1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Price In India

Feb 24, 2024
1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Price In India

1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Price In India

Jewelry industries depend significantly on diamonds, and their growing demand has led to the introduction of lab-grown diamonds. These are man-made diamonds produced in managed conditions equivalent to Earth's. Even though these diamonds are man-made, they have comparative features and look like natural diamonds.

One most common lab-grown diamond is a 1-carat diamond. Here in this blog, we will discuss in detail the 1-carat lab-grown diamond price in India with some other information you might need to know.

So, let’s get started.

What is 1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond?

It is a masterpiece of human invention that weighs about 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams.

This diamond is made using two different procedures;

●        HPHT method

●        CVD method

In the HPHT method, a minute diamond crystal is brought to a chamber that replicates the core conditions of our planet. Over time, carbon atoms collect on the crystal, helping it to grow into a larger diamond crystal.

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Alternatively, CVD has ionizing a mixture of hydrocarbon gas within a vacuum vessel. This process circulates and collects carbon atoms, slowly making diamond crystals.

Regardless of the selected process, lab-grown diamonds have identical chemical, visual, and physical properties to their natural alternatives. Their crystalline lattice design, formed by carbon atoms, stays virtually identical.

The charm of 1-carat lab-grown diamonds is in their size, creating a perfect balance between making a statement and still being suitable for everyday wear. Beyond their size, these diamonds bring ethical and environmental advantages, sidestepping the environmental degradation and social concerns associated with traditional diamond mining.

1-carat lab-grown diamonds are in high demand with customers who appreciate transparency, ecologicality, and competitiveness in their jewelry options as eco-friendly alternatives to mined diamonds. Their similarity to natural diamonds and their explosive growth, lab-grown diamonds are transforming the diamond industry forever.

Factors that Affect 1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Cost in India

1-carat lab-grown diamonds in India are not just attractive, but also complex because of the numerous factors that define their price. Let's discuss the key factors determining their cost;

1. Production Costs

At the base of the pricing structure is the production cost. The complexities in making a 1-carat lab-grown diamond, from choosing the raw materials to the manufacturing procedures used, particularly affect the overall costs. Technological improvements, efficiency in production, and efficiencies of scale play key roles in specifying production costs.

2. Quality and Grading

1-carat lab-grown diamonds are rated depending on their quality and grading. A diamond's total quality is specified by factors such as color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, commonly referred to as the 4Cs. A diamond with these factors will be of higher quality and cost more.

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3. Demand and Supply

The age-old financial principles of demand and supply play an imperative part in pricing. As the market for 1 carat lab-grown diamonds boosts, especially driven by their ethical and sustaining qualities, the prices are likely to match the market. Contrarily, fluctuations in supply, controlled by production capacities and market dynamics, can impact the pricing trend.

4. Import and Export Regulations

The regulatory conditions, both domestically and internationally, present another level of complexity. Import and export regulations, tariffs, and taxes can affect the final price of 1 carat lab-grown diamonds. Compliance with these rules and market needs can impact the availability and price of these diamonds in India.

5. Market Competition

The price of diamonds is greatly impacted by industry trends. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are competing for customers. A creative product, brand, or unique selling offer can greatly impact the price of a lab-grown diamond of 1 carat.

How Much Does 1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Price in India?

Lab-grown diamond prices in India are specified by varied key elements, such as cut, color, clarity, and brand ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of Indian Rupees. As an example, a 1.03 CT Hexagonal Cut Lab Grown Diamond with VVS2 clarity and D color costs $131,000.

Natural diamonds tend to cost more than lab-grown diamonds. For example, a 1-carat lab-grown diamond could cost $1,200, while a 1-carat natural diamond might cost $4,200.

There has been a significant drop in the price of a lab-grown diamond ring over the past year from 2 lakh rupees to between 80,000 and 1 lakh rupees. This trend demonstrates the growing affordability of lab-grown diamonds, making them an appealing choice for buyers who are on a budget.

Final take

1 Carat lab-grown is the best choice for people who want to experience the appeal of diamonds at cost-effective prices. While these diamonds have similar appeal and qualities to natural diamonds, they are more affordable.

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