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Wholesale Gemstones jewellery Manufacturer from Jaipur, India

Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is a wholesale gemstones jewellery manufacturer from Jaipur India. Gemstones are made of jewellery and nothing but natural stones which enhance their appearance. Gemstones are considered various minerals that are highly preferred for their beauty, durability, and rarity. Check out our fabulous collection of various gemstone jewelry on our website. Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is one of the best gemstone jewellery manufacturers all over the world. We are committed to meeting all our customer’s jewelry requirements. We have been working in the jewelry industry for 10+ years and helping to grow the business of our customers.

Can you think of a colorless life? No! right. Life is not beautiful without colors. Similarly, an ornament without colored gemstones is nothing. Colorful gemstones add sparkle to jewelry. Different colored gemstones are available in the world. Maroth Jewels are a gold jewelry Manufacturersilver jewelry Manufacturergold diamond jewelry Manufacturerpave diamond jewelry Manufacturer, and jewelry using other natural gems. We offer different categories in all types of jewelry. So if you are looking for natural gemstone jewelry or any type of jewelry then you can contact us.

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are found in rocks that are then cut and polished so that they can be used in jewelry. Gemstones are very popular in the jewelry industry nowadays. These gems have been coveted and mined for many thousands of years, which can be used in anything from ornaments to remedies. Various beautiful Gemstones are available in different varieties of colors. The roughness of most Gemstones is low in beauty. They look like ordinary rocks. After efficient cutting and polishing of gems, full color and shine can be seen.

There are different types of gemstones of different colors. Diamond is one of them. Diamonds are one of the toughest materials on earth. Diamonds are available in different colors such as yellow, orange, and brown, colorless. Colorless diamonds are more popular than colored diamonds. The value of a diamond is defined by cut, clarity, and carat. Maroth Jewels is a pave diamond jewelry manufacturer from India.

Emerald is also a precious gemstone that is very popular among people. The emerald stone represents the dark green color. To enhance the shine and luster of the emerald, it is often oiled and dyed. It is believed that emeralds are also used in healing powers, especially for vision.

Ruby is the most famous gemstone among the people. It has a vibrant red color which is the most important reason for its popularity. It is also popular due to its durability, rarity, and lust. It is also called red sapphire.

Sapphire is available in various colors such as red, blue, and pink, yellow, green, etc. Sapphires are related to rubies and they are given heat to shine in their color.

Different Categories in Gemstones:

There are various categories available at Gemstone. At Maroth jewels, we provide the latest fashionable gemstone jewelry in our jewelry collection. We regularly update our new collection in gemstone jewelry. We are the world’s best silver and gemstone exporters. There are various categories in Gemstones: –

1) Natural Gemstones:

Natural gemstones are made by nature without the intervention of humans. Natural gemstones are found in many varieties in many different environments. To add shine to it, they have been cut and polished. Natural gemstones cannot be changed in other ways.

2) Genuine Gemstones:

Genuine Gemstones are similar to Natural Gemstones which are also cut and polished to enhance their appearance.

3) Synthetic Gemstones:

Synthetic gemstones are gemstones that are exact replicas of natural gemstones created in a laboratory. They have similar properties to natural gemstones: – Physical, chemical, and optical properties. Synthetic versions of all popular natural gemstones are available. Some of them look exactly like natural gemstones and are more difficult to identify, but an experienced jewellery manufacturer or gemologist can usually detect them. Being a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer we only provide natural gemstone jewelry.

4) Imitation Gemstones:

Imitation gemstones can also be referred to as Fake gemstones. It resembles a natural gemstone but does not have natural gemstone-like properties. Fake gems are much less expensive than natural ones. Imitation stones are usually made of glass or plastic, and most can be easily detected by jewelry manufacturers.

To enhance the appearance and durability of the gemstone, many technologies are available in the world. To increase the demand and desirability of gemstone jewelry in the market, its luster and beauty are enhanced. Heat treatment, oil, etc. are gemstone treatments to improve or change colors. In Maroth Jewels, you find jewelry that is made of natural gemstones. We have precious and semi-precious gemstones in our wholesale jewelry factory in Jaipur India.

Why Choose us as a Wholesale Gemstones jewellery manufacturer?

