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Best Carabiner Lock Jewelry Manufacturers in India

Looking for the best Carabiner jewelry manufacturer in India? Maroth Jewels is perfect to start with. As part of our product range, we manufacture a wide variety of Carabiner jewelry that satisfies the requirements of a higher level of craftsmanship as well as skill. 


Being recognized as a trusted Carabiner wholesale supplier, we strive to provide you with the best of everything keeping in mind the latest ongoing trends in the market today to help you expedite your store. 


Carabiner locks can be different types of chains, a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate. We can use carabiner locks to attach parts, especially in safety-critical systems. Nowadays the carabiner lock is considered excessive as a result of which we can use the carabiner lock as we wish, we can wear it with a sequence. The carabiner lock is exclusively full sized and from designer plain diamonds and baguettes on the carabiner lock. These locks are simple to connect to the jewelry making sequence.


The jewelry you receive can be a description of your temperament, lifestyle and enthusiasm. While manufacturing a custom diamond carabiner lock, the method can seem overwhelming, although Marroth Jewels are full-blown, and that we replace any complex style on the market. Sparkle and Acquisition grew rapidly with our exclusive Carabiner lock jewelry assortment. Maroth Jewels presents you with the most luxurious and crowd-pleasing Carabiner lock jewelry that you will positively drive crazy. With the increasing quality of fixing lock jewelry, we have designed every bit to suit the trending fashion.


Maroth Jewels is a Carabiner lock jewelry manufacturer worldwide. We have been successful in fulfilling online orders globally. Our in-house team and skilled craftsmen continuously strive to facilitate perfection in jewelry styles. Our Carabiner lock jewelry reveals the types and forms of jewelry matching the most different trend. The simplest part of Maroth Jewels is that every single fixing lock is made in-house from the jewelry factory and therefore guarantees 100 high quality.


The Best Carabiner Lock Wholesale Supplier to Grow Your Business at an Affordable Price

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the jewelry industry, and we are here to help you succeed as a business owner. As far as our work ethic is concerned: our clients can depend on us to deliver products with the highest standards of quality and a transparent process. 


The foundation of our business dates back to 2010 and we have made a name for ourselves as the most trusted carabiner wholesale manufacturer by serving our esteemed retail customers with an extensive line of products. When it comes to nurturing any idea relating to your jewelry business, or maximizing it in order to make your dreams come true- Maroth Jewels is able to assist you by all means in making your goals a reality.  


We create great opportunities for Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, and Re-Sellers directly with Genuine Manufacturers, Bulk Wholesalers, Importers, and Designers by providing them with affordable prices for production for their jewelry brands.


The affordable prices that we have for our carabiner jewelry are a great opportunity for retailers, exporters, and re-sellers to provide their customers with something that they can feel proud of for a very reasonable price. As a team, we seek to lead by example and learn from our organization how to excel in delivering wholesale carabiner. 


If you are looking for a carabiner wholesale supplier that you can trust to give you the best quality for an affordable price, look no further than Maroth Jewels. In terms of quality, we guarantee that we provide our customers with only the best custom carabiner jewelry that is second to none.


Browse Our Collection of Carabiner Lock to Find the Right One For Your Business

By offering wholesale Carabiner in bulk at a price that facilitates unparalleled margin scope for your business, you can count on us with full commitment, sincerity, and care to help you grow your business. Therefore, we strongly urge you that we will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure that you are satisfied.  Moreover, if you want us to design and manufacture carabiner lock jewels that are able to convey your brand's identity perfectly, then you can do so with confidence with Maroth Jewels.


Let’s walk through our collection of carabiner lock jewels we offer to our global clients: 


Gold Carabiner Lock Jewelry

It is our mission to make the best gold carabiner lock jewelry unique from all around the world and bring them to you in the best condition. Our gold carabiner lock jewelry collection comes from world-renowned designers who have years of experience in developing jewelry that becomes status symbols in their own right. The gold jewelry we have available in our collection can be ordered in a variety of qualities starting from 9k gold to 24k gold.


