Custom Jewelry Manufacturer In Europe

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturer In Europe

Custom Jewelry Manufacturer In Europe

We at Maroth Jewels manufacturer in Europe custom wholesale jewelry for retailers, wholesalers, and individuals. We work with colored gemstones and diamonds from around the world to craft beautiful jewelry that perfectly matches your brand image. You can count on us to fulfill all your custom jewelry needs, as we shape, design, and manufacture all your pieces from conception to completion. Our process is straightforward; we help you bring your idea to life throughout the entire process.

As a company we specialize in custom design European style jewelry, we use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Combining contemporary and classic design styles, we are constantly developing innovative and creative approaches to design. Our custom designs are made to order, and in addition to custom designs, we offer products from some of the most well-known designer brands in Europe.

As part of our service, we manage all aspects of turning your idea into a tangible product that you can own and enjoy. In order to make sure you have the perfect jewelry, our artisans are ready to tweak your pieces until you are completely satisfied. As a jewelry designer, brand and wholesaler, we facilitate our clients' creation of their own designs or work on their products.

With over a decade of experience creating high-quality jewelry, we have developed expertise in designing, manufacturing and creating stunning pieces. As part of our studio and 3D printer, we can create designs and prototypes. This allows us to work closely with our clients to provide them with the best pieces. Because we have years of experience designing and manufacturing our products, we can look closely at your design and make improvements if necessary.

Our business is to enhance your business, so we work with designers and stylists, boutiques of smaller size, and aspiring entrepreneurs to create handcrafted jewelry collections. We’re glad to have you, as we know how to make custom jewelry pieces. We are passionate about enhancing your business. You tell us what you are looking for and we will make it happen for you!

Service for Jewelers

Professional equipment is essential if you intend to manufacture custom-made jewels for your customers, and that's what you will find at Maroth Jewels, the custom jewelry manufacturer that specializes in engravings and galvanizing. Our machine- controlled technology enables us to engrave every message on metals. In addition, we polish and replate your customers' worn jewelry in our own workshop, saving you the cost of investing in your own machinery and allowing you to focus on your main jewelry business.

Add Your Sentimental Attachment with the Custom Piece of Your Dreams

In addition to providing professional advice, our staff is always attentive to bringing a personal touch to every situation. Our dream is alive and well at Maroth Jewels today, a dream that makes affordable, beautiful, and unique European style jewelry available to their customers, so that they may wear, enjoy, and pass it down from generation to generation. It is an honor to work in a business that makes people happy!

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We'll help you repurpose your own diamonds, gemstones, or jewelry into a new piece of jewelry if you bring your own diamonds, gemstones, or current jewelry. By reusing these previous materials, you can reduce your costs and save money while maintaining sentimental value. You can also trade in your broken or unwanted jewelry to use as credit for your new custom design. By doing this you can reuse all your old jewelry and add the special feelings with your piece of art.

Our Jewelry Manufacturing Services

1. Jewelry Design

Based on the samples you provide or original sketches we develop upon your request, we will tailor your jewelry design to your needs. Because we recognize that jewelry design is about a spark of creativity, we accept any type of referenced information and data from designers, including CAD files, PDF files, hand-drawn drawings, and even spoken explanations with googled pictures. Our skilled artisans can take your creative ideas and turn them into real masterpieces.

2. 3D Design of Your Jewelry Piece

Our jewelry design team will take your ideas and turn them into reality, starting with basic napkin sketches, using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models to maximize quality, minimize costs, and realize your vision, starting with basic napkin sketches. We will utilize a number of different techniques during the development phase, such as hand drawings, CAD drafting, 3D printing, and modeling. You may purchase a prototype to test the quality and attention to detail of your design before ordering in bulk, and we will render it in 2D and 3D models.

3. Sample Approval and Changes

After your CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) design has been approved, we proceed to manufacture a sample. We rework the sample if any changes need to be made until the final product is approved.

