No. 1 Best-selling Indian Jewelry Manufacturer

Sep 06, 2023
No. 1 Best-selling Indian Jewelry Manufacturer

Indian Jewelry Manufacturer

Maroth Jewels are the Indian Jewelry Manufacturers, who are involved in the manufacturing, wholesaling of gold, silver, diamond as well as other precious metals. Our organization is engaged in the business of gold jewelry, along with diamond and silver articles. We offer our clients a range of ornaments across several product lines. Although, our primary deals with four product lines: gold, silver, platinum as well as diamonds. We have a large variety of products including bangles, articles, dinner sets, earrings, bracelets, rings, coins, pendants, malai, silver anklets, necklaces, silver jewelry, and chains.

Indian Jewelry Manufacturer:

Maroth Jewels are the best Indian Jewelry manufacturer. We are an integrated jewelry solution company providing all facilities under one roof. We are providing pocket-friendly Jewelry designing solutions at very reasonable rates. Our highly creative team of professionals manufacturing high-quality jewelry through our home production setup with the help of the latest and advanced technologies, And stringent quality control processes, we deliver near perfection jewelry pieces to our valuable clients in due season. 

Most Trusted Indian Jewelry Manufacturer:

Maroth jewels are the leading Indian Jewelry Manufacturer worldwide. We never compromise on our standard quality. As we are the Indian Jewelry manufacturer, All the Jewelry is manufactured in-house so we guarantee 100% quality products.

Our supervising team makes sure each piece of the jewelry is ideal following the international norms. We use the latest technology and skilled craftsmen to design the jewelry.

  • Trustable Company
  • Ethically sourced metal
  • 100% Satisfaction in Quality
  • Available White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold, Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, etc. 

We specialize in customized Jewelry as you want.Our jewelry designers are the best in the market with decades of experience in the jewelry designing field.

For which jewelry is India known?

In India, gold ornaments are very popular for wedding celebrations and are also presented as gifts during religious festivals. Gold jewelry in bridal jewelry is popular in the northern part of India and 22-carat yellow gold is preferred in the southern part of India.

Gold jewelry is also famous as an investment in India. People buy gold ornaments for the future so that they can keep them in savings and use them when they need them more.

Kundan Jewellery Wholesale Suppliers:

We offer a large variety of jewelry for women starting from head to clutch with hair accessories, Customized necklaces, Customized bracelets, Kundan earrings, Kundan necklaces, Kundan jewelry sets, junk jewelry, Customized earrings, Customized pendant sets, Customized rings, Customized bangles, Indian accessories, Designer Jewelry, Indian bangles, Indian necklaces, Junk Jewelry, American Diamond Jewelry, Copper Jewelry, Silver Plated Jewelry, Polki Jewelry, Meenakari Jewelry, Brass Jewelry, antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, silver jewelry, Gold Plated Jewelry, fashion accessories and many more.

Indian Jewelry Manufacturer – Who are our clients?

We have an extended list of highly distinguished clients that we have been working with and satisfying their special requirements of jewelry for the last decade. We are working with general brands, buying agencies, distributors, importers, chain stores, etc. 

Across the geographical boundaries to legendary designers as well as jewelry maestros, we have a giant repertory of clients. However, we follow a policy of extreme judgment to protect the merchandise interests of our customers as well as their styles. For this reason, we adhere to a non-disclosure policy of not making the list of our honored public customers.

Our Services:-

Being the best Indian jewelry manufacturer, our priorities are quality and our customers. We want to provide the best quality jewelry to our customers. And also want our customers to be happy with us. We have been in the jewelry business since 2010 and since then we have been able to gain confidence in our customers towards us. We provide the following services to our customers:-

Payment Method:

We accept payment through Paypal and Bank to Bank transfer. Paypal allows you to pay online quickly and securely using a credit card or any bank account. 

Fastest Delivery:

Economy shipping will be shipped by Indian post or DHL post which will take 15 to 30 days to deliver. If you need fast delivery, you can pay for express delivery. Shipping charges will be shown at checkout.