Silver Carabiner Lock Jewelry

Among the many different types of silver carabiner jewelry that we offer, we have an extensive collection that will be the perfect way to showcase it as your charm collection. Our clasps shop offers you a wide assortment of 92.5 silver carabiner styles, so whether you are looking for a unique piece or something customized, you can find exactly what you are looking for here at Maroth Jewels.


What Makes Maroth Jewels the Best Carabiner Wholesale  Supplier in India & the USA?

Founded in 2010, Maroth Jewels has established itself as one of the leading gold and silver jewelry manufacturers in the USA & India for the past several years. Whether you need help with a custom-made piece of jewelry or you need a company that can produce 1,000 pieces with rapid turnaround times, we're happy to help.


Customized Carabiner Lock Manufacturers in India

We specialize in the creation of high-quality, custom jewelry carabiner pieces that are perfectly tailored to your business's needs, making them a perfect fit for your unique jewelry display. 


Find Wholesale Carabiner Jewelry

You will find the latest and most trending wholesale carabiner jewelry at unexpectedly low prices when you shop with us. Easily browse through our large selection of jewelry types, and we'll get it to you as fast as possible.


24*7 Customer Service - We're Here for You

No client is ever left out of the loop by mistake when it comes to us. The customer service team at our company is available 24x7 on WhatsApp so that our customers can reach out to us whenever they want to seek help, at a time most convenient for them.


Trusted Carabiner Lock Jewelry Manufacturer

With a considerable amount of experience in the jewelry industry, the company specializes in offering customers exquisite masterpieces to meet every customer's needs and requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Pave Diamond Carabiner Necklace Famous For?

An intricate design comes to life in this pave diamond carabiner necklace which is able to be adjusted by the wearer to fit perfectly on any neck measurement.

  1. Carabiner Where to Buy

Maroth Jewels is your go-to-destination to enhance your store's portfolio with a beautiful collection of carabiner jewelry from the world's most recognizable brand. 

Custom Carabiner Lock manufacturer


Maroth Jewels manufacture a 14k gold carabiner and provide you custom 14K gold Carabiner Lock manufacturer. Nowadays gold Carabiner Lock has become very popular because we can use Carabiner Lock as we want, We can wear it by itself or we can use it to stack our collection. People are generally confused because Carabiner Lock is available with so many options ranging from white gold, gold-filled, gold plated, 9k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold,  and many more.

  • Manufacture and customize Jewelry Since 2010.
  • 11 years experienced manufacturing company, Leading in customization.
  •  Provide the best quality Jewelry all over the world.
  •  Having Vast collection of Jewelry Designs.
  •  Provide the best service to our all customers.

So what is perfect for your 14k gold carabiner lock? Let’s explore it today.

The best choice for your gold carabiner is 14k gold. However, 14k gold is popular among the metal of gold jewelry. Moreover, 14k gold is also an affordable option. Maroth Jewels are the best 14k gold carabiner Lock manufacturer. Maroth Jewels provide Carabiner Lock in many shapes like Heart, Oval rectangle, Star, Bolt, Cross, and Butterfly Or you can customize the design according to your choice. With us, you will find it easy to get your imaginary design of carabiner to real.

Why Custom 14k gold Carabiner Lock Manufacturer?

The purity of 14k gold:

The purity is measured in Karats. The scale’s usual range is among 10-24  Karats. The higher level of  Karat, the level of purity is higher in its mixture. we have a vast collection of 14K gold Carabiner Lock manufacturers.

Composition of 14k gold Carabiner lock:

When accessories and jewelry are made from gold, it is not completely pure. The reason behind this is that pure gold is extremely soft. When any metal is very soft, it can easily get damaged and therefore it can lose its original shape. To retain the quality of the gold and to keep it hard other metals are mixed with it. This mixture is referred to as metal alloy. 14k has a higher alloy percentage which keeps the metal hardened. Moreover 14k gold contains almost 60 percent of pure gold. The higher the gold the higher is its Karatage.

Colors you can choose for your 14k gold carabiner lock:

14k gold is accessible in a variety of appealing colors other than the signature yellow gold. Indeed, you can discover 14k gold in rose gold, white gold. Currently,  there is also a trend of black gold. The shade of 14K gold is decided by which propositions and metals are utilized in the compound mixture.

