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Custom Jewelry

Searching For The Best Custom Jewelry? Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is a verified and reliable custom jewelry manufacturer. We are a custom jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. We are responsible for supplying high-quality wholesale custom jewelry. Our sole objective is to provide high-quality wholesale jewelry at affordable prices with highly affordable services.

Maroth Jewels is a custom jewelry manufacturing company with 10+ years of experience in the jewelry industry. We supply our manufacturing jewelry worldwide. Maroth Jewels manufacture jewelry for jewelry designers, jewelry brands, and resellers. Our manufacturing process is 100% in-house and handmade.

 What is Custom Jewelry?

Custom jewelry refers to making your own design as per your requirement which is not available in the jewelry market. This type of jewelry is made by jewelry manufacturers according to the style and choice of the customers. To customize the jewelry you just have to plan your idea, submit sketches, tell the jewelry makers the weight and size of your jewelry. 

As a custom jewelry manufacturer, we offer you huge discounts on our custom jewelry products. We assure you that you will shop as you wish. We build business relationships with our customers. Custom jewelry design gives us an opportunity to turn our imagination, the idea of ​​jewelry into reality.

If you are searching for a reliable custom jewelry manufacturer from India who can assist you in making your dream jewelry, then visit our official website and submit your custom request. Maroth jewels are capable of designing and making any type of custom jewelry from the simplest to the most intricate designs. Our goal is to capture your heart and style with your favorite ornaments throughout your life.

Need for Design a Custom Jewelry:

If you want to design custom jewelry from Maroth Jewels, then all you need is a dream/idea of ​​design and our jewelry designers. There is no doubt that you have found the right online jewelry store in the form of Maroth Jewels in which you can get the appropriate jewelry according to your needs. Our designers help you choose details, weights and guide you through each step of creating a piece of custom jewelry.

Our professional and talented designers have the ability to create a jewelry design that suits you and meets your demand. If you are confused about your design, our experts understand your requirements and give you the best tips to make the perfect custom jewelry of your dreams. We also customize jewelry in gold jewelery, silver jewelry, diamond jewellery, and ornaments.

How to create Custom Jewelry?

Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is an online one-stop platform for our customers where they can find any type of jewelry under one roof. Our online store is dedicated to our customers by creating custom jewelry for them. We work as a jewelry manufacturer for jewelry designers, jewelry brands, and jewelry store owners.

At Maroth Jewels, through our custom jewelry process, we strive to provide you with an amazing experience by working with us, which is memorable, smooth and customer-focused. Here we give brief information about our optimization process: –

  1. Tell us about your design
  2. Confirm the 3D image of your design
  3. The 3D wax model
  4. Customize your jewelry 

1) Tell us about your design:-

Once you choose us as your custom jewelry manufacturer India, discuss your design ideas with our jewelry designers. For this, you need a sketch or image of your design ideas which you will have to share with us. For design ideas, you can take inspiration from nature, film, literature, and more. A sketch or image of your design ideas can help our designers easily understand your custom needs and requirements so that we can provide you with exactly what you want.

If you do not have a sketch or picture of your design idea, you can express your ideas to our designers and our designers will understand your needs and customize your jewelry according to you.

2) Confirm the 3D image of your design:

Once we receive your design idea, we will proceed with CAD designing. In CAD designing it will produce a 3D image of your design ideas. The 3D image of your design idea is a replica image of the jewelry you want to design. After the 3D image is ready, we send you the 3D image so that you can check whether the design is perfect or not.

At Maroth Jewels, we give you the opportunity to visualize your design idea with high-resolution 3D, and we will accommodate every detail about your design idea until you tell us whether the design is perfect.

3) The 3D wax model:

Once you approve the 3D image of your design, we will proceed to create the 3D wax model. The 3D wax model looks exactly like real jewelry. At Maroth Jewels, we educate the customer about the custom jewelry process and provide an amazing custom jewelry experience that makes the custom jewelry process easy.

4) Customize your jewelry:

After the above process, we send it for the casting and plating process. After all the process is complete we will send you the design image to approve it. After all this process you can get your custom jewelry. We assure you that it is made to last a lifetime and wear.

Custom Jewelry factory near me

Looking for a custom jewelry factory near you? Maroth Jewels are here to help you. Maroth Jewels Private Limited is a professional and experienced manufacturing company, which is recognized by the Government of India in terms of quality and purity of ornaments. We have a custom jewelry factory full of tools and experienced craftsmen in which we design and manufacture all kinds of jewelry with different metals.

We, at Maroth Jewels, understand the needs and requirements of our customers and we always try to fulfill them. We know that if you are searching for a custom jewelry factory near me, the means of your search is that you need a reliable jewelry factory that can manufacture your jewelry and meet your needs and requirements. In this condition, Maroth Jewel is always ready to help you design your perfect jewelry for you.

In our custom jewelry factory, we have a team full of experts and talented workers who can help you with your jewelry requirements. Whatever your requirement, our experts can solve it for you. The jewelry in our jewelry factory is highly crafted with precious and fine metals. We have our customers all over the world and we can proudly say that they are completely satisfied with us.