We ship express parcels via FedEx or DHL which takes 5 to 8 days to place an order. Express shipping charges will depend on the order price so please make your selection and check their cart page.

We also ship orders to APO, FPO, DPO, PO Box and US Territory via USPS Priority Mail with confirmation of delivery. Typically, it takes about 15–30 business days to arrive at your shipping destination.

Return/Refund Policy:

In case of returns/refunds, we provide you a refund within 15 days without any refund charges.


Why Choose Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd for Indian Jewelry Manufacturing?

Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is not only an Indian jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter of jewelry but also all over the world. As we manufacture the finest quality imitation jewelry, fancy jewelry, as well as any other type of jewelry that is genuinely good. And our jewelry is made about the latest fashion trends.

●     Innovative designs

●     Mammoth quantity

●     Delicate craftsmanship

●     Emulative prices

●     Quality tested

●     Customized products

●     Efficient distributor network

●     On-time delivery

We are one of the biggest Indian Jewelry Manufacturers from Pink City Jaipur, Rajasthan. That was created on the maxim of providing upright, neutral, and highly professional service to our valuable clients. We are pleased to say that we have continued these business morals in the course of the most recent eleven years disregarding managing intense rivalry against controlling and phony spec by our competitor. In the long run, our moralistic methodology has worked and we appreciate the acceptance of our regarded clients who come to us with full belief that we will convey what we seal as far as duty and quality.

Maroth Jewels as Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India:

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India. With our presence and expertise around the globe, Maroth Jewels represent transparency, quality, and faith.  We aim to supply the precious stones legitimately to our clients without the involvement of a middleman as this process will benefit our customers because they will be dealing with wholesalers directly.  

As the best diamond jewelry wholesalers in India, We always find a way to benefit our customers. We also aim to put our nation in a place of supremacy by providing the best quality diamonds on the stage of the international market. At Maroth Jewels, we place a fixed and fair policy that helps our customers to buy diamonds at wholesale price with ease. We provide the best quality stones from our varied inventory and aim to be the best wholesalers around the globe.

Maroth Jewels are one of the best diamond jewelry wholesalers in India. Diamonds are the most precious and famous gemstones. The diamond is a symbol of style, love, grace, memories, etc. It defines class, perfection, and purity. Diamond is used as a gemstone and it enhances the beauty and condition of the wearer.

As diamond jewelry wholesalers in India, Maroth Jewels offers a large collection of Diamond Jewelry at an affordable price. Maroth Jewels are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a custom jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. We have also customized jewelry using precious gems.

Being the leading diamond exporter and manufacturer and diamond jewelry wholesalers in India, we provide all the advantages to our customers to purchase diamonds at wholesale at the best possible price.  Along with the best price and quality, we make sure to offer the best service.

Why Wholesale Diamonds?

Being Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India we suggest you If you are a reseller then always purchase your Jewelry at the wholesale price rather than retail price. Because there is definitely a price difference in the wholesale price and retail price. If we talk about the diamond business, there is a margin price between the wholesale price and retail price. 

As the best Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India, we want to tell you, if you are into a Jewelry business and want to gain profit in your Jewelry business then always buy Jewelry at wholesale price. It will be a loss deal to buy at retail price. 

For example, if a piece of diamond would cost 250$ at the wholesale price, it may cost between 350$ to 400$ at retail price. The percentage difference between wholesale and retail price may be between 50 to 100%. So for Business purposes always buy at wholesale price. 

Should I buy Diamond or Gold for investment?

For a long time, people have been buying solid yellow gold of the highest purity for investment purposes. And jewelry with stones like diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry is usually made in 14 karats and lower carat gold like 18 karats. Nowadays people are changing their minds and they are thinking in another way. They also consider diamonds as an investment.

According to industry players, diamonds give good returns. Now you can also invest in diamonds. However, like other investment options, diamonds also have pros and cons. As an investor, you should be aware of the pros and cons of your investment. If you are planning to buy a diamond as an investment option, then you have to keep a few things in mind: –

1) The first thing is to understand the cut, carat, clarity and color of the diamond.