Yellow gold custom 14k carabiner lock  Manufacturer:

You may be wondering that yellow gold is acquired through nature. This is just partially true. The original gold is mined, it requires an alloy to keep the metal hard. Yellow gold of 14k is mixed with silver and copper to acquire a warm yellow color.  When you compare 14k gold with other 24k and 18k, you will notice that 14k gold appears softer because of the lower amount of pure gold utilized in an alloy.

White gold custom 14k carabiner Manufacturer:

Cherished for its exquisite and shining completion, 14K white gold is blended in with the silver metals to make a crisp, clean white color. There will be a touch of faint, soft yellow since the primary material utilized is yellow gold.

At Maroth Jewels, you will come across attractive and a wide variety of Custom 14k gold carabiner. At Maroth Jewels, you can pick up the design wisely with proper guidance, we are always present to help you. We are the best custom 14k gold carabiner manufacturer in the industry. We will also send a design proof to ensure whether the design is as per your expectation.
You can also make additional changes to it if required. We hope, together we can build a great bond creating unique jewelry.

Carabiner Lock Jewelry:


A Carabiner Lock is a type of chain,a metal loop with a spring- loaded gate. We can use carabiner locks to connect components, most notably in safety- critical systems.The jewelry you purchase is a statement of your personality, lifestyle, and passion. While making a custom diamond carabiner Lock, the process may appear overwhelming but Maroth Jewels are experienced and we simplify any complex designs available. 

Nowadays Carabiner Lock has become very popular because we can use Carabiner Lock as we want, we can wear it with a chain.Carabiner lock special available in all shapes and designer from plain to diamond and baguettes carabiner lock. These locks are easy to attach with a chain to create a necklace.We manufacture all kinds of carabiner Lock in various metals like gold carabiner lock, Silver carabiner Lock, Gold Diamond carabiner Lock, and Silver Diamond carabiner Lock. 

We present a wide range of carabiner Locks in Our jewelry collection. You can explore the collection on our website. Sparkle and get locked up with our exclusive carabiner lock jewelry collection. Maroth Jewel presents you the most amazing and eye-catching collection of carabiner jewellery which you will definitely fall in love with. With the increasing popularity of carabiner lock jewelry, we have designed each piece according to the trending fashion.

Maroth Jewels are a reputed Carabiner Lock Jewelry Manufacturer worldwide. We have been succeeding in accomplishing online orders globally. Our in house team and talented craftsmen continuously strive to add perfection to the jewelry designs. Our Carabiner Lock Jewelry range unveils different types and kinds of jewelry matching the latest trend. The best part of Maroth Jewels is that all our carabiner lock jewelry is manufactured in house and thus guarantees 100% top quality. 

Carabiner Lock Jewelry is trending jewelry Nowadays.People love to wear carabiner Lock as a pendant. Maroth Jewels are the leading Jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier from India.We supply our jewelry worldwide.Maroth Jewels are the foremost exporter, supplier, and wholesaler of carabiner Lock Jewelry. 

Our range of Carabiner Locks includes pure metals without any nickel and Lead. Moreover, our fine finishing, affordable price, lightweight and premium quality of our Carabiner Lock Jewelry are highly appreciated by our customers from all over the world.Thus, we are considered the leading Carabiner Lock Jewelry Manufacturer globally.

We specialize in custom Jewelry. Show your affection with the ideal gift, celebrate a significant occasion, or make an excellent pendant especially for you at Maroth Jewels. Our unique design and experience will help you create a customized pendant that is unique, stylish, and has an emotional touch to it. Create your type of personal statement with our customized carabiner Locks.

Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is a verified and reliable Carabiner Lock jewelry Manufacturer. We manufacture our jewelry in our jewelry factory by hand so there is no chance in compromising the quality of jewelry. We offer all kinds of jewelry and customized Jewelry at wholesale price.Our minimum quantity for buying jewelry is 1, and there is no maximum quantity in Maroth Jewels. You can order in bulk.

Our Top Carabiner Lock Jewelry:

Maroth Jewels is a popular name in the international market of jewelry. Coupling the different varieties along contemporary elegance is what distinguishes us from others. Thus, we are the leading supplier, wholesaler and exporter of the international market.

