Top Wholesale Bangle Manufacturers & Supplier in India & USA

Among the most established and well-rated bangle manufacturers in India, Maroth Jewels Private Limited provides its customers with all types of bangles to choose from. The bangles manufactured by Maroth come in various colors, designs, shapes, and stone-embellished versions, that will help you boost your retail business. It has been our great pleasure to be one of the most successful bangles suppliers in India thanks to the extensive range of bangles we bring to the market.

Bangles are available in circular form. The word Bangle is derived from a Hindi word called Bangari. Bangles are made of various precious and non-precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, etc. At Maroth Jewels, we make bangles from gold and silver metal with the use of diamonds and other precious gemstones. Bangles made of Sea-shell are white in color. If we look at the history of bangles, bangles made of sea-shell, copper, bronze, gold etc. have been excavated from many archaeological sites all over the Indian subcontinent. Bangles are a type of bracelet, bangles come in the traditional way and they are not flexible unlike bracelets.

We specialize in custom jewelry manufacturing, we can customize bangles in your own way. Whether you want to make your own design on bangles or you want to buy from our collection, we will provide you exactly what you want. Maroth Jewels is the world’s best online wholesale shopping store for all types of jewelry. We manufacture gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry as well as gemstone studded jewelry. In terms of purity in gold jewelry we have many varieties such as 9k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k gold ornaments. And in silver jewelry, we use 925 sterling silver to make silver jewelry.

At Maroth Jewels, we have a huge collection of beautiful bangles. Our designs are modern, unique, delicate and beautiful. They are all eye-catching. We are a jewelry manufacturer, which manufactures all types of jewelry for jewelry designers, brands and jewelry shop owners. We have gold bangles, silver bangles, gold diamond bangles, silver diamond bangles etc. With delicate designs in bangles, our bangles naturally have the ability to make your wrist amazingly attractive. We have lots of bangles in different bangles, ranging from ethnic Indian bangles to contemporary designs in different designs.

Wholesale Indian Gold Bangles From India

Want to buy bangles in bulk? We are here at Maroth Jewels offering a premium selection of wholesale bangles from India that are crafted in a way that allows them to be worn on each wrist on a daily basis. Since 2010, our company has been supplying bangles in wholesale that are carved out of high-quality materials that are sturdy enough to restrain stress and withstand a lot of pressure. Our bangles collection has been carefully crafted to have a touch of royal legacy and make it one of the most beautiful and popular collections on the market. 

Whether you want to buy gold bangles wholesale or any other kind of bangle to give your customers something that keeps them coming back, Maroth Jewels is your one-stop-shop destination for high-quality, durable bangles in bulk that can withstand long-term usage with little wear and tear and that are second to none in quality, design, and performance.

Whenever you feel in doubt, you can reach out to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions over WhatsApp - +91 8003816293, which is available to you all the time. In addition to keeping the contemporary design in mind when manufacturing our bangles for you, they are also very eye-catching as well, so you can be sure they are in line with your preferences when it comes to appearances. The entire collection of bangles including wholesale sterling silver bangles is a synonym for quality and perfection at a very reasonable price.

Bangles Manufacturing Process We Follow at Maroth Jewels

Maroth Jewels manufacture each bangle using cutting-edge technology and skilled artisans to achieve artistic satisfaction. Here's how it works:

1. Design conceptualization: 

Our team dreams up new designs. They integrate tradition with modern styles. Each design is sketched and reviewed for practicality.

2.  CAD modeling:

Approved designs become detailed 3D models. This allows us to see the bangle and make changes to it before making it. 

3. Wax Carving and Casting: 

The 3D model makes a wax prototype. This is covered in plaster. Warming the plaster removes the wax, leaving a hollow mold.

4. Metal pouring: 

We melt precious metals and pour them into the mold. Once cool, the plaster is broken away, revealing the rough bangle.

5. Filing and polishing: 

The rough bangle is sanded and polished to remove imperfections. This ensures comfort and beauty.

6. Stone setting:

If the design has stones, our gem specialists place each one precisely. This ensures secure and aligned stones.

