What is a Shamanic dream crystal & Shamanic star stone & what are they used for?

May 07, 2024
What is a Shamanic dream crystal & Shamanic star stone & what are they used for?


What is a Shamanic Dream Crystal & Shamanic Star Stone & What Are They Used For?

Despite being so similarly named, these are two different crystals. And if you too are confused about these, this blog is for you. Here, shall be discussing all you need to know about shamanic dream crystals and shamanic star stone. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it, starting by understanding shamanic dream crystals:

Understanding Shamanic Dream Crystals

The first on our list is, shamanic dream crystal. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, it is also known as Lodolite. Now, coming to the definition, it is a type of quartz. But what makes it stand out of the rest is, it contains a lot of different minerals like  chlorite, hematite, and feldspar.

And due to these minerals, the shamanic dream crystals appear in different looks. This covers gardens, landscapes, or even underwater scenes. You see, this is what makes this crystal so unique. The colors and shapes within Shamanic Dream Crystals can include hues of green, red, orange, and cream, creating surreal vistas that captivate the eye and stir the imagination.

Properties of Shamanic Dream Crystals

They are tools for spiritual journeying, offering a window into the subconscious mind and enabling the user to access hidden messages and forgotten wisdom. These crystals are believed to facilitate a deep connection with the Earth's energy, grounding the user while also elevating their spiritual awareness.

Uses in Spiritual Practices

It’s time to look at the different uses of shamanic dream crystal in different spiritual practices. As one might assume, this is often used shamanic practices hence the reason behind its name. Apart from this, it is also used for meditation. Experts believe that this crystal works like a gateway to another world, thus helping you enter different dimensions.

Thus, using this, the user can gain better clarity, higher moral thinking, and it also helps in emotional healing. Apart from this, it is also used for:

  •  Enhancing intuition and psychic abilities

  • Promoting healing from past traumas

  • Connecting with nature spirits and elemental forces

  • Facilitating soul retrieval, a shamanic practice aimed at recovering parts of the soul lost due to trauma

Sourcing Shamanic Dream Crystals 

It’s time to discuss how these crystals are sourced. Shamanic Dream Crystals are primarily found in Brazil, a country known for its vast and varied mineral resources, especially quartz varieties. Furthermore, the crystals are mined in the same place where quartz are found naturally.  

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Speaking of mining, when shamanic dream crystals are mined, it is done with great respect for the said land due to the spiritual significance of the piece. In other words, it is also known as ethical sourcing which plays a big role in the quality of the stone. 

Exploring Shamanic Star Stones

It’s time to talk about our second in the list, the Shamanic star stone. This is often also known as Astrophyllite and let us tell you, it’s super rare. Speaking of which, this lustrous mineral is known for its star-like formations caused by embedded copper, titanium, and manganese.

These stones are typically brown to golden-yellow and display a radiant, bladed crystal structure that reflects light in enchanting patterns. With this out of the way, it’s time to look at its properties.

Properties of Shamanic Star Stones

Shamanic Star Stones are celebrated for their illuminating energy, which is said to bring light into the darkest aspects of one’s life. They are tools of self-knowledge and self-acceptance, promoting the recognition of one's true purpose. These stones are believed to:

  •  Illuminate the user’s true path in life

  • Help recognize and integrate shadow aspects of the personality

  • Enhance perseverance and strength

  • Promote honesty in all aspects of one’s life

Uses in Spiritual Practices

Astrophyllite’s potent energies make it a perfect tool for deep soul exploration and transformation. It is especially useful in:

  • Promoting major life changes and helping one embrace their full potential

  • Enhancing telepathy and psychic visions

  • Facilitating astral travel and the exploration of parallel lives

  • Strengthening the connection to one’s higher self and the universal grid of consciousness

Sourcing Shamanic Star Stones

Astrophyllite, the primary mineral in Shamanic Star Stones, is much rarer and is predominantly sourced from Russia, specifically in remote mountainous areas.

Now, coming to extraction of the stone, it requires great care and skills. You see, it needs delicate handling otherwise it will lose its star-like formation that makes it so unique.

Much like dream crystal counterparts, this one also has to be ethically sourced, this important both for spiritual reasons and environmental ones too. 

Combining Shamanic Dream Crystals and Shamanic Star Stones in Practice

While both stones offer unique benefits, combining Shamanic Dream Crystals with Shamanic Star Stones in spiritual practices can be particularly powerful. Using both can help amplify your intentions, providing clarity and insight while grounding and protecting your energy. This combination is often used in advanced meditation and spiritual healing sessions, especially those aimed at deep inner transformations and finding one's spiritual path.


Both shamanic dream crystal and star stone hold supreme spiritual value across different cultures. And in these blogs, we learned all you need to know about both of these pieces, including what they are, their appearance, uses, sources, and much more. With this, it’s time to conclude the blog, with some FAQs. 

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FAQs on Shamanic Dream Crystal & Shamanic Star Stone 

1. What is a Shamanic Dream Crystal?

A Shamanic Dream Crystal, also known as Lodolite, is a type of quartz crystal containing various minerals like chlorite, hematite, and feldspar. It often exhibits landscapes or underwater-like scenes within its structure, appearing in hues of green, red, orange, and cream.

2. How are Shamanic Dream Crystals used in spiritual practices?

Shamanic Dream Crystals are utilized in shamanic practices and meditation to access different dimensions, gain clarity, enhance intuition, promote healing from past traumas, connect with nature spirits, and facilitate soul retrieval.

3. Where are Shamanic Dream Crystals sourced?

These crystals are primarily found in Brazil, where they are mined with respect for the land due to its spiritual significance. Ethical sourcing is emphasized to maintain the quality of the stone.

4. What is a Shamanic Star Stone?

A Shamanic Star Stone, also known as Astrophyllite, is a rare mineral known for its star-like formations caused by embedded copper, titanium, and manganese. It typically displays a radiant, bladed crystal structure in brown to golden-yellow hues.

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