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No. 1 Authentic Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers In India

Maroth Jewels are one of the best diamond jewelry wholesalers in India. Diamonds are the most precious and famous gemstones. The diamond is a symbol of style, love, grace, memories, etc. It defines class, perfection, and purity. Diamond is used as a gemstone and it enhances the beauty and condition of the wearer.

As diamond jewelry wholesalers in India, Maroth Jewels offers a large collection of Diamond Jewelry at an affordable price. Maroth Jewels are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a custom jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. We have also customized jewelry using precious gems.

Maroth Jewels as Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India:

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India. With our presence and expertise around the globe, Maroth Jewels represent transparency, quality, and faith.  We aim to supply the precious stones legitimately to our clients without the involvement of a middleman as this process will benefit our customers because they will be dealing with wholesalers directly.  

As the best diamond jewelry wholesalers in India, We always find a way to benefit our customers. We also aim to put our nation in a place of supremacy by providing the best quality diamonds on the stage of the international market. At Maroth Jewels, we place a fixed and fair policy that helps our customers to buy diamonds at wholesale price with ease. We provide the best quality stones from our varied inventory and aim to be the best wholesalers around the globe.

Being the leading diamond exporter and manufacturer and diamond jewelry wholesalers in India, we provide all the advantages to our customers to purchase diamonds at wholesale at the best possible price.  Along with the best price and quality, we make sure to offer the best service.

Why Wholesale Diamonds?

Being Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India we suggest you If you are a reseller then always purchase your Jewelry at the wholesale price rather than retail price. Because there is definitely a price difference in the wholesale price and retail price. If we talk about the diamond business, there is a margin price between the wholesale price and retail price. 

As the best Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India, we want to tell you, if you are into a Jewelry business and want to gain profit in your Jewelry business then always buy Jewelry at wholesale price. It will be a loss deal to buy at retail price. 

For example, if a piece of diamond would cost 250$ at the wholesale price, it may cost between 350$ to 400$ at retail price. The percentage difference between wholesale and retail price may be between 50 to 100%. So for Business purposes always buy at wholesale price. 

Should I buy Diamond or Gold for investment?

For a long time, people have been buying solid yellow gold of the highest purity for investment purposes. And jewelry with stones like diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry is usually made in 14 karats and lower carat gold like 18 karats. Nowadays people are changing their minds and they are thinking in another way. They also consider diamonds as an investment.

According to industry players, diamonds give good returns. Now you can also invest in diamonds. However, like other investment options, diamonds also have pros and cons. As an investor, you should be aware of the pros and cons of your investment.

If you are planning to buy a diamond as an investment option, then you have to keep a few things in mind: –

1) The first thing is to understand the cut, carat, clarity and color of the diamond.


It is Diamond’s cut that defines Diamond’s Brightness. The better the cut, the brighter the diamonds are going to be.


Karat is a unit of purity in the diamond. It shows the weight and purity of Diamond.


The lower the amount of perfection in a diamond, the higher its clarity grade.


The value of a diamond is defined by its color. White color and colorless diamonds have the highest value.

2) The second thing is to set your budget. Make sure that if you want to invest in diamonds then it will not go beyond your budget.

3) After setting your budget the last thing is buying diamonds. Always buy only from trusted manufacturers and wholesalers.

Maroth jewels are the most trusted Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India. At Maroth Jewels, we select each diamond carefully. A diamond is usually found in its original rough form and in this form it does not display its luster. This is the critical phase because it is the phase where it is replaced by rough shiny polished diamonds. Coarse diamonds are properly tested to determine its true quality. The time taken to shine and cut the diamond stone takes a long time to transform the rough diamond into a shining beauty. Our objective is to provide polished and cut diamonds in the best state possible.

Cut alludes to what extent the finish and proportion affect the diamond’s quality and its overall appearance. The cut is reviewed from best to poor on a scale and it also incorporates the brightness, scintillation, and fire of the diamond. Precise workmanship and artistry are required to craft a precious stone so that its symmetry, polish, and propositions deliver the best magnificence.

Trustworthy Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India:

Maroth Jewels also offers loose fancy color diamonds and we want our customers to realize the value of fancy diamonds and purchase it from us.

Loose fancy color diamonds are reviewed with three criteria. Their actual color i.e, green, red, blue (or something between this tone), color (relative darkness or lightness of the tone), saturation (how weak or solid the color is). This work is done perfectly by our experts as this work is specialized and complex and it needs highly trained experts to complete this work precisely.

Maroth Jewels for Buyers

– The convenience of associating with sellers anywhere, anytime

– Wider commercial center with a wide range of suppliers and products

Maroth Jewels for Suppliers

– Enhanced visibility of the business

– Increase in credibility for the brand

– Lead in Management System

We are proud to announce that we offer the best choice of diamonds and we never disappoint the customers and try to maintain their trust intact.

Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in the Jewelry industry. Apart from Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India, We are gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers in India. You can manufacture according to your requirement. At Maroth jewels, we have set high standards about giving detailed information to our clients about the purchase they make. So they can get assured regarding the quality of the gem as it is monitored by the experts under the international standard.

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