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No. 1 Best Gold Plated Jewelry manufacturer India

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is the best Gold plated Jewelry Manufacturer India. As a Gold plated Jewelry Manufacturer India, Maroth Jewels take the foremost extreme care in plating gems which will provide maximum color life counting on the type of jewellery like Jewelry with stones, plain metal Jewelry, and jewellery with valuable stones.

Maroth Jewels bring an exquisite assortment of Jewelry that welcomes a sparkle out of you! Each piece of jewelry tells a story and you can enjoy the different choices we offer, right from gold-plated Jewelry, silver-plated Jewelry, one-gram gold Jewelry, imitation Jewelry, accessories, and the rundown goes on.

What is the Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold Plated Jewelry is the Jewelry in which we coat the layer of gold on other types of metal Jewelry. For Example:- A silver Jewelry with Gold plated Jewelry. If we coat gold plating on silver Jewelry it looks like gold Jewelry.

How to do Gold Plating?

As the best Gold plated Jewelry Manufacturer India Our Gold plating is made up of Sterling 925 silver or we can use different metals like Copper, Brass dipped into 24 karat gold. It can last long for several months. Gold plating is done by dipping a Jewelry piece which is made up of different metals into a gold liquid form.

Why is Gold Plating used?

By gold Gold plating, Non-Gold Jewelry also looks similar to Gold Jewelry. How will you stand aside from the gang when everybody is dressed to please? It’s simple! Accessories with great-looking gold plated Jewelry from India are rich, elegant, exquisite designs, handcrafted for the individuals who like to put their best look forward.

People who do not have enough money to spend on gold Jewelry, use this Gold plating Jewelry. Unlike diamond and gold jewelry that’s very costly, which suggests you often finish up wearing similar Jewelry, year after year.

Is Gold Plating done from Real gold?

Yes, gold plating is done with real gold because if little gold is used, such jewelry does not hold the value of gold. Gold plating is done from real gold that is 24 karat gold.

When it comes to gold plating, the main difference in these types of gold is the color that is not in value. The higher the purity of gold, the more gold the color will be. However, no matter how much gold is used, its value does not change very much, regardless of the level of purity. The highest purity is 24 karat and the lowest purity is 10 karat.

Benefits of Gold Plated Jewelry:-

The gold-plated Jewelry looks classy, however, costs a lot less in comparison. This implies you can purchase exclusive statement pieces, timeless classics, or Jewelry sets according to your heart’s content.

The variety is immense -chandbalis to jhumkas, ear-jackets to ear- studs, bracelets, and rings, toe- rings and anklets. Mix and match your favorite sets to go with your favorite outfit – adding an unprecedented sparkle to your outfit.

Gold plated jewelry offers a budget-friendly alternative to buying pure gold jewelry. It gives you the design and elegance without the high tag that comes with gold and is right for jewelry that you simply don’t decide to decline on a daily basis.

How long does gold plating last?

Being a Gold Plated Jewelry Manufacturer India we can tell you that How long does gold plating lasts? Although gold plating is considered permanent, like all types of plating, it can not deal well with rough exposure. Gold plating deteriorates over time and can fade by bringing the base metal down. It loses its luster and fades over time. In general, the plating can last up to two years with proper care.

The best way to deal with faded pieces of gold plating is to repeat the plate when needed. How often you need to do this depends on the thickness of the plating, the quality of the piece, the color of the base metal, and how to wear it.

Helpful Tips to Take Care of Your Valuable gold plated Jewelry

Being a Gold Plated Jewelry Manufacturer India we can truly suggest you about the cleaning of gold plating Jewelry. You can use your Jewelry set whenever required but when unused, confirm to stay it safely inside a zipper lock cover or plastic box. Any kind of moisture or sweat should be cleaned before packing the Jewelry.

Deo sprays and perfumes or hair and body spray are genuine enemies for gold-plated Jewelry. How well your product may look with the plating, doesn’t make a difference. A single splash of spray is adequate to ruin the look and shade of the Jewelry or to shorten its color life. Kindly abstain from utilizing these synthetic substances and cleaning agents when you wear gold-plated Jewelry.

If you see any kind of dust, kindly wipe it using a delicate non-sticky fabric and then pack it in an airtight plastic box or zip lock cover.

Why should Maroth Jewels be your first preference for gold plated Jewelry Manufacturer India?

As we are the Gold plated Jewelry Manufacturer India , We handcraft excellent quality Jewelry just as similar to gold regarding quality and design. In addition, our Indian collection of gold plated Jewelry has been the popular choice of women since 2010.

Based in Jaipur, we continuously endeavor to supply the simplest quality item and customer service to offline and online customers with a delivery facility in India.

Get yourself the simplest Jewelry assortment made under the skill of the simplest craftsmen of India to suit each event also as a budget at Maroth Jewels.

Our Specifications as a Gold Plated Jewelry manufacturer India:

As a Gold Plated Jewelry Manufacturer India, we want to provide best service to our customers, our specifications as a Gold Plated Jewelry Manufacturer India, are:

  • Our Gold Plating is more durable.
  • Best Gold Plated Jewelry manufacturer India
  • We offer Micron plating from 0.5 microns to 4 microns plated.
  • Quality that always impresses you
  • Everything under one roof.
  • Always look for a long business relationship.
  • We ship worldwide
  • We accept Paypal, Credit card, and bank transfer
  • Engrave your brand name on your jewelry.
  • Offers the facility of WhatsApp order with the support of an online payment number.
  • Offers after-sale services
  • Offers payment facility through debit and credit cards and internet banking.

At Maroth Jewels, we provide classy, high-quality gold-plated Jewelry in time-honored and ethnic designs and also more contemporary designs to match your style statement. Browse our latest collection to discover wonderful designs that perfectly complement your outfit, aside from being practical and pocket-friendly.

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd is a Certified Gold Plated Jewelry Manufacturer India. We work exclusively with Jewelry designers and jewelry Brands. We offer you a Private label Jewelry manufacturing process also.

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