12 Beautiful Crystals For Nature Lovers

May 08, 2024
12 Beautiful Crystals For Nature Lovers

12 Beautiful Crystals For Nature Lovers

The environment is well the most potent element noticed by humankind, actually. Not only is it figuratively speaking at the outset and the culmination of life, it is also the reality of that statement. Imagine a world without trees.  Regrettably, such a world wouldn’t have any air to breathe in it.

A dynamic of nature, such as the beauty of the forest or the response of the water, can relax us, it makes us feel secure and surely is one of the reasons why we keep going in search of answers.

As swiftly as nature can bring about serenity to you it can also be brutal and be able to destroy anything it desires in bye-gone minutes. Whether you are looking for tranquility on a trip or comfortable plugging in to nature at your home, we suggest using healing crystals as your best option.

Top 12 Crystal For Nature 

These 12 crystals are naturally-based and they are highly energy-sensitive to the environment. People stayed close with nature and developed their traits hereby building up their culture.

#1. Moss Agate

Moss Agate can be considered as one of the finest crystals for those passionate about nature to say this. It's a greenish moss-like dendrite that is a clear crystal inside.

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It is greenish in color shading from sea green to forest green that seems to be floating in the translucent stone rather than surface or subsurface. It is not uncommon to find a lot of Moss, bearing the resemblance of trees, leaves and plants.

It cushions our system from environmental pollutants through detoxification.  It is one of the best ways, when used together with other home remedies, to make our immune system stronger.

#2.  Garden Quartz

Garden Quartz , also referred to as Scenic Quartz , is described as a kind of quartz crystals with different inclusion of colors. These laterly grown crystals or divisions termed the veins.

These usually take the green or red color (Chlorite or Iron). Rarely does it follow nature's rules, establishing instead a fantasy setting like an imaginary forest or an underwater world.

Quartz from the Garden is a very rare gem, and categorizing it among nature lovers and geologists will be the next move.

Garden quartz is a very healing stone, just like the one that is saints guarding. It is typically used to help in relieving the emotional pain, either by getting rid of the trauma from the current life or from the past life.

#3. Malachite

Malachite exhibits a lively green appearance with many clear stripes. The serene dynamics of the planet make its lines and curves vibrate in sympathy. This stunning green shade symbolizes the organic growth of trees, flowers, and herbs.

Malachite is a chakra energy protector and prevents damage because it absorbs negative energies. It’s no wonder to see a city dweller who wants to access nature loving to get such a gemstone because the malachite plant also absorbs pollutants from the atmosphere.

#4. Flower Agate

Flower Agate as the name reveals it is a new type of Agate but with beautiful little inclusions of Chalcedony that look exactly like flowers. Have you ever seen a breathtaking white garden with all its flowers in bloom? This magnificent gemstone looks like it.

If you take a closer look, this is how you will realize that some plumes turn out to be seeds while others look just like plumated flowers.

#5. Leopardskin Jasper

Like no other gemstone, Leopard Skin looks like Jasper. It has a brown and pattern black spots on it that reminds the cut of one of the leopard's spots. These fabulous looking spots are the iron and other sedimentary particle deposits that are obviously traces of plants. 

This stone piece was made for nature enthusiasts, who either enjoy watching wild creatures or just admire the grasslands, woods, and villages. It is the diamond to realize the power of us. Living within these walls, I cannot help but experience a sense of being grounded in this world and to fully appreciate this wonderful life. 

#6. Snowflake Obsidian

This amazing crystal will balance you whenever you are going through changes.  This crystal will bring balance through change. It inculcates two-folds in you: to appreciate the value of your errors as much as your victories.

Water of the soul crystal named Snowflake Obsidian allows your body to handle toxic waste. With this goal in mind, the crystal is dressed to neutralize the stresses and disturbances of the body. You can do this by putting off work and taking a mindful walk outside, carrying a small Snowflake Obsidian stone in your pocket to let go of worries and tensions.

#7. Amber

Amber is a natural fragrance that will make you feel as one with nature in the absence of synthetic products. That is not a depressing stone that wishes to tell us anything bad.  It’s a cheerful stone whose only mission is to show us that actually, life should not be taken for granted and enjoyed.

This technique enhances a person's relation with the Earth by discharging off negative energies. If you want to have an all-living nature and its healing power inside of you then you can completely agree with Amber!

#8. Abalone Shell

The lovely Abalone, a Water element center, which supports the feminine part of personality and emotionality, is traced the same way. Its melting sound heals and soothes the nature lover's emotions that wet him/her with joy.

By stimulating emotions of tranquility and love, it offers calm and serenity. Through its relationship with the crown chakra, it is also a stone that will create spiritual engagement.

#9. Ocean Jasper

The ocean jasper with its splendid curative features is the bright stone for all to behold. In addition, it brings back the positivity in you when you are depressed and you are able to fight through the challenges that you are facing.

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The sea is Its source of power, it is as powerful as the sea, it also creates hope. Ocean Jasper helps you to reflect on that there are no boundaries, and one can get everything they want and live happily ever after.

#10. Jasper

Jasper from Jasper is on Earth electromagnetic field, and it can assist you in consciousness connecting during meditation with the ground is.  Furthermore, its ability to connect to the third eye chakra guarantees a higher intuition and visualization capacity too.

It communicates with the earth’s particular electromagnetic field, this alone renders it one of the most important stones to be used in the spiritual access of immense sacred energy which rolls the earth around. 

#11. Desert Rose

Miraculous Desert Rose has healing properties for your body, mind, and soul. It is one of a stone that is tied to the crown chakra which can guide you in getting your higher self.

#12. Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper is a mesmerizing crystal that has a positive impact by boosting one's mood, joy, and hope. It could also help to serve as a comfort just in case there is always a ray of hope in the darkest day.

Indeed, this video mirrors democratic interactions because it is a way to get through tough situations, and it allows Zebra Jasper to be on your side. High on the list of all the crystal masterpieces it is good for clearing negativity.

In the end

Such is the feeling of unity with nature.  It is more likely that you will have the moment when you become a part of nature and you will get such an unforgettable piece of mind. Vast green forests can transfer to you tranquility feelings, which will crash against the negative thoughts and will replace them with bright feelings.

If you love to be near nature and appreciate the beauty of it, then green crystals can very easily make you close to nature. Meditate surrounded by green crystals, top nature and get the deep sense of happiness that carries you away like a tornado.

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