4. Jewelry Prototype

Despite the fact that traditional jewelry design techniques like hand sketching and drafting are still widely used in jewelry production, we now use computer-aided design (CAD) software tools in order to develop unique jewelry prototypes for a variety of reasons. Jewelry prototypes can be reproduced easily by using CAD models of rings, bracelets, earrings, or other jewelry in a computer-controlled production process. The process is easier than traditional jewelry creation methods, which require a high degree of competence and time savings in order to avoid mistakes.

5. Jewelry Casting

Using a wax model of an object, a mold can be made, and the molten metal can be poured into the mold to create the sculpture. This technique has been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world.

The wax pieces are created from rubber molds created from the silver masters. On the commercial wax injection machine, the rubber mold is installed. Molten wax is pumped into the cavity of the mold under pressure, creating wax models for casting.

6. Jewelry Filling

The filling process ensures that each piece of jewelry is in the best possible condition by removing any excess metal from the metal and smoothing off the surface. This step is necessary to ensure that each piece of jewelry is in the right shape.

7. Jewelry Stone Setting

During the stone setting process, gemstones are attached to a metal casting, which is an integral part of jewelry making. Stone setting is accomplished by expert craftsmen who excel at placing stones securely and efficiently, and the main objective is to keep gemstones secure as well as enhance their brilliance by highlighting their cut, clarity, and color.

8. Jewelry Polishing

The polishing process involves multiple stages in order to ensure that every piece is of the highest quality. Polishing, like filling, entails the use of multiple materials in order to polish a particular item properly. High-speed polishing equipment and cleaning baths are typically used to make the metal shine and be free from blemishes, giving it a high-end appearance.

In addition to polishing with machinery, hand polishing can also produce a superb finish with the right tools and patience. However, polishing in jewelry has proven to be a highly personal affair, and no clear method of achieving the best results has yet been discovered.

9. Quality Control

A quality assurance check is conducted at every stage of production, followed by a final pre-shipment inspection. Professional jewelers never sell gold jewelry that has not been subjected to quality control. In order to ensure that the jewel is in good condition, a team of specialists examines it for any blemishes or faults after everything has been completed and declared complete.

Why Work With Us?

Because we know that you want to create beautiful jewelry and durable products, we know that you expect the jewelry semi-finished products you purchased to be of the highest quality, and the jewelry services you receive to be of the highest quality. Therefore, we use our many years of experience to carry out orders carefully, paying attention to each detail.

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As a leading manufacturer of quality jewelry that is built to last, we employ many world-renowned craftsmen who employ traditional crafts and artisan techniques used for centuries. A strong design team following the latest fashion trends combined with direct insights from global head buyers helps us to design over 1000 styles each year.

  • Magnificent Craftsmanship
  • Beautiful Design
  • Large Capacity
  • Ethically Made
  • Strictly Compliance

What We Provide?

For almost 12 years, we have been committed to ensuring your satisfaction, contentment, and the ability to contribute to your success. That is why we meet your expectations constantly, so the quality of our products and the level of our services are always as you demand.

  • Choosing custom jewelry helps you doing big savings with highest quality materials
  • Order processing in well- mannered structure
  • A huge inventory
  • We always support our customers and consult them with their thoughts at each and every step even if it is an individual project
  • Fast & secure shipping

As one of the leading custom jewelry manufacturers in Europe, we produce fine jewelry of exceptional quality with exquisite designs. By focusing on quality and craftsmanship, we aim to revolutionize custom jewelry wholesale across the USA and the rest of the world. We prioritize the customer experience, which has enabled us to create a large family of trustworthy customers worldwide.

With our wide variety of unique designs, you will have no trouble making the right choice. All of our designs are handcrafted with complete care, and you can customize the gold purity and color of our products and the diamond clarity to suit your specific needs.

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Please get in touch with us and share your ideas if you have personalized jewelry or are searching for a private label jewelry manufacturer. In accordance with your suggestions, we will make and present genuine jewelry.

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