It is Diamond’s cut that defines Diamond’s Brightness. The better the cut, the brighter the diamonds are going to be.


Karat is a unit of purity in the diamond. It shows the weight and purity of Diamond.


The lower the amount of perfection in a diamond, the higher its clarity grade.


The value of a diamond is defined by its color. White color and colorless diamonds have the highest value.

2) The second thing is to set your budget. Make sure that if you want to invest in diamonds then it will not go beyond your budget.

3) After setting your budget the last thing is buying diamonds. Always buy only from trusted manufacturers and wholesalers.

Maroth jewels are the most trusted Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India. At Maroth Jewels, we select each diamond carefully. A diamond is usually found in its original rough form and in this form it does not display its luster. This is the critical phase because it is the phase where it is replaced by rough shiny polished diamonds. Coarse diamonds are properly tested to determine its true quality. The time taken to shine and cut the diamond stone takes a long time to transform the rough diamond into a shining beauty. Our objective is to provide polished and cut diamonds in the best state possible.

Cut alludes to what extent the finish and proportion affect the diamond’s quality and its overall appearance. The cut is reviewed from best to poor on a scale and it also incorporates the brightness, scintillation, and fire of the diamond. Precise workmanship and artistry are required to craft a precious stone so that its symmetry, polish, and propositions deliver the best magnificence.

Trustworthy Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India:

Maroth Jewels also offers loose fancy color diamonds and we want our customers to realize the value of fancy diamonds and purchase it from us.

Loose fancy color diamonds are reviewed with three criteria. Their actual color i.e, green, red, blue (or something between this tone), color (relative darkness or lightness of the tone), saturation (how weak or solid the color is). This work is done perfectly by our experts as this work is specialized and complex and it needs highly trained experts to complete this work precisely.

Maroth Jewels for Buyers

– The convenience of associating with sellers anywhere, anytime

– Wider commercial center with a wide range of suppliers and products

Maroth Jewels for Suppliers

– Enhanced visibility of the business

– Increase in credibility for the brand

– Lead in Management System

Maroth Jewels: Best Online Wholesale Jewelry Shopping App

We are proud to announce that we offer the best choice of diamonds and we never disappoint the customers and try to maintain their trust intact.

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in the Jewelry industry. Apart from Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India, We are gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India. You can manufacture according to your requirement. At Maroth jewels, we have set high standards about giving detailed information to our clients about the purchase they make. So they can get assured regarding the quality of the gem as it is monitored by the experts under the international standard.

Looking for the best online wholesale jewelry shopping app? Maroth Jewel’s jewelry app is the best online wholesale jewelry shopping app in India in which you can easily get a variety of unique designs under one roof.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a process where consumers can buy goods and services directly from the respective vendors without any effect from the Internet. This saves a lot of time as it can be done easily at home through our laptops and mobiles. The craze of online shopping is increasing day by day due to our online lifestyle.

Nowadays people choose online shopping from home due to their busy schedule instead of going to the market and shopping. Due to online shopping, they feel comfortable and time-saving as it can be easily done at home from their mobile phone or laptop.

Initially, people preferred to buy jewelry directly from the shop. They were conscious about the quality of jewelry, design, and metals, etc. Nowadays people are also shifting their shopping interest to the jewelry industry. People have also started to prefer online shopping for jewelry. There are many online portals available for buying jewelry online. But they don’t need to be all trustworthy.

Best Online wholesale Jewelry Shopping App:

To ease customers and save their time, Maroth Jewels have recently launched its own jewelry app for mobile users with a display of various unique designs and with wholesale price available on request. There are a variety of products available in our app and they are updated regularly.

Now, you can purchase all kinds of jewelry including gold, silver, and diamond jewelry directly from our mobile app. Along with the website, this app also has the same features like easy access, Various designs are available, etc.

