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Inexpensive Custom 14k Gold Necklace Manufacturer

Maroth Jewels are the best Custom 14k gold necklace Manufacturer. At Maroth Jewels, We are Manufacturing Gold Jewelries, Silver Jewelries and also customize them.

We are the leading 14k Solid Gold Necklace Manufacturer worldwide. We are also regarded as the best wholesaler, supplier, and exporter of 14k solid gold in the international market.

Trusted 14k Gold Necklace Manufacturer Company

Maroth Jewels are the trusted Gold Necklace Manufacturer company. Our team is always ready to guide you in every step. All our team members are professionally trained. Our craftsmen are some of the best jewelry designers in the market; they make sure each of your designs is unique to others. Moreover, all our designs are created by our in-house team so you need not worry about the quality.

Being a Gold Necklace Manufacturer Company We Keep in mind that you are aware of our manufacturing Process.

At Maroth Jewels, We provide Handmade Custom Jewelry, So you can Customize it in your own way.

The necklace is made of?

Being a Gold Necklace Manufacturer, we make a necklace through a combination of a string of stone and a chain. The necklace is a piece Consisting of a string of stones or the like or a chain of gold, silver, or other metal for wearing around the Neck.

We can also add Gemstones to it to make it look lighter and unique. We provide Unique Designs to our clients, Jewelry has the power that can make you feel unique.

Explore the golden dream of your customized necklace with 14k gold. Today there is a huge trend of wearing a gold necklace that essentially suits the person’s everyday wardrobe. Many celebrities are seen wearing gold necklaces and even the media have editorialized the fashion trend of wearing personalized 14k gold jewelry. 

A well designed 14k personalized necklace is the ideal starting piece of the focal point of a person’s look. Discover and create the ideal piece of 14k gold necklace at Maroth Jewels that will make anybody shine with excellence.

Gold Necklace is Ideal for :

Gold necklaces are exquisite and suit all different kinds of outfits. With the gaining popularity of personalized 14k gold necklaces, it has become the mainstream choice amongst many. 

Explore what causes your 14k gold necklace to tarnish:

Your personalized 14k gold necklace can beautifully last for years. However, the contact of wrong chemicals, which is leftover on the surface of jewelry can darken the gold jewelry more quickly. 

There are a lot of chemicals with which you come in contact every day. Thus, you should be aware of the things that cause your gold jewelry to tarnish. Check out the common factors that usually cause your jewelry to tarnish.

Hot Tubs and Pools:

Avoid getting into a hot tub or pool with your jewelry on. This will be a nasty bath that will ruin your gold jewelry. The chlorine present in the pool which is used to kill harmful bacteria can be harsh on your gold jewelry and they even absorb more in hot tubs.

Body Chemistry:

The feared “body science” is somewhat of a special case. This is because everybody has different hormones and different things may release out of your pores which creates a troublesome factor to make sure about. This is one of the factors that causes your gold jewelry to tarnish more quickly than other people.

If you have worn 14k gold before, you will be aware of how it works and adjusts to your skin. For about 90 percent of people, 14k gold is a perfect match they experience its spark for all the years they have been using.

Getting Sweaty:

Your sweat contains many chemicals. Depending on your body type and the medications you are taking, it could vary on your gold jewelry. Thus, you should take off your gold jewelry while you work out.


Hairspray, lotions, perfumes, and more importantly sunscreen is the worst enemy of your gold jewelry. Try to use these products less when you are wearing gold jewelry or else put your jewelry at last when you are done using all these products.

Why buy Jewelry from us?

At Maroth Jewels, We provide you the world’s best Jewelry, All Jewelry is hand-designed by us. Our entire process of designing Jewelry is in house.

We are the best 14k Gold Necklace Manufacturer. We provide you the best service at Maroth Jewels. Our Team Members are Very helpful. At Maroth Jewels, We Provide Customized Jewelry along with Manufacturing Jewelry.

You can get us to design Jewelry as per your wish. If you want to order something, You can contact us through our website or email.

Feel free to contact us, we will always be present at your service. Our delivery service is also good and so fast.

Being a Gold Necklace Manufacturer :

As we are the gold necklace manufacturer, So with Maroth Jewels, you can ideally design your 14k gold necklaces at budget-friendly prices. We are the direct manufacturers of jewelry, thus you can freely create your designs without bothering about the budget. 

We are also the best Custom 14k gold necklace manufacturer in the industry. The designs we create are durable and strong and the golden glow of the necklace will enhance your entire look. We will strive to turn all your visions into life. Let’s together work on your 14k necklace piece and create it into a sight to adore.

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