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Private Label Handmade Jewelry

The demand for handmade jewelry is at its peak as it is more creative than machine-made jewelry. The quality of handmade jewelry is also high because one took their time to make it by hand instead of just pressing a button. A feature of handmade jewelry is also that it can make each design distinctive. Handmade jewelry is usually expensive because it is often made with more durable materials. If you want to grow your business, sell your customers new and innovative, and elegant designs from private label handmade jewelry like Maroth Jewels.

If you are planning to start a jewelry business or you are new to it then handmade jewelry is best for the growth of your business. We, at Maroth Jewels, provide handmade jewelry at wholesale prices. We also provide private labels on handmade jewelry. You can order from our handmade jewelry collection or you can customize your own design. As a private label jewelry manufacturer, we give birth to your business by providing our jewelry under your brand name. We are proud to be the best private label jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter.

Private Label Jewelry Wholesale

At Maroth Jewels, we have a huge collection of wholesale jewelry. We are the best silver jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler. Our wholesale collection is popular among our customers. We manufacture and test our jewelry pieces in our jewelry factory and try to provide you with the best quality jewelry. You can buy private label jewelry at wholesale price. You can buy in bulk for your jewelry store or you can also buy 1 piece of jewelry for your particular customer. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of unique and latest designs and exporting them to jewelry shop owners or other jewelry businesses that are jewelry resellers worldwide.

Why Buy Handmade Jewelry wholesale?

If you want to start a jewelry business or you have started a new jewelry business, then some questions come to your mind such as why buy jewelry wholesale. Some things to be considered while buying jewelry wholesale are: –

1) If you are a jewelry designer, jewelry brand or you have a jewelry shop, then you should always keep your collection ready to show your customers. Buy private-label jewelry wholesale from Maroth Jewels so that your jewelry collections are always updated.

2) If you are planning to launch your retail jewelry store online and need more products than usual, then in this case you can also buy private label jewelry wholesale.

3) By buying jewelry wholesale you get a quick ready ship collection for your online or prime location.

Private label Jewelry manufacturing Process 

Manufacturing private label jewelry from Maroth Jewels is not so difficult, just you have to understand our private label jewelry manufacturing process.

1) Choose a design:-

If you want to make private label jewelry from Maroth Jewels, first choose a sample design that you want to design from our online platform. You can share your idea with any design inspiration in mind. For your private label jewelry, you must share your jewelry manuscripts with us. A manuscript usually contains information such as description of material, size, dimensions, and other specific parameters. After receiving your jewelry manuscript we begin the production of your jewelry.

2) Choose customize option:-

If you want to customize your personal jewelry, send us a custom request. We customize your personal jewelry according to your needs. Some of our customers do not know what to do in customization. At this stage, our experienced team will guide you about your preferences and design your customized jewelry. We will make a slight change in the style and make them more beautiful to upgrade the content.

3) Choose materials for your private label jewelry:-

Select the material you want to use in your jewelry: – Gold, silver, diamond jewelry. Different materials for jewelry show different durability, hardness and texture etc. The choice of material depends on your jewelry. After receiving photos of your private label handmade jewelry, our jewelry factory will begin the process of making it and confirm with our customers that the material has been used and the specific parameters of the jewelry. We specialize in the manufacture of fine jewelry.

If you have a jewelry business and are looking for a good jewelry manufacturer, then look no further. Maroth Jewels is the perfect jewelry manufacturer for you. Fine jewelry materials are slightly more expensive than fashion jewelry but they are the most preferred material in the world.

The materials used for fine jewelry are gold, silver, diamond, etc. In gold material, several varieties are available in Maroth jewels such as: – 9k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 22k gold, 24k gold. Here k refers to measuring the purity of gold. In the silver material, we used the best quality 925 sterling silver and for diamond jewelry, we used a pave diamond setting.

4) Send us the logo you want to engrave:-

After your private label handmade jewelry is approved and finalized, send us the logo you want to print on your private label handmade jewelry. This process is not very difficult. Apart from the brand logo, other information will also be printed on the jewelry like “925”, purity of gold, etc. Once you accept the order, we will start the jewelry manufacturing process and after manufacturing and molding, we will send the images of your jewelry to you. After your approval, we will send your order.

Benefits of Private label jewelry :

By choosing Maroth Jewels as your private label jewelry manufacturer, you have the opportunity to stand out in the competition among your rivals with their latest and trendy designs. We give you a perfect style collection that can match your customers’ demands. There are many benefits for private label handmade jewelry such as: –

1) With private label handmade jewelry you can promote your jewelry business and see the growth of your jewelry business.

2) You can engrave your brand logo on private label handmade jewelry and promote your brand.

3) If you buy from a verified handmade jewelry manufacturer then you get tested and verified jewelry.

4) Through private label handmade jewelry you get more profit from your business as it earns income without much effort from you.

Wholesale Private label jewelry manufacturer near me

Are you looking for a private label handmade jewelry manufacturer near me?  If you’re a brand or designer, a high volume retailer, our platform is meant for max scalability and adaptability.  Choosing us as your private label jewelry manufacturer from India, you can buy from our platform anytime and work with our talented and experienced workers to find the best one for you. From wholesale to private label, Maroth jewelry supports your business. At Maroth Jewels, we have our online jewelry store where you get thousands of designs at once.

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