With the help of this jewelry app, you can find here a variety of designs and also purchase them whenever you want to purchase them from home. For your ease, we have divided all kinds of jewelry into categories like Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, Rings, etc. so that you can find easily what you want

Maroth Jewel’s jewelry app is the best online wholesale jewelry shopping app available in the market. We are the leading and trusted custom jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter located in Jaipur, Rajasthan India

You can also customize your order through this app. You can contact us through WhatsApp to customize your order. Our jewelry app also has a WhatsApp chat option from which you can contact us and tell us your requirement to customize the jewelry. To customize your jewelry we have our creative design team responsible for creating your customized designs. They are all very versatile and highly talented.

If you want to buy jewelry at wholesale price, you can request the same through WhatsApp. A CUSTOM REQUEST PAGE is also available to request a wholesale price on our website and our online wholesale jewelry shopping app.

Multiple Designs Available:

In our jewelry app, you can find a large variety of designs for all types of jewelry. All these designs are created by our creative team. The creative team is responsible for creating the latest and trendy designs for you. There are many designs of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry in our jewelry app.

We have a wide collection of gold and silver metal and gem-studded jewelry. At Maroth Jewels, you can find both fine and fashion jewelry collections. You can purchase modern jewelry along with your tradition through our online shopping app.

If you cannot find your suitable jewelry, you can request for customized jewelry design by uploading pictures/sketches of the jewelry you want to customize. You can use different categories in our app. If you want special jewelry like if you want to buy earrings, then you can go directly to the collection of earrings and find the most suitable design for you. Similarly, you can choose other categories as per your choice.

Maroth Jewels: Best Online wholesale Jewelry shopping app:

Online wholesale jewelry shopping app is a great idea to save our time and for our ease.. But various factors should be kept in mind while shopping for jewelry online. These factors are the quality, pricing, and authenticity of the jewelry. Always shop from a reliable and verified jewelry store.

Maroth Jewel’s jewelry app provides all these factors to our customers. Our Online wholesale jewelry shopping app allows customers to shop from anywhere at their convenience. Various factors provide its customers through this application:

1) Sell at Wholesale price:-

We, at Maroth Jewels, sell our jewelry at wholesale prices. We offer special deals and discounts on our Online wholesale jewelry shopping app to our customers, as customer satisfaction is the top priority for us.

2) Verified Custom Jewelry manufacturer and seller:

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is the most reliable and trustable custom jewelry manufacturer in India. We are a verified jewelry manufacturer. We are recognized by the Government of India. Maroth Jewels always impose hallmarks on gold and silver jewelry to its customers which are certified by various reputed laboratories.

3) Secure Payment:

We, at Maroth Jewel, provide a secure payment gateway through our online wholesale jewelry shopping app. Customers can pay via PayPal or direct bank transfer. Payment is secured with PayPal. The Online wholesale jewelry shopping app is monitored by professionals on a real-time basis to ensure non-accessible firewalls to ensure the security of confidential data by customers.

4) Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy:

Maroth jewels usually take 15-20 working days to ship the order. The company collaborates with reputable third-party shipping partners to ensure a safe and smooth shipping process.

Returns will be accepted within 15 working days. After receipt of the order (up to 15 working days), details are attached via email with the return list attached. We want to ensure happy shopping experiences for customers.

The Benefit of our Online wholesale jewelry shopping app:

Maroth Jewels is a one-stop platform for all jewelry-related needs. Here you can find different designs in different metals on one platform. Customers can also personalize jewelry through our mobile application.

Various options available:

Through our mobile app, you can find different designs from different categories. You can choose the most appropriate design for your category.

Aware of the latest trend:

Through our mobile app, you can be aware of the latest trendy jewelry designs as our designs are regularly updated as per the latest trends.

Control over own design:

If you want to customize your jewelry as per your requirement then you can keep track of your own design. Our team keeps in touch with you from the beginning of your order to the final order.

Maroth Jewels have a highly trained and experienced team for jewelry making. You can also buy in bulk from Maroth Jewels. At Maroth Jewels, we have gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, and other precious gemstones. We provide gold jewelry in 9k, 14k, 18k, and 22k. You can buy it at your convenience. If it comes to online wholesale shopping for jewelry, then Maroth Jewels provide you with the best services.

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