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Bracelets give a tremendous way to your outfit. Bracelets are a type of jewelry that has different uses for different purposes. We can wear many types of bracelets like we can wear bracelets around the wrist, around the ankle. We can wear bracelets as an accessory ornament such as other jewelry accessories such as charms, necklaces. Bracelets are also important for newborns.

If the bracelet is a single loop, it is called a bangle. When it is worn around the ankle, it is called an anklet. The bracelet can be made of various metals such as gold, silver, etc. At Marath Jewels, we have a large collection of beautiful bracelets. Our designs are modern, unique, delicate, and beautiful. They are all eye-catching. We are a jewelry manufacturer, which manufactures all types of jewelry for jewelry designers, brands, and jewelry shop owners. We have gold bracelets, silver bracelets, gold diamond bracelets, silver diamond bracelets, etc. The different styles of the bracelet are given below: –

1) Bangles:

Bangles are a type of bracelet, bangles come traditionally and they are not flexible, unlike bracelets. Bangles are available in circular form. Bangles are made of various precious and non-precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, etc. At Maroth Jewels, we make bangles from gold and silver metal with the use of diamonds and other precious gemstones.

2) Beaded:

The beaded bracelet is usually made of loose beads with a center hole and is attached to a piece of string or elastic band through the hole.

3) Charm:

Charms bracelets have been captivating individuals for a very long time and today charms bracelets are more mainstream than ever, with such a huge number of designs and combinations. Charms bracelets are becoming popular day by day because charms bracelets include an invigorating and timeless touch to any jewelry. 

4) Link:

Link bracelet made by combining various or similar components or jewelry findings. Link bracelets can be made of different materials, including metal and gemstones.