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Are you looking for the best 24k gold jewelry manufacturer? Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd offers you 24k gold jewelry at the wholesale price so that you can get high-quality wholesale 24k gold jewelry at a reasonable price. Our entire manufacturing process is completed in-house by our professional and experienced workers. we ensure that we do not compromise on the quality of wholesale 24k gold jewelry. Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction. You can completely trust us because we are a verified and reliable wholesale 24k gold jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. For the best offer on jewelry, you can visit our website and you can also explore our jewelry collection through our mobile app. We have many varieties in our jewelry collection present at one time on our website and we also regularly update our jewelry designs. For time-saving and ease, you can use our mobile app to search for 24k gold jewelry designs. There is a huge collection of gold jewelry on our website.

Wholesale 24k Gold Jewelry Manufacturer From Jaipur, India:

Maroth Jewels private Limited is an inspired company in the field of Gold jewelry manufacturing. We work as private label jewelry Manufacturers for jewelry designers or jewelry brands. We manufacture all kinds of jewelry like silver jewelry, gold jewelry, Gemstones Jewelry, and pave diamonds jewelry in our Silver jewelry factory. We are a specialized Silver jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter worldwide. Maroth Jewels Private Limited is the top listed 24k gold jewelry manufacturing company in Jaipur.

Wholesale 24k Gold Jewelry:

Gold has been considered an important factor on Earth since ancient times. In the past, Royal families used gold to establish the glory of their power, status, and style in front of their people. Gold was a sign of wealth and luxurious life for the royal families. Apart from all this, gold also provides health benefits. It is believed that gold has a positive effect on the well-being of a person and also has healing properties. Wholesale 24k gold jewelry exists in the form of chains, pearls, or beads. They are designed in many different types of interlocking patterns that establish a wholesale 24k gold jewelry style. Maroth jewels offer 24k gold jewelry wholesale pendants and charms allowing us to change its versatility. They can match with any casual outfit, also give you a corporate look or help express your personality with a charm that reflects you. We are a verified and reliable 24k gold jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. We are a jewelry manufacturer for jewelry designers, brands, or retailers or who have their own jewelry shops. We provide impeccable quality of our jewelry and huge discounts on jewelry from time to time. At Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd, we specialize in the manufacture of custom jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and many other things. In gold jewelry, we have 9k gold ornaments, 14k gold ornaments, 22k gold ornaments, and 24k gold ornaments. 24k gold jewelry is made from pure gold.

Which gold is better for investment purposes: 22k gold or 24k gold?

People buy gold for many purposes. The most common purpose of buying gold is to buy gold either in the form of jewelry or for investment purposes. Most people buy gold as an investment. Different karats are available in gold. They are 9k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k gold. So people are generally confused about which one they should buy for investment? karats are used to define the purity of gold. The higher the Karat value, the purer the gold. 24k gold is pure gold which contains 99.9% pure gold. One who wants to buy gold for investment purposes should buy 24k gold because 24k gold is pure gold. 24k gold price fluctuates every day in India. To be fair, 24k gold is best for investment, but not for jewelry as it is pure gold and pure gold is too soft for the latter purpose. It can easily tarnish or bend. So use 14k, 18k, or 22k gold for jewelry purposes. 14k, 18k, and 22k gold are made with an alloy that contains pure gold and other metals.

Wholesale Real Gold Jewelry :

Maroth jewels Private Limited ranked among the leading jewelers, wholesalers, suppliers, and exporters in India as the best 24k gold jewelry manufacturer. We promise to provide our customers with the best quality jewelry products, unique designs, and timely delivery. Our 24k gold jewelry manufacturing and casting process is done under a continuous upgrade in experience and technology. We have the best and experienced craftsmen and innovative designers responsible for our wholesale 24k gold jewelry production technology and processes and complete method from production to export and hence we are known as the best custom jewelry manufacturer.

Different types of Gold available at Maroth jewels: 

At Maroth jewels, we manufacture 9k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 22k gold, 24k gold jewelry.

24k gold jewelry:

Here k means karat and karat is used to measure the purity of gold in gold jewelry. We measure karats on a scale of 0 to 24. Therefore 24 k gold represents pure gold and contains 99.9% pure gold. It does not contain traces of any other metals. Pure gold is very soft, it can bend or break easily.

22k gold jewelry:

22k gold signifies 22 parts of gold mixed with 2 parts of other metals such that copper, zinc, etc., and in it 91.6% pure gold is present. It contains traces of other metals, due to this it is harder than pure gold. Mostly 22k gold is used to make gold jewelry.

18k gold jewelry:

18k gold represents 18 parts of gold mixed with 6 parts of other metals such as copper, zinc, etc. and contains 75% pure gold and 25% other metals contained in it. Additional metals in 18K gold make it harder and durable compared to 24K and 22K.

14k gold jewelry:

14 k gold represents 14 parts of gold mixed with other metals such as copper, zinc, etc. and contains 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% other metals contained in it. If we compare all types of gold then 14k gold is more durable as well as cheaper.

How to recognize that our gold jewelry is made of real gold?

If you are planning to buy gold jewelry, always buy from a verified and reliable jewelry manufacturer. If you want to test your gold jewelry, you can easily test your gold jewelry using some methods which are as follows:

Purity Of Gold:

If you are buying gold jewelry, always check the stamp inscribed on it. Real gold jewelry always has a stamp. If there are no stamps, you can still test the purity of your gold jewelry by the acid testing method.

Acid test Method:

In this test, you need some nitric acid to test the purity of gold. First scratch the gold on the test stone, it leaves a mark on your gold jewelry, and then put a little acid on that mark on your gold jewelry and observe the changes in your gold jewelry. If gold jewelry is made of high carat, then you will not see any change in your gold jewelry. If your gold jewelry is made of a lower carat, then the color of the gold jewelry will change. Maroth Jewels are one of the verified and reliable jewelry manufacturers in the jewelry trade. We aim to build a successful business relationship with our customers. We are committed to meeting our customer’s demands and requirements. We introduce you to all types of gold jewelry that perfectly match your personality. All you have to do is contact us through our website, WhatsApp, mail any of the options given here as per your suitability, and tell us about your jewelry requirement and we will assist you for the same.

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