10 Best Crystal Combinations For Lapis Lazuli

May 15, 2024
10 Best Crystal Combinations For Lapis Lazuli

10 Best Crystal Combinations For Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli promotes wisdom and truth. It is a very popular crystal, liked by many people. Do you want to enhance its power? Here are ten best crystal combinations for Lapis Lazuli. Let’s explore:

What is Lapis Lazuli?

It is a deep blue gemstone. It has golden flecks of pyrite. It promotes wisdom. It encourages truth. It enhances intuition. Pair it with other crystals for more benefits.

Top 10 Best Crystals Combinations For Lapis Lazuli

It’s time to look at some best combinations that work with lapis lazuli. These are:

1. Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz

Do you want to amplify Lapis Lazuli’s energy? Pair it with Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz amplifies energy. It provides clarity. Together, they enhance spiritual growth. They boost mental clarity.

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It is also known as the  "Master Healer." It amplifies the energy of other stones. Lapis Lazuli promotes wisdom and truth. This combination enhances your spiritual journey. It helps you see things clearly.

Clear Quartz cleanses your aura. It clears mental fog. Lapis Lazuli deepens your understanding. Together, they provide insight and clarity. This combination is perfect for meditation and spiritual practices.

2. Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst

Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are known for enhancing spiritual awareness. Here, Amethyst crystal calms the mind and heightens spiritual awareness. Together, they promote inner peace and deepen meditation.

Amethyst soothes the mind and reduces stress. Lapis Lazuli boosts intuition and wisdom. This combination supports spiritual growth and helps you connect with higher realms.

Moreover, Amethyst helps with meditation and deepens your practice.

Lapis Lazuli brings wisdom and truth. Together, they create a peaceful space and enhance your spiritual connection. This duo is ideal for spiritual seekers.

3. Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite

You can improve communication skills with Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite. Sodalite enhances communication and intuition. Together, they promote truth and enhance self-expression.

Sodalite improves communication skills, while Lapis Lazuli brings wisdom and truth.  This combination helps you express yourself clearly and boosts confidence in communication.

Sodalite enhances intuition and logical thinking. Lapis Lazuli deepens understanding. Together, they help you communicate effectively. This duo is perfect for writers and speakers.

4. Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz: Love and Compassion

Do you want to attract love and compassion? For this, you can combine Lapis Lazuli with Rose Quartz. Here, the Rose Quartz promotes love and compassion. Together, they open your heart and enhance relationships.

Love and self-love is ruled by Rose quartz. Lapis Lazuli encourages truth and understanding. This combination enhances relationships and promotes harmony.

The Quartz stone encourages compassion and forgiveness. Lapis Lazuli adds wisdom. Together, they help you connect with others and enhance emotional bonds. This duo is perfect for attracting love.

5. Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite: Protection and Abundance

Do you need protection and abundance? Pair Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite. Pyrite protects and attracts abundance. Together, they promote success and provide security.

Former one is also known as the "Fool's Gold." It attracts wealth and prosperity. Lapis Lazuli brings wisdom. This combination enhances success and provides protection.

Pyrite creates a protective shield and blocks negative energy. Lapis Lazuli encourages truth. Together, they enhance confidence and attract abundance. This duo is perfect for career success.

6. Lapis Lazuli and Citrine: Joy and Positivity

Anyone can add more joy and positivity to life with Lapis Lazuli and Citrine. Citrine brings joy and promotes positivity.

Together, they enhance happiness and attract good fortune. Citrine is known as the "Success Stone." It brings happiness and success. Lapis Lazuli promotes wisdom.

Combination will provide you with a positive outlook. Plus, it will also attract joy and abundance. Citrine dispels negative energy and encourages a positive attitude. Lapis Lazuli deepens understanding. Together, they promote happiness.  

7. Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite: Transformation and Intuition

Are you seeking transformation? Combine Lapis Lazuli with Labradorite. Labradorite enhances intuition and supports change. 

Together, they guide you and boost intuition. Labradorite crystal reveals hidden truths. Plus, it also aids self-discovery. Lapis Lazuli adds wisdom. This combination supports transformation and helps you embrace change.

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Labradorite’s mystical energy enhances intuition and deepens spiritual insight. Lapis Lazuli promotes truth.  

8. Lapis Lazuli and Hematite: Grounding and Focus

Do you feel scattered? Pair Lapis Lazuli with Hematite. Hematite grounds you and enhances focus. Together, they stabilize energy and improve concentration.

Hematite connects you to the Earth and grounds your energy. Lapis Lazuli brings wisdom. This combination enhances focus and helps you stay centered.

Hematite reduces stress and enhances mental clarity. Lapis Lazuli deepens understanding. Together, they improve concentration. This duo is perfect for studying and work.

9. Lapis Lazuli and Black Tourmaline: Protection and Balance

Are you looking for protection and balance? For this, you can combine Lapis Lazuli with Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline repels negativity and balances energy. Together, they protect and provide stability.

Black Tourmaline creates a shield and blocks negative energy. Lapis Lazuli promotes truth. This combination provides strong protection and enhances balance. Black Tourmaline stabilizes energy and reduces stress. Lapis Lazuli adds wisdom.

10. Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian: Motivation and Creativity

Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian boosts creativity. Carnelian motivates and inspires. Together, they spark new ideas and fuel your passions.   

It boosts artistic expression. Lapis Lazuli promotes wisdom. This combination inspires innovation and helps you take action.

Carnelian’s vibrant energy motivates and encourages bold moves. Lapis Lazuli adds wisdom. Together, they drive creativity and help you pursue projects. This duo is great for creative professionals.


Lapis Lazuli is versatile. It offers many benefits. Pairing it with other crystals enhances its power. In this blog, we explored ten combinations. These combinations maximize Lapis Lazuli’s potential. Try them out. Experience the powerful synergy. Enjoy enhanced benefits in your life.

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