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Wholesale Silver Jewelry Supplier

Maroth Jewels are the leading wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Maroth Jewels began working as a jewelry manufacturer in 2010 and have since been able to maintain trust among its customers and will continue to do so. Maroth Jewels has an extensive range of handmade wholesale silver jewelry collections crafted by our expert and talented craftsman. We have our wholesale online jewelry store where we are eager to show our customers a wide variety of our jewelry collections. Our jewelry collection has the potential to win the hearts of our customers and also forge business relationships full of trust and confidence. We provide the best quality services to our customers at affordable prices.

Our mission is to become one of the largest and reliable wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters of all types of jewelry from India. At Maroth Jewels, we believe that product excellence, honesty, and quality are the true hallmarks of a true businessman. Maroth Jewels are known for its high-quality products across India as we are a one-stop online platform for all types of jewelry. Maroth Jewels welcome you to our digital store to explore the world of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry in which you will find thousands of designs at once. We offer our customers elegant and unique designs and a personalized jewelry experience.

What is 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Silver is a precious metal, which is used to make jewelry and other ornaments. Silver is bright white in color. Just like pure gold, pure silver is also very soft for manufacturing jewelry, so to make silver jewelry we make an alloy by mixing silver and other metals, such as copper. The alloy is responsible for hardening silver and is suitable for making jewelry. “Sterling Silver” is a high-quality silver alloy containing large amounts of pure silver and only a small percentage of other metals. It contains 92.5% pure silver. 925 is used to refer to sterling silver. Similarly, silver which contains 99.9% silver is often referred to as 999 silver.

How to take care of sterling silver at home?

Sterling silver jewelry is very popular among people because it is inexpensive and beautiful, but due to its silver structure, it can easily tarnish.

Wonder? What does Tarnish mean?

When silver reacts with oxygen or sulfur particles in the air, it fumes. There is no need to neglect this piece if your silver jewelry has become tarnished or appears dirty, you can take care of your sterling silver jewelry and make it last for years.

1) Silver is fragile and can be scratched very easily. You can use a special silver soft cloth to clean your silver jewelry or use a microfiber cloth as well.

2) Do not use tissue or paper towels to clean your silver jewelry as they may scratch the silver.

3) Clean your jewelry with soap and water and dry it with a dry and soft cloth.

4) Beware of silver-plated jewelry, as over-the-top cleaning can empty the plating (contingent on thickness) and leave the pieces worse than when you started.

92.5 Silver Jewelry Supplier

Maroth Jewels is a long-time manufacturer and exporter of 92.5 silver jewelry. We operate a wholesale silver jewelry business worldwide. You will find beautiful handmade 92.5 sterling wholesale silver jewelry from highly skilled in-house silver jewelry factories here. Our sole aim is to satisfy our customers by providing high-quality products, the best services, wholesale prices, and fast delivery. We work as a wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer for jewelry designers, jewelry brands, and jewelry store owners.

Our Collection of Wholesale silver Jewelry:- 

Maroth Jewels are the leading 92.5 silver jewelry manufacturer from India. Our professional team specializes in manufacturing any type of design. Our designs are unique and designed according to the latest trend. With the help of our online wholesale jewelry store, you can buy any design from anywhere. For the ease of our customers, we have launched an online wholesale jewelry mobile app.

As a 92.5  wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer, we always tried to provide the best quality jewelry to the customers and meet their demands. We provide wholesale personalized jewelry at affordable prices worldwide. Our collection in silver jewelry: –

1) Earrings:- 

Our jewelry collection has a wide variety in their earrings category. We have beautiful designs of earrings that can match any outfit. At Maroth jewels, we offer you unique and fashionable earrings designs that can enable you to stand in front of a crowd. Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is the best wholesale silver jewelry supplier.

We updated our collection according to the latest trend every week. In earrings, we also have gold earrings, silver earrings, and diamond earrings. In gold earrings, we have 9k, 14k, and 18k, 22k gold earrings.

2) Rings:-

Maroth Jewels have a wide variety in its rings category in our jewelry collection. The silver ring is the choice of every professional person. Our silver rings collection is always according to the style and latest trend. You can buy a silver ring from Maroth Jewels and put your style statement in front of everyone.

3) Bangles & Bracelets:-

Maroth Jewels have a wide variety in their bangle and bracelet category in our jewelry collection. At Maroth Jewels, we use high-quality materials to make bangles and bracelets. Our bangles and bracelets can be an ideal and unique choice for everyone. They can add charm to everyone’s personality. 

4) Necklace & Pendants:-

Our jewelry collection has a wide variety in their necklaces and pendants category. Our online jewelry store has a large variety of silver necklaces and pendants. Our designs are very popular all over the world. We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers are happy with us and their satisfaction makes us one of the leading wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters worldwide.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer :

Maroth Jewels have a jewelry factory in which we make gold, silver, diamond jewelry, and gemstone jewelry. Our entire manufacturing process takes place in-house. So we can give guarantee the quality of the jewelry. If you want to buy wholesale silver jewelry from jewelry manufacturers then several factors must be considered before buying jewelry. These are as follows: –

If you are looking for a reliable and trustable jewelry manufacturer, always choose reputable jewelry manufacturers and resellers that sell jewelry with certification. You will not have any problem with your jewelry in the future by buying a certified and reliable jewelry manufacturer. You can choose Maroth Jewels as a certified and reliable jewelry manufacturer.

Always set a budget if you want to buy wholesale silver jewelry from jewelry manufacturers. Different jewelers have different prices for their jewelry. The price of jewelry gets higher according to metals, weight, and size.

You should know the needs of your jewelry, sometimes there are lots of options available, but people who want to buy jewelry do not know about their needs. ISo before buying jewelry, review the jewelry you need, paying attention to factors such as its size, style, and design. 

Don’t forget to read every term and condition. If you are planning to buy wholesale silver jewelry then you must read every terms and condition, return policy given on the website of the jewelry making company. 

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