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100 % Certified Custom Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer

Maroth Jewels is the best custom diamond jewelry manufacturer. Maroth Jewels is the leading custom diamond jewelry manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler in India. We create eye-catching and unique designs according to our customers’ needs. All of our diamond necklaces have a distinctive design and a special touch to them.

Why Diamond Choose for your Jewelry :

There are many reasons why diamonds are used in our jewelry. When a diamond is cut into various shapes, it glows and reflects light. In addition, the diamond melts at a very high melting point due to its hardness. When used in jewelry, it is very attractive to look at and is also valuable.

Diamond is the hardest material on earth because of this, diamond is very famous. Its sparkling fire, durability and rarity make Diamond is the foremost the most prized of all gems. There is no attraction and interest in any gemstone like a diamond. Most diamonds that are used as gems are colorless or very yellow.

 Diamonds have been in existence since the beginning of civilization. Even though the idea of ​​customized diamonds existed from the age of the royal era where the king and queen ruled.

The queen had diamonds specially designed for herself while others in the palace preferred to wear ordinary jewelry. At the present time, the trend of wearing customized diamond jewelry is increasing.

Talented designers:

We at Maroth Jewels have our most unique team of designers. They are highly experienced in customized diamond designing. We are a highly experienced Custom Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer. Our team excels in crafting the latest diamond design. 

As per the demand of our customers who wish to design the diamond of their choice, we pair them with our designers. They will also give you suggestions on how to improve the designs to make you look royal all the time.

Special designs for the brides:

It is the dream of every bride to look beautiful on the special day of their wedding. Bridal shopping for diamonds is the most amazing thing to do during wedding shopping. 

As a Custom Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, Maroth Jewels have an exclusive diamond design that is perfect to give you a feeling of a queen on your wedding day. You can also modify and make it a customized piece with the help of our professional designers. Not only the brides but even the grooms can get their customized diamond ready from us.

Customized diamond ring:

Pretty much every culture has acknowledged rings as the symbol of love and engagement. Gifting your loved one a diamond ring is a common culture so why not make this common culture special by gifting a customized ring? 

You can design your customized diamond ring or else we can suggest to you for better ideas. You can also Personalize your Diamond Jewelry in which you can choose a diamond ring and then imprint the words on the ring. We will try our best to make the ring unique to you. Proposing your dear one with a beautiful customized ring will express your feelings through the ring making your moment more memorable.

Customization Jewelry process:-

We, Maroth Jewels are a reputed Custom Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer. We work with Jewelry designers and Jewelry Brands. We have experience from decades, Maroth Jewels are a reliable, trusty custom Diamond Jewelry manufacturer. 

Our customers are those who owned any Jewelry firm or have any brand or those who are Jewelry designers and due to our trustworthiness, hard work, and manufacturing process, our customers loved our work and were willing to work with us. We are an expert custom Diamond Jewelry manufacturer, if you want to customize your diamond Jewelry from us you have to follow some steps:-

1) Image/Sketch of Jewelry Design:

If you want to customize your diamond Jewelry and you have inspiration in your mind about the design and also have an image, then upload the image at our website.

If you don’t have any image/rough sketch you can elaborate on the design. We can create the sketch for you and will take approval for the final design.

2) Choose the Diamond Quality :

After uploading the image you have to choose the metal that you want to use with your diamond. We provide Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and silver. You can also choose the purity of gold that is 14 karat, 18 karat,s or 22 karats. you can also choose the diamond quality.

3) Get price Quotation of Jewelry:

Once your design is confirmed our team will reach you within 7 days. We will also share the 3D designs of your final design to approve it. You will also get the price estimate before manufacturing the Jewelry. Once you approve the design and price we will proceed and craft it.

4) Delivery of your customized Diamond Jewelry:-

Once your Customized Jewelry is ready it will be shipped and delivered to you as soon as possible.

We as a Custom Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer:

Maroth Jewels are one of the leading Custom Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers around the globe. We believe our customers should enjoy wearing jewelry of their choice. This is one of the essential reasons for us to become the best custom diamond jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler.

  • One of the best custom Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer
  • All types of customization Jewelry are possible.
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Best Quality

Sometimes you may like the design of your friend’s necklace or you may see an attractive piece in the magazine. You may have visited several stores in search of the same diamond necklace or even spent hours searching it online but still, you are disappointed. 

Not anymore, you just have to show the design to us and our team will prepare the exact piece or even modify it if you need it. Moreover, if you do not have any image of the jewelry, you can explain it to us and our experienced team will try to draw the design in your mind. After your confirmation for the particular design, we will manufacture it, especially on your demand.

The customised diamond we manufacture is not only elegant but excellent in standard and quality.

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