long for. Who doesn't?

Moldavite and Jade: 

With powerful, green-moldavite and jade two of the luckiest choices that nature can give us forms the duo. Your luck and happiness, indeed, are combined together when they work as coupled. This is a perfect piece to be placed in the Feng Shui wealth corner, headquarter of work, or money box. 

Moreover, if you are embarking on a new journey, Moldavite and Jade can assist you achieve successes on this way.  Additionally, if you are an artist, moldavite may be a great gemstone for your art. The main reason that people get to this planet is health.  The energetic pool of greenery and the energetic life are transferred to them more than any medicine is able to.

Moldavite and Malachite: 

Moldavite and Malachite together form the two biggest hits gear players.  This, therefore, means that they are very powerful so that even advanced crystal healers cannot handle them. They ensemble your psychological depths  to release you from the shifting blockages of the earlier years. 

When you are ready to meet your own youngster, it is best to be assisted by an experienced crystal healer, and by doing so, you begin the process of working with this stubborn and powerful brace.

Moldavite and Quartz: 

We know quartz as the “Master Healer” because it means energies of any chakra, even coloring of aura. You literally summon the forces of divine healing when you combine both powerful and high-vibrational Moldavite with all the best of your crystals. 

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Uniquely improve your understanding and be able to see all situations as easily as when you work with Moldavite and Quartz as a combinationTo be a practitioner of alternative medicine, this has to be undertaken

Moldavite and Moonstone: 

It is an ethical contemplation which resonates with the heavenly connections. Moldavite reflects the light of the higher energy stars, and Moonstone emanates the far softer energy of the moon. When you are reading horoscopes and astrology, this ;ship will improve your intuitive psychic skills. Use the natural energy of the night sky Moon Night to fully charge your Moldavite and Moonstone pairing.

Bottom line

Moldavite is excellent with spiritually efficient vibrations. For good pairing with crystals intended to heal or manifest, it is the best. Topmost crystals like Amethyst, Nuummite, and Herkimer Diamond can be combined with Moldavite. These stones, if put together, will become your tools for materializing your very own aspirations and objectives.

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