Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in Canada

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in Canada


Since Canada is well known for romantic destinations for couples, many of them like to gift customized jewelry for their lovers. The jewelry could be their lovers' initial, or any design they want. Thus, sellers want the best jewelry for sale.

As a solution, we got the complete guide from knowing how to order jewelry from the best custom jewelry manufacturer, Canada. Maroth Jewels is the perfect custom jewelry manufacturer.

Who Are Maroth Jewels?

Maroth Jewels is one of the best leading wholesale jewelry manufacturers in India who not just manufacture customized jewelry but also design them as per customer demands. The Pvt Ltd company is actually a team of innovative minds who turn your imagination into jewelry.

One thing which makes them unique is their handcrafted jewelry sets. You read it completely right. Their artisans make jewelry with their hands prioritizing the details of every art piece. Maroth Jewels' team believes in creativity and customer satisfaction which make them stand out of the crowd.

How Much Variety Do Maroth Jewels Have?

Maroth Jewels have a wide range of jewels including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, charms, enhancers, carabiner locks, and bangles which all are manufactured for wholesale.

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Moreover different designs come in such as pave diamond, gemstone diamond, rose cut diamond, moissanite diamond and many more you can think of, you can find on our website.

What Different Metals Can You Expect At Maroth Jewels?

Maroth Jewels have many of the precious metals as well as plating varieties which you can have layers of on your jewelry so that it cannot be taken off very easily. On the metal front, you get 92.5 Silver, 22k Gold, 18k Gold, 14k Gold, and 9k Gold.

A variety of plating include the major and popular ones such as Yellow Gold, Natural Silver (Yellow Gold), Oxidized, White Gold, White, Rose Gold, Gray Rhodium and at least 30 more. The best thing that you can expect at Maroth Jewels is that they do not include nickel or lead in their jewelry so nobody will complain about skin allergy.

Breaking Down: Order Custom Jewelry At Maroth Jewels, Canada

There are three major steps through which you and the team go through in order to manufacture custom jewelry according to your instructions. The first is discussion, then design, and at the end is development and manufacturing.

1. Discussion About The Jewels

At first, the team wants to know everything related to your order. It includes the metal to be used, gemstones, design, plating, weight, etc. After hearing everything from you, the team suggests the best. For discussion, you can reach out via WhatsApp, e-mail or simply through their website.

2. Design It!

Now, the major work comes to life. Idhar you can send the design of your customized jewelry or the excellent and experienced CAD team would design it on its own by understanding what you exactly are looking for.

Since every culture has its own spark, they make sure that the Canadian orders have their spark in the design. Once the jewelry designs have been drafted, they are sent to the customer for approval or new changes to be done.


After the draft preview has been approved, the team starts working on the development and manufacturing of the jewelry.

3. Manufacturing Of The Jewels

All their craftsmen come to work with their artistic mindset in the third and last step of the whole process. They first start to make your jewelry's prototype and then make changes accordingly before finalizing the piece of jewelry.


Now, the final pieces of jewelry are polished to give them the final look and shine to make sure that no piece of gemstone is missing or dull. After this little but crucial, your order gets delivered to you.

Why Choose & Trust Maroth Jewels?

The wholesale jewelry manufacturer is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. However, they don't just ship across the country but also across North America. They do not just create fine pieces of artwork but also make sure that their customers are happy with them.


Moreover, you have been expanding for over a decade which makes them appear trustworthy because it's not easy to stay in the competitive market for this long. Thus, the trustworthiness makes us say that they are the best custom jewelry manufacturer, Canada. 

Is There Any Return Policy?

Yes they do have a 7-day return policy which means that you can return the order within 7 days of delivery in case you did not like it. Also, all the payments made are secure so you don't have to worry about the financial risks as well.


We make sure that no such back and forth happens and for that, our team stays connected with you until you receive your order and approve it.

How Is The Quality Of The Artisans' Work?

All the craftsmen and artisans are trained before they start working for the wholesale company. In addition, they keep track of all the market trends so that they don't miss out on anything. That's how they suggest you in the discussion stage of the order.

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Every time they adapt a new trend in their company, they make sure to consistently polish their artisans' skill set. Much about the artisans, the materials used to make the jewelry are finely polished and sorted by hands. All the unpolished gemstones are kept aside to make sure that the customers get only the polished ones to be sold.

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We want our customers to be not just satisfied but "happy" and thus, they turn out to be our priority. If you want to place a custom jewelry order in Canada, contact us.

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