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Silver Jewelry Factory in Gemstone City Jaipur India

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is best known for its silver jewelry factory in Jaipur India. We are a silver jewelry manufacturer, exporter, and sell this jewelry at wholesale price. Our entire manufacturing process is handmade. At Maroth Jewels, we offer a wide variety of varieties in gold jewelry and silver jewelry. Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a high-quality jewelry manufacturer, which has been in the jewelry industry for more than 10 years. We are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan India and we are proud of ourselves that we have a silver jewelry factory in Jaipur India.

The Best Silver Jewelry Factory in Gemstone City  Jaipur India:

Are you searching for the best silver jewelry factory in Jaipur India? Then Maroth Jewels are the most suitable place for you. We are verified and trusted silver jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters. We provide our services worldwide. Maroth Jewels believe that there should be no limit in the jewelry industry. We have all kinds of jewelry in our gold and silver jewelry factory, such as – gold diamond jewelry, silver diamond jewelry, gold plated silver jewelry, and precious gemstones.

Maroth Jewels have the best silver jewelry factory in Jaipur India among all its rivals. The popularity of the jewelry we have received over the years is commendable. The credit for our success goes not only to our hard work, creativity, and many services but also to our long-term business relationships with our customers. We are a 925 silver jewelry manufacturer that anyone can trust. We work as a jewelry manufacturer for jewelry designers. If you are a jewelry designer or you have a jewelry brand and you need a trustworthy jewelry manufacturer then you can simply choose us as your jewelry manufacturer. 

The growth of our company grows rapidly due to our amazing services and quality of jewelry. If you want to avoid a scam or fraud, always choose a verified and reliable jewelry manufacturer. If we talk about the authenticity of Our Jewelry in Maroth Jewels, then Maroth Jewels have been tested by the Government of India and certified by the Government of India.

Jewellery Manufacturing Process:-

In our Silver Jewelry factory, we have highly qualified, experienced, reliable and professional workers in its manufacturing team. Our creative team is responsible for creating unique and latest trendy designs and the construction team is responsible for converting the creative team’s unique idea into reality. In our Silver Jewelry factory, We also specialize in customizing jewellery. We customize the jewelry according to the customer’s choice.

Our customers can choose the best-suited design for themselves or they can send us an image/sketch of their own design. As we mentioned above, our construction team is experienced and talented so that they can build your design from any image or any rough sketch. Our manufacturing process is given below: –

Step-1: The design / Sketch:-

The making of any jewelry begins with a sketch of a piece of jewelry. However, the sketch must also be proportional to determine the weight and size of the ornament. Most jewellery includes standard gemstones, so designers can choose the size. Sometimes designs are made with variations for different stone sizes and shapes.

Among all consisting silver jewelry factory in India, We are the best custom jewelry manufacturer from IndiaIf you customize the jewelry to your liking, you can choose any of our jewelry collections on our website or if you have an idea/image of your design, you can give us an image/sketch of the design Can. Our creative team contacts you after receiving your custom request and consults you regarding your design and starts the process of turning it into a reality.

Step-2  3D image of Design:

After the design is approved, a 3D image of this design will be prepared through CAD designing software in our silver jewelry factory. The 3D image is shown to customers so that they can approve it.  The purpose of this 3D image is that we can see the Jewellery from every angle and make sure that the design looks exactly as we want.

Through CAD design, we can evaluate manufacturing costs so that we can meet the client’s budget. If any adjustment on price is required, we can make any adjustment for dimensions, materials until the goal is met.

Step-3  wax model

After the 3D image is approved, it is converted into a wax model in our silver jewelry factory. To create a wax model, the 3D image file is transferred to a milling machine to make a wax model. So that we can get a replica of the Jewellery.

Step-4  Molding:

The wax model is then engraved into the molding in our silver jewelry factory. Mold is a type of hardened plaster that is heated in an oven at extreme temperatures so that it can burn if there is a trace of wax. When the molding is in process, a hollow shape takes place and that space is filled with silver, creating a duplicate of the original wax design.

Step-5    Rubber Model:

After the molding is completed, a rubber model of the Jewellery is produced. The model that is prepared from the molding is packed in a special molded rubber fat sandwich and squeezed hard under high heat and pressure until it forms a solid block. The rubber is cut in half to remove excess silver. The rubber is then put together and the end result is a rubber mold that can be accurately replicated for thousands of wax replicas for mass production.

Step-6    Casting:

After the mold hardens and the wax burns, the metals are added to it. The process of adding metal to it is called casting. For casting, the mold is put into an oven. In the oven, due to heat, all the wax is melted and the jewelry manufacturer pours the molten metal into a hollow cavity.

After some time, the jewellery manufacturer throws the mold in a bucket of cold water and then will gently pull the pieces of jewellery out of the mold. The casting is done in our silver jewelry factory Jaipur India for better quality.

Step-7    Filing:

Once all the Jewellery pieces have been inserted, the next jewellery process is the filing. For filing a special gold alloy that melts at a lower temperature than a piece of Jewellery from our artists, these gold pieces are used to solder or weld. Once all the soldering is complete, the manufacture of the jewel is ready to go through the stage of gem installation.

Step-8    Setting the Stone

In this phase, gemstones are included for metal casting. The setting should hold a gemstone safely, it enhances the brightness of a gemstone by showing its cut, clarity and color.

Step-9  Final Polishing:

After all steps of manufacturing are done, it only requires a final polishing to bring out the high luster and shine of the silver. All this process is done in our silver jewelry factory itself.

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