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#1 Affordable Silver jewelry manufacturer India

Maroth Jewels are the No. 1 Silver Jewelry manufacturer India in the world. Maroth Jewels are one of the leading and largest exporters and manufacturers of High-quality Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

About Maroth Jewels :-

Established in 2010, we only use premium quality raw material in the manufacturing of our items, and these Raw Materials are secured from the most reliable sources having an extremely high reputation in the market. Maroth Jewels are the largest manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, suppliers of High-Quality Fashion Jewelry. We have many craftsmen working in different Manufacturing Units. We are the best Silver Jewelry manufacturer India. We have the Largest Collection in Fashion Jewelry. All our items can be availed at the most pocket-friendly, competitive, and economical prices. We are proud to present ourselves as a leading Silver Jewelry Manufacturer India, with an unparalleled range and elegant designs. We offer an enormous assortment of Jewelry for women beginning with hair accessories, necklaces, pendant sets, bangles, rings, earrings, bracelets, fashion Jewelry, and substantially more.

What do we have for our customers As a silver Jewelry Manufacturer India?

Maroth Jewels is a wholesaler, exporter, and manufacturer of all kinds of Jewelry. We manufacture superior quality Jewelry. Our items are produced considering the most popular fashion trends. Our customers can benefit from us with a wide range of high-quality Jewelry packaging. These items are profoundly rich and elegant for packaging significant Jewelry. A lot of Jewelry products come with attractive packaging to show the estimation of high-cost adornments inside them. Jewelry Packing is a top-quality box. It is classy, elegant, and fashionable. It is perfect for keeping the ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, pendant, and watch, etc. It has fast craftsmanship, high quality, and a delicate design. It has the best after-sale service and has excellent delivery options.

How do we manufacture silver jewelry As a Silver Jewelry Manufacturer India?

We have a well-equipped plant with the advanced and latest technology where we manufacture Jewelry of International quality. We have a group of competent designers, technicians, craftsmen, and chemists attempting to deliver and develop the items to meet the different needs of our esteemed clients. We have used contemporary jewelry pieces in an oxidized silver setting using a fine oxidized Silverstone, polished to enhance the shining antique silver that is suitable for all occasions. Our experts regularly test our silver jewelry in a reputed laboratory. Our appealing silver jewelry Manufacturer India joins the perseverance of a valuable metal with a capacity to adjust to fashion trends. We are the leading silver jewelry manufacturer in India worldwide.

Steps for the Manufacture the Silver Jewelry:- 

For manufacturing Silver Jewelry, we have to follow some steps. First of all, we select the design of our silver jewelry and then implement the measures. If you have any idea about the design, we can also design it for you. We can convert your vision into reality. We can create your Silver Jewelry in your way.

Step-1:- CAD Design:- 

This process is also known as camming. Computer-Aided Design is done and shown to the customer so that if the customer needs any changes to be done, we can do it. Computer-aided design (CAD) uses computers to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.CAD software is used to increase the designer's productivity, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and create a database for manufacturing. CAD Design Provides the 3D image of the design. Through CAD jewelry design, we will be able to see the jewelry from every angle and can assure that the design will look exactly like how we imagined it.

Step-2:- Wax Model:- 

In the Wax Model 3D image designed by CAD, the design is transferred to a milling machine to cut a wax model. It gives a replica of our jewelry.

Step-3:- Mold Making:- 

This procedure is done to see that jewelry can be duplicated in future times. This process starts with creating a mental model. Metal models are crafted from cast design which is produced by wax carving.

Step-4:- Die:- 

Die are of many types. Here the pattern is manufactured, and the process has been started.

Step-5:- Casting:- 

Here the jewelry mold is made by a wax pattern process.

Step-6:- Filing:- 

In the filing process, the shaping, cutting, and smoothing of the jewelry are done.

Step-7:- Pre-Polish:- 

This process helps in giving a shiny and smooth surface to the jewelry.

Step-8:- Setting – Stone:- 

The process in which the stones, diamonds, or other things are set.

Step-9:- Cutting Stone:- 

The cutter is incorporated using a machine embedded with a diamond to give the stone an approximate shape for which it is best suited.

Step-10:- Final Polishing:- 

Final polishing only requires a light final polish to bring out the high shine and silver shine.

Why choose Maroth Jewels as Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in India:

  • Outstanding design and development team.
  • Best quality control; abundant supply ability.
  • We guarantee to offer the best quality and after-sale service.
  • We can produce any other designs ideally, and your copyright is promised to be kept secret.
  • Our quality control group will assist you in checking the products before making the shipment.
  • We also welcome customers’ creative ideas and designs to develop as we have highly experienced  CAD programmers and designers to do R&D for you; we guarantee that you will get what you are searching for in a short time.
  • With our hardworking team and our designs, we have gained the leading silver jewelry manufacturer in India worldwide.
  • All our Silver Jewelry is manufactured and designed in-house from the formation of the masterpiece to the finished item.
  • Our Jewelry is available in Rhodium, Silver, Gold, two tones, and three-tone plating and studded with imported precious pearls and crystals of the best quality. In keeping in tune with universal standards, all our items are anti-allergic.
The success story of “Maroth Jewels Private Limited” is traditional knowledge about jewelry combined with the new and latest technology. We always wish and try to create and design the best jewelry which implements our professionalism.

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