Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in California

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in California


People love getting customized gifts for their special people. As a jewelry seller, you have to keep track of what people like wearing. Living in California, if you are looking to sell custom jewelry according to your customer's needs then looking for a good jewelry manufacturer becomes a task.

However, Google can never betray you while you are surfing online to find the best custom jewelry manufacturer, California. Therefore, Maroth Jewels is the best custom jewelry manufacturer you can find in California.

Who Are We?

We are a Pvt Ltd company with an excellent team of creative minds with unbeatable skills to add new jewelry every other time to our website. We got started more than a decade ago with a vision of providing gorgeous, durable jewelry to our customers.

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At Maroth Jewels, our artisans make handmade jewelry according to your demands. We have a huge variety of gemstones, metals and even diamonds. You can tell us which way you want the jewelry to be and our artisans will turn it into life.

What Variety Of Jewelry Do We Provide?

We provide a wide variety of jewels including bracelets, earrings, necklaces ,rings ,pendants, charms, enhancers, carabiner locks and bangles. We don't just make different forms of jewelry, but also different designs of them. 

These designs could be pave diamond, gemstone diamond, rose cut diamond, moissanite jewelry, and many more you can find on our website. We make sure that none of the gems fall off the jewelry.

What Metals Do We Have At Maroth Jewels?

 We have a variety of gold and silver metals and their categories as well. All the categories include 92.5 Silver, 22k Gold, 18 ke Gold, 14k Gold, and 9k Gold.

In addition, we do not include nickel or lead while manufacturing our jewelry as we want the best for all our customers regardless of their skin type.

We also do plating on the jewelry and here is a list of all the variety you get at Maroth Jewels:

 ●    Yellow Gold

    Natural Silver - Yellow Gold


    White Gold

    Rose Gold

    Gray Rhodium 

These were just a few to name. Anyway, you can find many more at Maroth Jewels whenever you visit the section of what you are looking for.

How Can You Order Custom Jewelry At Maroth Jewels, California?

We make sure all our customers get their custom jewelry in the best form as I want it to be. That's why our team stays in constant contact with you until the product has been delivered. Anyway, our process for customized jewelry wholesale orders is divided into three parts - Discussion, design, and development & manufacturing.

1.  Discussion:

We first like to know about the kind of product you want to be delivered. When we are discussing with you regarding your order, we want to know what design you want to have, what metals you want to be used, your order's shape, type, and other finishing details. Read more:- How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

You can always contact us via WhatsApp, E-mail or through our website.  After hearing your requirements, we will also suggest the best.

2.  Design:

Now, the work gets in the hands of our highly experienced and excellent CAD team members. Talking about the orders from California, we make sure that your jewelry has the spark of California. Once your jewelry design has been drafted, we will send it to you for preview. Thus, you can make changes if you feel so. 

3.  Development & Manufacturing:

Now that we have your approved design, our craftsmen will start to make your jewelry's prototype and then carefully make changes according to what's needed to finalize the jewelry pieces.

After this step of the process, your customized order gets ready to be delivered to you. 

Why Should You Trust Maroth Jewels?

We are based in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. However, we make sure that each piece of our jewelry takes enough effort and time to be considered as the "fine piece of work". We have been working with our customers for over a decade while also turning them into our "happy" customers.

As a leading jewelry wholesaler, we also take orders from International customers. This is why we think we should be the one you choose when you're looking for a custom jewelry manufacturer California.

How About The Quality Of The Artisans' Work?

We have all our craftsmen and artisans trained before they start working with us. We also keep track of all the trends in the market so that we don't miss out on anything for our customers. Therefore, we need to polish our artisans' skills consistently every now and then.

We use stones which are finely polished and sorted by hand in your customized order while the unpolished ones stay in the corner. Hence, you get your order in the best form to be sold.

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