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Gold Plated Jewelry

Buy gold plated jewelry from Maroth Jewels online store. Here you will get the best quality jewelry at an affordable price. Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is the best online wholesale store in India. Here you will get everything that you want for jewelry at wholesale price. You can also visit our mobile app for the latest designs at a time. We provide high-quality fine jewelry at wholesale prices. At Maroth Jewels, we have a wide range of gold-plated jewelry designs. You can find them at our online store. Our entire manufacturing takes place entirely indoors in our Silver Jewelry factory, located in Jaipur, India.

If you do not want to spend money on expensive gold jewelry, then gold plated jewelry is the right option for you. Gold plated jewelry is the perfect replacement for expensive gold jewelry. Along with saving money, it will also enhance the wearer’s look like gold jewelry. A perfect jewelry collection is one in which every kind of jewelry is available. If you want to mix and match your jewelry with your dress then you need gold plated jewelry, which you can easily mix. The gold-plated jewelry that we design in Maroth jewels has a thick layer of gold and looks amazing on the wearer as well.

Gold Plated Jewelry:

As we know gold is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and social status. Gold plated jewelry looks exactly like real gold jewelry. In gold-plated jewelry, the gold coating is done on silver or copper jewelry. Gold plated jewelry has its own uniqueness, charm. Gold plated jewelry has many advantages as it is easy to carry because such jewelry is not so expensive so we can take it anywhere without any worries. It can match with any attire you are wearing because it looks casual and sometimes elegant like any dress. In Maroth Jewels, you can find the best collection online.

In short, gold plating is a process in which copper or silver jewelry is immersed in a thick layer of pure gold. The thickness of the gold layer varies according to the manufacturer. Through our mobile app, you can get access to various types of gold-plated jewelry. Our mobile app saves you time and makes your process of searching for jewelry designs easy. Here you can easily use thousands of designs at once.

We are committed to our work, and the commitments that are given to us by our customers. Our support team is responsible for meeting your needs and requirements and ensuring that you are getting exactly what you want. We can design gold-plated jewelry with precious and semi-precious gemstones. This jewelry is perfect for a wedding or festive season. The glitter of gold and makes gold-plated jewelry attractive and stunning. You can find our jewelry collection on our website.

Gold Plated Jewelry Online :

Maroth Jewels are your one-stop online store where you’ll find your best design that most accurately fits you. within the Gold Plated Jewelry online collection, you’ll find various varieties like Gold Plated Necklace, Gold Plated Pendants, Gold Plated Earrings, Gold Plated Bracelets, Gold Plated Bangles, etc. you’ll choose and find any Best Friendly Design and category that you simply like.

There are many sorts of gold-plated jewelry online. All our designs are unique and stylish. These designs can completely define your style statement. We all know that both traditional and modern jewelry is equally popular. All our designs of gold-plated jewelry online are eye-catching. you’ll also find some charms and enhancements in our gold jewelry online collection. Gold plated jewelry is usually in fashion and stylish.

Gold plated Jewelry Set:

Gold, set in gold-plated jewelry, is coated on another sort of metal jewelry like copper, silver, etc. In counterfeit jewelry, we use alloy jewelry for gold plating. We immersed the gold jewelry during a layer of pure gold. Nowadays everyone wants to seem beautiful in this dazzling world. we will look beautiful through some accessories or nice clothes and a few fashion sense. If you furthermore may want to seem beautiful, then shop with Maroth Jewels, we offer great accessories from India with great looking gold plated jewelry, which is rich, beautiful, exquisite designs. Our gold jewelry sets have different styles and coating in various metals.

1) yellow Gold Coating:

As we told you earlier, we use silver jewelry and it’s immersed during a layer of pure gold which is 24-carat gold. This gold plating is completed with genuine and pure gold. it’s classy, beautiful, although it costs little or no compared thereto.

2) White Gold Coating:

For this sort of coating, we use a layer of white gold. During this, we dipped silver jewelry with a layer of white gold. The advantage of this coating is that it’s almost like platinum jewelry because they’re similar in color and but low cost as a comparison to platinum jewelry.

3) Rose Gold Plating:

For this sort of coating, we use a layer of rose gold. During this, we dipped silver jewelry during a rose gold layer. The advantage of this coating is, it’s beautiful and stylish.

Maroth Jewels are that the leading gold plated jewelry manufacturer from India, we offer our services worldwide. Our sole purpose is to satisfy our customers.

Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale:

Maroth Jewels may be a certified and reliable gold-plated jewelry wholesaler, manufacturer, and supplier. Our gold-plated jewelry can last for several months. Sometimes it deteriorates over time and may fade by bringing the bottom metal down. It loses its luster and fades over time. generally, the plating can last up to 2 years with proper care. The simplest thanks to affecting faded pieces of gold plating are to repeat the plate when needed. How often you’d wish to attempt to do the present relies on the thickness of the plating, the quality of the piece, the color of rock bottom metal, and therefore the thanks to wearing it.

How to Clean your Gold Plated Jewelry?

As a Gold Plated Jewelry Manufacturer, we will suggest ways that how to clean your Gold Plated Jewelry. When your gold-plated jewelry is unused, securely place it inside a zipper-lock cover or plastic box. Any moisture or sweat should be cleaned before packing the jewellery.

Whenever you would like to wash your gold plated jewelry, always clean it with warm water, and after cleaning, dry it with a soft microfiber cloth. don’t polish it by yourself, always repeat the plating from the jeweler and jewellery manufacturer.

At Maroth Jewels, we provide jewelry of equivalent quality as gold in terms of quality and style. Furthermore, our collection of gold plated jewelry has been a well-liked choice for our customers since 2010.

We are based in Jaipur, we continuously strive to supply the only quality goods and customer service to offline and online customers with delivery facilities in India.

At Maroth Jewels, we provide classy, top-quality gold jewelry in time-honored and ethnic designs and also offer more contemporary designs to match your style statement. Moving from being practical and pocket-friendly, browse our latest collection to get stunning designs that completely complement your outfits.

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