7. Final polishing: 

The bangle gets a final polish for an exquisite shine. Now, it's ready to be worn.

Quality Assurance Steps We Follow at Maroth Jewels

Quality is key at Maroth Jewels. We take steps to ensure every bangle meets our high standards:

1. Material verification: 

We rigorously test all materials for purity and authenticity. Certified sources guarantee top quality.

2. Inspection during production: 

Each production stage is closely monitored. Our quality control team inspects bangles at multiple points to catch issues early.

3. Final quality check: 

Before a bangle leaves our workshop, it gets a comprehensive final inspection. We check structure, finish, stone settings, and appearance.

4. Certifications: 

We provide authenticity certifications for metals and gemstones used. These are included with each purchase for transparency and trust.

Browse Our Collection of Wholesale Bangles in Bulk to Find the Right One For Your Business in India & USA

Maroth Jewels offer a wide variety of bangles designed to meet all style needs and fit every occasion. With the most trusted bangle suppliers in India, you are assured that you will be getting a product that is eco-friendly, as well as suitable for children as well. Let‘s browse through the collection the bangle suppliers in India bring to the table:

Wholesale Gold Bangles Manufacturers in India

The gold bangles are described as perfect for day-to-day outfits and are designed to add a touch of elegance to wrist pictures. From 9K gold to 22K gold bangles that aim to suit different styles and budgets. With Maroth Jewels, you can buy genuine gold bangle wholesale that is made from the finest materials by experts in the industry.

In 18 Karat gold bangles, there is 75% pure gold, which means they will not cause irritation to the skin due to their purity. Among the gold bangles, 22K gold is the most popular since it has the highest proportion of pure gold. 

Wholesale Silver Bangle Manufacturers in India

As a symbol of luck and beauty, silver bangles are considered one of the most desirable pieces of jewelry for women. There is a wide selection of the 92.5 silver we have available in order to make sure style doesn't go out of style. Natural silver bangles are perfect for everyday use, as they are made from natural materials and are perfect for wearing with any outfit. We have pretty much everything needed to craft the diverse needs of our global and international clients. 

What Makes Maroth Jewels Best Top Bangle Manufacturer in India & USA?

Our company has been one of the leading manufacturers and bangles suppliers in India since 2010. The following are a few of the reasons why Maroth Jewels are deemed by many to be one of the best bangle manufacturers in India:

Personalized or Private Label or Custom Bangle Manufacturer in India

Design your very own name bangles that can be worn with any outfit you choose. Whenever you work closely with Maroth Jewels who is a customized bangle manufacturer in India to create an item to suit your custom tastes, you can avoid the middleman and achieve a truly customized item.

Quality You Can Trust

The hallmark of Maroth Jewels is its commitment to creating quality products, utilizing innovative techniques and detailed craftsmanship to create quality jewelry. Using state-of-the-art technology, we manufacture each bangle, and to ensure their quality and finish, we critically inspect them after they are finished.

A Convenient Shopping Experience

We are the leading bangle suppliers in India who take pride in our intuitive designs and transparent shopping processes, which make us one of the most trusted brands. It is just a matter of logging into our website, adding the item to the cart, making payment, and you will be all set to try out premium bangles for yourself.

Affordable Pricing

Our premium quality bangles are made of only the highest quality materials, but they come at an affordable price so that any retailers can afford them easily. Moreover, you can pick the bangles that match your style perfectly based on the type of metal they are made from. Get in Touch With Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Bangle Jewelry?

Ans1. Put simply, a bangle can be thought of as a circle of metal, gold, or silver that is worn around the arm or wrist as a decorative item. The primary purpose of these ornaments is to enhance the beauty of Indian women. 

Q2. What is Bangle Wholesale Price?

Ans2. Bangle wholesale prices vary from one bangle supplier to another depending upon the type of material and quality of the material. The way to have a consultation with the bangle supplier is to get an idea about the bangles wholesale rate in India.

Q3. Where to Buy Bangle Bracelets Online?

Ans3. Maroth Jewels are your go-to-destination to buy bangle bracelets online. Browse through the collection of bangles and add the right one to your cart.