Custom Jewelry manufacturer near me

If you are searching for a custom jewelry manufacturer near me, then we are the right choice for you. We, at Maroth Jewels, have an experienced and talented team responsible for making your imagination a reality. Our designers design unique and latest jewelry as per the latest trend.If you are searching for elegant and handmade designs around you, look no further than Maroth jewels private limited.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer, wholesaler, and Exporter

Are you looking for a certified Custom jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter? Then you are at the appropriate place. Maroth Jewels is the best Custom jewellery manufacturer for the last 10 years. We have our jewelry factory where we design, craft and cast jewelry products located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

India is known as the center of traditional jewelry because women in India like to wear ornaments with almost every dress. In India, women love to behold them by wearing matching jewelry with matching outfits. Traditional and heavy jewelry is famous for any occasion, wedding, anniversary, etc.

We are a jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of gold and silver metals. As we mentioned above, we are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Jaipur is also known as a Gemstone city. In the past, Jaipur was a city mostly for royal families. Even today people come to see the historic buildings of those Royal Families as tourists. Some of them are very famous as- amber fort, Jaygarh fort, Nahargarh fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, and many more. 

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer for Resellers:

We, at Maroth Jewels, work as a jewellery manufacturer for resellers, jewelry designers, and jewelry brands, we work as their private label jewelry manufacturer for them. For this, we manufacture jewelry for them according to their requirement and supply them at wholesale price. 

As their private label jewelry manufacturer, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for them. In this we sign an agreement between the manufacturing company and the buyer to not disclose the confidentiality of both the former and the latter.

As a jewellery manufacturer, we provide all types of jewelry to our customers such as: –

1) Gold Jewelry:

Gold jewelry is designed by our expert craftsmen and experienced workers on the basis of the latest trendy designs. The metal used to craft gold jewelry in Maroth Jewels is 14k gold, 22k gold, and 24k gold.

Being a jewellery manufacturer, we provide high-quality jewelry as our entire craft and casting process is completed in-house and by hand. We have a huge range of gold jewelry. We also provide customization options for our customers. They can customize the jewelry according to your requirement.

2) Silver Jewelry:

In silver jewelry for purity, we use sterling silver. We are a certified 925 silver jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter. We use the 925 Sterling Silver range for high quality. At Maroth jewels, we continuously strive to meet the demands and needs of our customers on various types of jewelry.

We have various categories in silver jewelry: – Silver rings, silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver pendants, silver bracelets, bangles, silver charms and enhancers, silver carabiner locks and more. We have exclusive designs in silver jewelry as per the latest trends.

3) Gold Diamond Jewelry:

At Maroth Jewels, we use the pave setting to set diamonds into gold and silver jewelry. We have a fantastic design collection of gold and diamond jewelry. We combine our hard work and quality of jewelry to bring out the best in every personal jewelry at a truly exceptional price. We also customize jewelry including gold and diamond jewelry; Our stunning collection of gold and diamond jewelery is specially designed to suit our customers’ preferences.

4) Jewelry manufacture using Gemstones:

Diamond is also a precious gemstone. Along with Diamond, we make jewelry from other precious and semi-precious stones. Being a jewellery manufacturer, we also offer customization options in gemstone jewelry. Our customers can choose the gemstone color size and cut as per their choice. We offer our customers to make their own masterpiece. We have a huge range of different gemstones. 

Jewellery wholesalers for Resellers:

If you are looking for a jewellery manufacturer and wholesaler to manufacture jewelry for your jewelry business, look no further than Maroth Jewels. We work with various metals such as gold, silver, etc., and also for jewellery studded with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gems.

We manufacture everything related to the jewelry field like plain chains, necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, bangles etc. Our stunning designs in our jewelry collection can match with any outfit and enhance the personality of the wearer.

We provide a guarantee for the purity and value of the metal. Jewelry designers, brands and resellers can choose Maroth Jewels as their jewellery manufacturer.

If you are a reseller and you need a wholesaler of jewelry, then Maroth Jewels is the right choice for you. Maroth Jewels is a reliable and certified custom jewellery manufacturer that works with jewelry resellers. We empower their jewelry business by manufacturing jewelry for them.

Buying wholesale jewelry online from Maroth Jewels has its advantages. Some of them are mentioned below: –

  1. If you buy wholesale jewelry online, you will be able to see more than thousands of designs of jewellery of different metals from all over the world on the same platform.
  2. You can get jewelry less competitively at wholesale prices than at retail stores.
  3. You can check the rating or read the comment to review the jewelry. You can find out the quality of jewelry products by doing this.
  4. You can find our certification on our website. So that you can choose the right vendor.

If you are a reseller, you can log in here: –

About Maroth Jewels:

At Maroth Jewels, we believe in honesty, trust, commitment, promise, regularity, and building a loyal relationship with our customers. We aim to satisfy our customers with our services. We will try to create and provide the best designs that are unique and on-trend. Our professional expertise produces fine and competitive work for everyone in the jewelry industry.

We assure to provide hassle free payment options and delivery options. We are a verified and reliable jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter in the jewelry industry and we are well known for our beautiful designs and satisfactory services. You can contact us through WhatsApp or mail.

Our WhatsApp No. :- +91 8003816293

Email:- [email protected]

We design jewelry nickel and lead-free so that it does not harm any skin tone. Maroth Jewels is your one-stop platform where you can find thousands of plus designs available at once. We have updated our jewelry design collection regularly.

As a jewellery manufacturer, we have our own jewelry factory which completes the process of design, craft, manufacture and artists.

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