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Custom Ring Manufacturer | Gold & Silver Ring Wholesaler

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Trusted Custom Ring Manufacturer in the USA

Maroth Jewels is the premier custom ring manufacturer in the USA that has always sought to provide quality and genuine jewelry to wholesalers, retailers, and individuals around the globe for a long time. The ring quality that we offer along with the price that we offer is two of the most appealing aspects of our company.

As a manufacturer of rings, we have complete confidence that you can depend on us to purchase rings in bulk at a price that will leave you in a position where you can make a significant profit on your purchase. Our range of rings is designed to support your business needs as we have many styles to suit your style of operation.

In addition to the collection of rings we showcase on our website, we also offer the possibility of getting custom rings made according to your own preferences. To sum it all up in essence, Maroth Jewels can be relied upon to be your best ring wholesaler that provides all the wholesale jewelry services you require to run your retail jewelry store. 

Rings are the circular or semi-circular bands of gold, silver, or any precious material. Rings are worn on the finger and also on the toes. Besides serving to adorn the body, rings have functioned as symbols of authority, fidelity, and social work. Rings are also a symbol of love as couples propose to each other with a ring. Maroth Jewels offer a fantastic collection of metal bands and gemstone rings in assorted styles and designs.


At Maroth Jewels, we have a vast collection of beautiful rings. Our designs are modern, unique, delicate, and graceful. All of them are eye-catching. We are a jewelry manufacturer that manufactures all kinds of jewelry for jewelry designers, brands, and shop owners. We’ve gold rings, silver rings, gold diamond rings, silver diamond rings, etc. rings, used for many purposes such as Engagement, marriage, friendship, etc. Different styles of rings are given below:- 


1. Solitaire

A Solitaire diamond is mounted with a prong setting on a simple band. If you want a classic, traditional and beautiful ring for your engagement, then a solitaire ring is the best choice for you as it represents a simple and elegant style. Couples always love this style of ring. 


2. Band

People also love to wear bands as a ring. These bands are simply circular or semicircular rings without any diamond or gemstones as they are straightforward and look beautiful and valuable for carrying daily.

3. Eternity

Eternity rings are created by using diamonds and other semi-precious gemstones to embellish the entire circumference of the band. At Maroth Jewels, we have many stylish combinations of gemstones in eternity rings. Eternity bands are frequently exchanged by couples during their weddings and are given as anniversary gifts. Our collection will offer you access to both elegant and elaborate eternity bands.

Ring Wholesaler to Give Wings to Your Retail Jewelry Business

A ring has the highest level of personalization and emotion among all jewelry items. Since we are the manufacturer of luxury custom rings, we have a large selection of excellent quality rings that are available in a variety of designs. Among the many kinds of rings out there, some have special meanings tied to special occasions, some are fashion accessories, while some can fulfill both functions at the same time.

At Maroth, we offer our customers a wide variety of unique fashion accessories that are designed to create a unique fashion statement that is true to them. We are the best Indian Jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, so you don't have to look anywhere else for your wholesale jewelry needs.

We produce lightweight yet intricate designs so that you can purchase authentic jewelry at wholesale prices. Make your retail customers feel beautiful by adorning their walls with our special Jewelry collection, and let them adorn their walls with our attractive pieces. Here at Maroth Jewels, you can put an end to your frantic search for an authentic gold ring manufacturer.

Whenever you choose to do business with us, all you need to do is convey your needs for ring jewelry, and we will make sure that each and every requirement will be met exactly as you have imagined. As its ring wholesaler, we serve that purpose to a wide range of specialty jewelers from all over the world, including the UK, Canada, and the USA. So no matter where you are from, or what corner of the world you belong to, you can come to our website, explore our collection, and enrich your jewelry showroom collection, which will help you to grow your business in the future.

Browser Through Our Collection of Rings Jewelry

It is our goal to offer you the largest selection of engagement rings, cocktail rings, eternity rings, and classic fashion rings on the internet. Depending on the size of your order, you are able to buy in bulk, by the dozen, or by the piece. Rings are shipped to your business worldwide directly from our factories to your doorstep. As a company, we are completely committed to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with what we offer. Providing the highest quality fashion rings and maintaining the highest customer service standards are our top priorities.

Let’s walk through our collection of rings jewelry available at Maroth Jewels:

Gold Rings

Whether you are seeking a beautiful gold ring for a special occasion or for everyday wear, you are sure to find it here. As a gold ring manufacturer, we offer a broad range of gold rings available with wholesale discounts so that you can get more rings at a lower cost while still enjoying great prices. There is an extensive collection of gold rings offered by us ranging from 9K to 22K so that you have the freedom to choose the one which is most suitable for your budget and the needs of your customers. 

Silver Rings

In our company, we are proud to be recognized as the best silver ring manufacturer in India. With us, you get the option of buying 92.5 sterling silver rings at a wholesale price that is unbeatable and you get the benefit of huge discounts, which is something that you never thought was possible before.  When it comes to providing services to our consumers, we are assisted by a talented and highly qualified team of professionals, all of whom hold a strong determination and motivation to provide the best quality silver rings. 

What Makes Maroth Jewels the Best Wholesale Rings Supplier?

The popularity of rings has always been among the favorite ornaments of men as well as women for thousands of years. Whenever we talk about quality, we put the strongest emphasis on quality here at Maroth Jewels. Let’s scroll down to learn what makes us the best rings wholesaler:

1. Custom Ring Manufacturer

We are the best custom ring manufacturer, and because of this, you will have the opportunity to share with us the preferences and designs that you would like to have for your rings, and then our expert ring makers will take care of making them for you using our equipment and facilities. It's like having your own custom rings, without having to deal with anything.

2. Ability to Meet Bulk Orders

We are a wholesaler of rings, so if you would like to place a bulk order for the rings, we will fulfill your order in as short a time as possible. When you do business with us, you can add the best quality rings to your collection that will make your retail jewelry business a big hit by adding them to your collection.

3. The Highest Quality Available

We have made great strides since our founding in 2010 when we opened our doors to retail jewelry businesses of all sizes located all over the world that were looking to carry a personalized collection of jewelry. The major factor sustaining the growth of our business was the trust we gained by maintaining high standards of quality for all our products.

4. Round the Clock Support

Facing a hard time while making purchases of wholesale rings in a bulk order? Whenever you are available through WhatsApp, we'd be glad to talk with you and get you acquainted with our collection and the quality we have to offer. So feel free to connect with us at any time you want to.