Maroth Jewels specialize in designing customized carabiner jewelry. With your ideas, we can create an eye-catching design with a private label. We have gained a prominent name for outstanding products and innovative designs at competitive prices without compromising with the quality.

If you are in search of a gift for your employees or your dear ones, carabiner lock jewelry is an appropriate piece to gift someone. You will glow with confidence and beauty with our carabiner lock jewelry. Explore the personalized services with fair pricing only at Maroth jewels. The collection of our top carabiner lock jewelry are as follows.

1) Carabiner with Lock:

At maroth Jewels we have a wide variety of different carabiner locks. Carabiner with Lock is one of them. The locks were the real concept for entire carabiner lock jewelry. To make jewelry, we can morph the shape of a hardware store carabiner in a myriad of ways. At maroth Jewels, all carabiner lock jewelry is solid, strong and made by hand. It can be worn in many ways.

At Maroth jewels, you will see a wide range of carabiner lock jewelry but if you have something in your mind and want to customize it, we will customize it for you. Carabiner Locks can be worn in many ways, it can be worn as a bracelet, as a necklace if it is worn with a chain, can be worn as earrings, Lock with Charms, or locks with a box. 

We, Maroth Jewels are a reputed Custom Carabiner with Lock Jewelry Manufacturer. We work with Jewelry designers and Jewelry Brands. We have experience from decades, Maroth Jewels are a reliable, trusty Custom Carabiner with Lock Jewelry Manufacturer. Our customers are those who owned any Jewelry firm or have any brand or those who are Jewelry designers and due to our trustworthiness, hard work, and manufacturing process, our customers loved our work and were willing to work with us. 

We are an expert Custom Carabiner with Lock Jewelry Manufacturer, if you want to customize your diamond Jewelry from us you have to give us an image or sketch of your design and weight and size. If you don’t have any idea what you want to do then our expert team gives you suggestions for this. At Maroth Jewels, we make your imagination into reality.

If you have a subject in mind, but do not know how to design it on paper and want to design and manufacture jewelry then come to Marath jewels and we will make your jewelry for you. We have the finest designs of sterling silver customized jewelry in our jewelry collection, you can choose from our jewelry collection and customize your jewelry as per your requirement.

2) Carabiner Lock Necklace:

Our Carabiner Lock Necklace is also very popular among our customers. The carabiner lock is a pendant and if you are wearing it with a simple chain around the neck then it will become a necklace. It will look elegant on the wearer and enhance the look of the wearer. At Maroth Jewels, you will find a wide range of chain designs in different weights and lengths to customize your lock according to your requirement.

Choose your chain, which you can wear with a carabiner lock as a necklace from Maroth Jewels and try it out and think about how many ways it is possible to wear it. You can wear your carabiner lock as a bracelet. All carabiner locks can fit on all chains, but if you plan to buy a larger carabiner lock, make sure the chain you select is sufficient to carry that carabiner lock.

3) Carabiner Auto Lock

At Maroth Jewels, we have the various ways in which carabiner lock is available. We have the carabiner auto lock that means locking itself shut after it’s been opened. These carabiner auto locks are popular for safety purposes. At maroth jewels, we have our expert, experienced, and talented team who are responsible for our customers’ needs and requirements. 

4) Carabiner with screw Lock

These Carabiner Locks are of Two types, One is ‘Screw Carabiner Lock’ and the other is ‘Enhancer Carabiner Lock’.‘Screw Carabiner Lock’ has a Screw system for opening and closing it. And ‘Enhancer Carabiner Lock’ has to be pushed to open and close.

Carabiner Locks are the new design in the era of Jewelry Designs. Generally, We used Carabiner Lock in rope-intensive activities such as climbinghot air ballooningrope rescueconstructionindustrial rope work, etc.Nowadays We use Carabiner Lock in Jewelries. We can wear it as a pendant or we can wear charms with it. It looks Very Elegant.It is a handmade item.

So you can get it made with different materials and gemstones according to your choice.We Provide ‘Carabiner Lock’ in many shapes like Heart, Oval rectangle, Star, Bolt, Cross, and Butterfly. You can choose any shape according to your choice to make it your ideal piece.You can also customize the design according to your choice. With us, you will find it easy to get your imaginary design of carabiner to real.