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Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

Maroth jewels Pvt Ltd is the leading online gold plated jewelry wholesale store that offers almost all types of fine jewelry at an affordable price worldwide. We supply our jewelry worldwide. Our customers are proud of us and our work. We always tried to provide our best and to provide high-quality jewelry to resellers, jewelry designers, or brands at wholesale prices. Maroth Jewels are one of the renowned gold-plated jewelry manufacturers in India where we strive to meet your demands and needs. Our gold-plated jewelry is uniquely designed under experienced workers and creators. We use fine and good quality gold and advanced carving tools to make gold-plated jewelry.

Maroth Jewels is a certified and reliable gold plated jewelry wholesale manufacturer and supplier. We provide premium quality gold plated jewelry from India. Our jewelry collection has a vast range which includes gold jewelrysilver jewelry, and pave diamond jewelry. At Gold Plated Jewelry we offer Gold Plated Earrings, Gold Plated Ring, Gold Plated Bangles, Gold Plated Bracelet, Gold Plated Necklace, Gold Plated Pendants, etc. All our designs are designed uniquely and following the latest trend. Our gold-plated jewelry is eye-catching. We empower our customers’ business by manufacturing jewelry for them. We offer Gold Plated Jewelry wholesale to our customers at a competitive price.

What is Gold Plated Jewelry?

Every person who wants to buy gold plated jewelry should know about gold plated jewelry. Whenever you want to offer a piece of jewelry, you should know what the real meaning of plating is.

Gold Plated Jewelry:

In gold-plated jewelry, a piece of jewelry made of another metal is immersed in a layer of liquid gold to make it like gold jewelry. A variety of plating methods are used in Maroth Jewels. At Maroth Jewels, we created the purest form of gold plating jewelry, which is made of 925 sterling silver metal and dipped in a 24k gold layer to be plated with solid gold.

Other kinds of plated jewelry:

Various methods are used for other types of plated jewelry other than gold. They are the following:

1) White gold is a mixture of pure gold and palladium. It is plated with rhodium, on the outside for a shiny and lustrous white color.

2) Yellow gold plated silver jewelry is an alloy of pure 24k gold and silver jewelry. It is plated with standard yellow gold to make it look like gold jewelry.

3) Rose gold plated jewelry is an alloy of pure 24k gold and copper jewelry.

Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale:

The gold layer placed outside the gold-plated jewelry is pure 24k gold. The entire piece of jewelry is made of base metal silver. Most people prefer gold-plated jewelry over gold jewelry as it is less expensive than pure gold jewelry. Some reasons for preferring gold plated jewelry wholesale over gold jewelry are as follows: –

  1. Gold plated jewelry looks like real gold jewelry.
  2. Gold plated jewelry is more affordable than real gold jewelry.
  3. Gold plated jewelry is durable and strong.
  4. Gold plated jewelry is easy to make and more designs are available.
  5. Gold plated jewelry is shiny and lustrous.

Micron Plating:

The thickness of the gold plating layer is measured in microns. A micron is 0.001 of a millimeter. Basically, a good gold plating is done over 1 micron. As we are a gold plated jewelry wholesale manufacturer, we suggest that you always do gold plating which is more than 1 micron. If you go for gold plating that is less than 1 micron, it will easily fade away because thin gold plating is used in it.

As a gold plated jewelry wholesale manufacturer, we use gold plating thickness from 1 micron to 3 microns in Maroth Jewels. As a jewelry manufacturer, we recommend you plating a few microns which are as follows: –

1)  1 Micron plating for Earrings

2)  2 Micron plating for Necklaces

3)  3 Micron plating for Rings

Micron plating is more durable and will not tarnish easily. They are high-quality gold-plated jewelry. In gold-plated jewelry, silver metal jewelry is immersed in a thick layer of gold. High micron plating will last longer on sterling silver jewelry.

How to Restore Gold Plated Jewelry?

Planning to buy gold-plated jewelry wholesale? Here we provide some tips to restore your favorite gold-plated jewelry. Please read carefully before purchasing gold-plated jewelry.

  1. Do not spray Deo / perfume on your gold plated jewelry as it may damage your gold plated jewelry. So sprinkle Deo / perfume before wearing your jewelry and give your body some time to soak it and then wear your jewelry.
  2. Take off your jewelry while you are swimming, cleaning, cooking, or doing other household chores. Use an airtight box to restore your gold-layered jewelry.
  3. Remove dust or dirt from your gold jewelry with a dry and clean soft cloth after every wear, by doing this your gold plated ornaments last longer.
  4. Do not let your gold-plated jewelry come in contact with sweat, water, etc. as it can damage your jewelry’s plating.
  5. Keep your gold plated jewelry away from the moisture environment, as it can damage the gold layer.

Gold Plated Jewelry from India:

Maroth Jewels are one of India’s leading silver jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers. We provide the best quality gold plated jewelry wholesale. In Maroth Jewels, you will get great design, great quality, and the best services in every term.

Looking for Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale Stores from India? Choose Maroth Jewels as we provide the best gold plated jewelry wholesale from India. Some of our features of gold plated jewelry: –

Features of Gold plated jewelry:

1) Thickness:

At Maroth Jewels, you will find handmade jewelry. Always thick gold should be offered for silver jewelry. As it will be durable and long-lasting. We use a thick layer of gold for silver jewelry. If gold-plated jewelry is more thick, different designs are available.

2) Durability:

If you are planning to buy gold-plated jewelry, then be sure to spend money on gold-plated jewelry that lasts a long time. At Maroth Jewels, we have manufactured the best quality gold plated jewelry that lasts for many years.

3) Price:

The price of gold-plated jewelry depends on the quality of the plate, the thickness of the plate, and the store you are buying it from. At Maroth Jewels, we offer wholesale gold-plated jewelry at an affordable price.

At Maroth Jewels, we offer high-quality gold plated jewelry wholesale that is long-lasting and durable. Our collection of gold plated jewelry wholesale has been a popular choice of our customers since 2010. We have a silver jewelry factory in Jaipur, which is a gem city. We continuously strive to supply the only quality goods and customer service for offline and online customers with delivery facilities in India.

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