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Moissanite is a colorless gemstone. Moissanite and diamond both are looking similar but moissanite is very different from Diamond. The difference is that diamonds are made of carbon whereas moissanite is made of pure silicon. It is made of an extremely rare,  natural mineral. Maroth jewels Pvt Ltd is the best Moissanite Jewelry manufacturer. Maroth jewels are the leading Moissanite Jewelry manufacturer worldwide. We never compromise on our standard quality. All the Moissanite Jewelry is manufactured in-house so we guarantee 100% quality products. Our supervising team makes sure every piece of the jewelry is perfect following the international norms. We use the latest technology and skilled craftsmen to design the jewelry. We specialize in customized 9k gold jewelry. You can also get your jewelry with a price label from us. Our jewelry designers are the best in the market with decades of experience in the jewelry designing field.

Why choose us As a Diamond Necklace Manufacturer?

Maroth Jewels are the foremost exporter, supplier, and wholesaler of an exclusive array of diamond Jewelry. Our range of diamonds includes natural best-grade diamonds. Moreover, our fine finishing, affordable price, lightweight and premium quality of our diamond Jewelry are highly appreciated by trendsetters around the world. Thus, we are considered the leading Diamond Necklace Manufacturer globally. Show your affection with the ideal gift, celebrate a significant occasion, or make an excellent necklace especially for you at Maroth Jewels. Our unique design and experience will help you create a customized necklace that is unique, stylish, and has an emotional touch to it. Create your type of personal statement with our customized diamond necklaces.

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  • 100% Satisfaction in Quality
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