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Top 3 Best Wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for the stunning creative designs of its wholesale jewelry Jaipur India. A piece of Jewelry is a true art. India is regarded to have a beautiful culture with various traditions and customs practiced. This assorted variety can be seen at Indian weddings and in the bride’s Jewelry. 

Wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India:

We are the reputed. wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India. Maroth Jewels hold the most extreme significance in the life of each Indian woman. It is viewed as auspicious and is a necessary part of our culture and society. Maroth Jewels have rich stories celebrating maharajas Jewelry diaries. 

Maroth Jewels have a variety of wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India which can make all your occasions memorable and more beautiful. Our Wedding Collection is for each lovely woman from every corner of India. 

Our Varieties in Wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India:

Maroth Jewels are the best wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India. The Designs of Maroth Jewels are picked from the Mughal time. We have the prettiest collection of different Indian brides, such as bridal earnings, Meena and Kundan Jewelry, bridal necklace set, and bridal Bangles. Whatever you pick from the collection of Maroth Jewels, you can truly complete your look and make yourself feel like a queen. Our idea is to give a modern touch classically

Wholesale jewelry Jaipur India is famous worldwide for its excellent pieces of Jewelry. Jaipur Jewelry has unique pieces of Jadau Jewelry, alongside intricate high quality hand-painted meenakari work, 22 karat gold, and preparing stunning and masterpieces designs in contemporary ruby, diamond, and Emerald Jewelry. 

Wholesale Gold Jewelry

Maroth Jewels are famous for its gold Jewelry collection which we provide at wholesale price. We provide Gold Jewelry in 14 karats, 18 karats, 22 karat gold. We provide many varieties of gold Jewelry like Gold Necklace, Gold Earrings, Gold Rings, Gold Carabiner Lock, Gold Enhancer, Gold Bangles, etc. you can show our gold jewelry collection on our website. 

Wholesale Silver Jewelry

We provide 925 Sterling silver at wholesale price. Maroth Jewels converts your dreams into reality by its handmade Jewelry. We have a very vast collection of wholesale silver Jewelry. Amulets is one of our unique collections in Silver Jewelry. Amulets are also known as goodluck charms which are used as a protection. 

Wholesale Diamond Jewelry

We provide Diamond Jewelry at wholesale price. We can make diamond Jewelry with gold, Silver whatever metal you want. You can also customize all types of jewelry according to your choice.  

Wholesale Jewelry using gemstones

We also manufacture Jewelry using precious gemstones. In gemstones we use ruby, enamel and emerald.Each piece of gems has a story connected to it making the gems much special to a purchaser. Jaipur Gems resonate elegance, heritage, class, timelessness with a modern touch blended in them. It’s a treat to your eyes, therefore, etching a lineage, a period of exclusiveness and royalty.

Customize your Jewelry with Maroth Jewels:

Maroth Jewels provide wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India to Jewelry designers and brands. You can also customize Jewelry according to your requirements. Our clients can also use their private label on their customized jewelry.  We give a Non-Disclosure Agreement for This.

Jewelry is very easy to customize, all you have to do is submit your design and confirm the shape of the metal that you want. And then it is up to us to actually make your dream jewelry.


To complement the feminine beauty of women, Maroth Jewels has the top wholesale Jewelry Jaipur India. We craft beautiful Indian Jewelry in gold with implanted gemstones and diamonds. Maroth Jewels excel in studding the uncut diamonds, Kundan Meena Jewelry, and other pure gemstones in Gold. 

We are perhaps the best Jewelers in Jaipur that has a wide variety of Wedding Jewelry collections. We Stud emerald, sapphire, ruby, and uncut diamonds while enameling the back and sides of the valuable Jewelry piece. We also have an assortment of handcrafted Jewelry. 

We don’t use machines for making valuable wedding Jewelry. Our accomplished craftsmen are engaged with making every single piece of Jewelry. Each part of our Kundan Meenakari Jewelry is based on teamwork. Each dedicated craftsperson deals with a different specialized portion in making an aesthetical piece of Jewelry. 

Every one of our craftsmen uses their technique and skills together to create an excellent piece of Jewelry. Maroth Jewels are the best jewelers in Jaipur that offers a wide variety of Indian wedding Jewelry with the most trending design patterns including bangles, earrings, necklaces and other excellent pieces of Jewelry. 

You can purchase the most trending designer wedding Jewelry at the best cost from Maroth Jewels. Kundan Meena Jewelry represents ethereal magnificence, elegance, and excellent craftsmanship. We are the top gem dealers in Jaipur that wonderfully preserves and gracefully mixes modernity with tradition.  You can explore the appealing pieces of different Jewelry at Maroth Jewels.

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