At Maroth Jewels, we work as private jewelry manufacturers for jewelry designers and jewelry makers. If you need a jewellery manufacturer for your jewelry brand or jewelry store then you are at the right place. If you want to buy wholesale gemstone jewelry for your customers, we are here because we serve as a one-stop platform for jewelry shops. As a one-stop platform, here you will find everything you need for jewelry under one roof. We are also a wholesale gold jewelry manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

Our gemstones characteristics are:-

1)  Beauty and Appearance:

Gemstone jewelry is known for its beauty and perfection. So beauty and appearance is the most important factor of gemstone jewelry that should be considered. At Maroth Jewels, we have the most beautiful and precious gems that look elegant with any metal. The beauty of gemstones will depend on their color, shape, size, and luster.

2) Durability and Hardness:

The durability and hardness of the gemstone are other important factors to be considered. It matters whether a beautiful gemstone is durable and suitable. Beautiful gemstones that have a brilliant shine should also be durable and hard.

3) Rarity:

Rarity is also desirable for gemstone jewelry. The rarity of the gemstone can determine the prices placed on the gems. Gemstone can be rare for many reasons. Many gemstones are varieties of common stones, but their extraordinary color or clarity are considered rare gems.

At Maroth Jewels, we are also a 925 sterling silver jewelry manufacturer. Our jewelry designs are designed by our professional and expert designers. They regularly update themselves about the latest designs and collections in the jewelry industry. They understand your needs and try to provide you with what you want from Maroth Jewels.

These designs come into existence by our artisans and craftsmen, their hard work and dedication can be seen in every piece of jewelry. Our customers are our priority. Our sole purpose is to satisfy customers. Satisfied customers make us happy and encourage us to keep moving forward for our purposes.

Characteristics of Gemstones Jewelry:

1) Precious and Semi- precious gemstones:

Generally, gemstones are classified in two ways, one is precious gemstones and the other is semi-precious gemstones. Precious stones are those which are known for their high durability, luster, Shine, and appearance. These types of gemstones are expensive. Examples of precious gemstones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and sapphire.

Semi-precious gemstones are those gemstones known only for their beauty, sparkle, and luminosity. Apart from the above-mentioned precious stones, all the stones are semi-precious stones. At Maroth Jewels, we deal with precious gemstone jewelry. We provide high-quality gemstone jewelry.

2) Cut and polished Gemstones:

Gemstones are first cut and polished and then set in ornaments. To reflect the light and shine the stones for which they are famous. Different gems are cut into different shapes to look more beautiful.

3) metaphysical Qualities:

It was believed that those who wore gems had a certain quality. In the past, people used to choose gemstone jewelry based on the gemstone’s mysterious power instead of matching it with their clothes. For example, those who wanted to get rich could wear green emerald, while those who wanted to get married early could choose rose quartz, etc.

4) Birthstones:

Birthstones are our favorite type of gemstone jewelry. Each month has a different gemstone, which is called the birthstone of anyone born in that month. Birthstones include precious gems like diamonds and rubies and semi-precious stones such as turquoise. Birthstone jewelry is an excellent gift for a friend or loved one, especially for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and of course birthdays.

We have used fine metal with gemstones that look different and beautiful. We manufacture gold gemstone jewelrysilver gemstone jewelry, etc. There are many factors to determine the price of gemstone jewelry. Quality is one of them. Other factors are: – color, rarity, and durability of the gemstone, etc.

Wholesale Online Gemstones Jewelry store

We are one of the leading wholesale online gemstone jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters. Maroth Jewels have its own online gemstone jewelry shop where you can find a wide range of variations in the gemstone jewelry collection. We are popular for providing the best quality jewelry in our wholesale online gemstone jewelry shops.

Jewelry in our Wholesale online Gemstones Jewelry Store:-

At Maroth Jewels, we provide you some popular gemstones which you can buy from our online store. Jewelry which consists in our wholesale online gemstones Jewelry store is mentioned below:-

Features of our gemstone jewelry

1) Rings in Gemstone Jewelry

2) Necklaces in Gemstone Jewelry

3) Gemstones with Gold Jewelry

4) Gemstones with Silver Jewelry

5) Gemstones with Pave diamond jewelry

Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is a leading gemstone jewelry manufacturer in India, leading custom. We built our own brand value with our excellent design, timely delivery, and gem quality. We deal in both precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. We are committed to our principles and ethics. Our principles and ethics help us to be the best jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter worldwide. We always advance the reputation of our country by treating our customers outside the country.

Apart from gemstone jewelry, we are a 925 silver jewelry manufacturer925 sterling silver jewelry manufacturer, 14k gold earrings manufacturer14k gold pendant manufacturer14k gold jewelry manufacturer, etc.

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