Which Crystals Attract Money? The 12 Best Stones For Financial Success

May 14, 2024
Which Crystals Attract Money? The 12 Best Stones For Financial Success

Which Crystals Attract Money?The 12 Most Excellent Stones For Financial Success

 Good fortune crystals don’t just mean another dollar sign in your bank account but also about salvaging our own perception of the perfect fulfillment of our harmony with abundance and vibrating at our own high attracting frequency. All financial goals are unique and therefore the stories of each wallet are different from one another. 

Money and its meanings for you and how you become open to abundance in your life are not something that is fixed and we always have the power to change our own story and to welcome healing properties into our life.

The 12 Most Excellent Stones For Financial Success

1. Citrine

This item is recommended for those who usually view money and wealth as a bad energy.  Citrine, being a Stonestone of the Merchant, is here to turn this perception on its head. [sometimes] as in the case of Citrine, it [the solar plexus chakra] is cleared off its blockages by the yellow, warm and expansive rays of the Sun. When we get in touch with our inner strength, when we remove those confidence blockades that are holding us back, and when we face life with a full-hearted and empowering attitude, then we can begin to shine. Know the essence of the Citrine too.  

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2. Pyrite

Yes, the path is a long one, but Pyrite's good luck powers will get you there if there is no power in the world.  A quick look at this radiant rock immersed in upbeat mood and you can tell how it got the name Fools Gold. On the other hand, if we want to attribute something ridiculous to that little fellow, that would be really far from the truth. 

This is the sense of the stone that is capable of bringing to light previous associations of being clogged when it comes to matters of money and it also promotes the overall connection and energy within you. Free from the burden of those poor feelings and without any blind spots, there will be so much to be achieved. Characterizing Pyrite is a must.

3. Green Jade

If the world were a person, it would be the aged and sobriety of Green Jade that would be regarded as the ultimate emblem of good fortune. Green Jade is a time-honored treasure and has been used in Chinese history and medicine for attracting wealth for a long time. Like the green, representational significance of emerald, Green Jade is also splendid in its look. It further works as a soothing nature which makes it calm on the nerves.  Even if there are many financial panics out there.

4. Green Aventurine

Aventurine is not only a source of wealth but also of abundance and power that can be felt even in places far from financial issues. It's for the lovers of life who feel the urge to have more love, more time, more freedom, more confidence or spiritual guidance; and for them, this is the stone that will be by their side during the rocky trails. This crystal works well in helping us to become genuinely aware of our inner self's wishes and radiating the same information out into the whole universe.

5. Amethyst

 Always the peace-bringer, Amethyst can be used too if you wish to be persuaded to a higher level of wealth and abundance. This rare flushed purple stone is the perfect example of a yoga and the crown chakra link and keeping it connected during a grounding incense for cash flow deals. It is great for those who get anxious and uptight no matter what the subject is, Amethyst will assist in keeping your nerves down and careful.

6. Tiger's Eye

Though wishes and magical manifestation are indeed an excellent method of bringing abundance into your life, it is also essential to remain grounded, focused and protected during this journey. Here, where the shimmer of Tiger’s Eye will help you. It radiates energy and fully affirms to come out when it is appropriate to be active, rest, and act. This is a perfect monument for facilitating contact with your innermost self and also it is a source of stability that makes you firmly rooted on the earth.

7. Clear Quartz 

A sagely stone that would aid you to gain insight and rearrange your understanding of value. It is common to learn to live with almost everything whether it is physical or emotional in space. In the case of the Clear Quartz it can be treated as the spring clean that is needed to make some space for the real wealth. You can make your wish with the radiant amplifying energy, Infusing it in the Clear Quartz which catalyze and manifest the intentions in stunning sparkling stone.

8. Rose Quartz

There is no chance to speak of abundance without mentioning the ruler of the center of love, the Rose Quartz gem. This gentle pink rock is enthusiastically devoted to helping our hearts recover and bringing all the colors of love and light that are flowing in our being. Rose Quartz dissolves the blockages deep inside the heart which is a place of decision.  This then creates the environment in which a person feels confident and unconditional love from the universe.

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9. Malachite

The stone named Malachite is a perfect choice for those who have guts in the financial area but want to improve their perception of it the same. The issues associated with the handling of money matters and the intention that drives wealth can be highly consuming but Malachite provides you with that commitment to self and that inner strength you need to keep moving forward.

10. Agate

Among the marvelous Agate stones, the Black Agate is the one that allows you to journey with the seeds of vitality and power and can lead the way to prosperity. Teaching us to take responsibility in our actions and to challenge our fears gives us confidence and strength and hence we find inner stability and willingness to do more.

11. Amazonite

Coming in its green and blue shades, Amazonite is a beautiful stone to bring in a flow and inspiration into your life. The task of altering the worldview of those who are not keen to change becomes the most difficult when it comes to transformation of a paradigm or altering one's way of thinking. It is this very characteristic where Amazonite comes into its own.

12. Lapis Lazuli

Lovely in blue and with the specks of gold sprinkled on it, there is something very precious about the beauty of Lapis Lazuli. Feng Shui, the stone is believed to be gifted with a glorious capability of ushering abundance and prosperity into home while at the same time ensures the safety aspect too.

In the end,

No matter which tale you were taught about money, the core conclusion remains the same and that is, you deserve to have abundance whether it appears in numbers or in a feeling of fullness or differently in any shape or form.

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