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Best Custom 14k gold Carabiner Lock manufacturer

Maroth Jewels manufacture a 14k gold carabiner and provide you custom 14K gold Carabiner Lock manufacturer. Nowadays gold Carabiner Lock has become very popular because we can use Carabiner Lock as we want, We can wear it by itself or we can use it to stack our collection. People are generally confused because Carabiner Lock is available with so many options ranging from white gold, gold-filled, gold plated, 9k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold,  and many more.

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So what is perfect for your 14k gold carabiner lock? Let’s explore it today.

The best choice for your gold carabiner is 14k gold. However, 14k gold is popular among the metal of gold jewelry. Moreover, 14k gold is also an affordable option. Maroth Jewels are the best 14k gold carabiner Lock manufacturer. Maroth Jewels provide Carabiner Lock in many shapes like Heart, Oval rectangle, Star, Bolt, Cross, and Butterfly Or you can customize the design according to your choice. With us, you will find it easy to get your imaginary design of carabiner to real.

Why Custom 14k gold Carabiner Lock Manufacturer?

The purity of 14k gold:

The purity is measured in Karats. The scale’s usual range is among 10-24  Karats. The higher level of  Karat, the level of purity is higher in its mixture. we have a vast collection of 14K gold Carabiner Lock manufacturers.

Composition of 14k gold Carabiner lock:

When accessories and jewelry are made from gold, it is not completely pure. The reason behind this is that pure gold is extremely soft. When any metal is very soft, it can easily get damaged and therefore it can lose its original shape. To retain the quality of the gold and to keep it hard other metals are mixed with it. This mixture is referred to as metal alloy. 14k has a higher alloy percentage which keeps the metal hardened. Moreover 14k gold contains almost 60 percent of pure gold. The higher the gold the higher is its Karatage.

Colors you can choose for your 14k gold carabiner lock:

14k gold is accessible in a variety of appealing colors other than the signature yellow gold. Indeed, you can discover 14k gold in rose gold, white gold. Currently,  there is also a trend of black gold. The shade of 14K gold is decided by which propositions and metals are utilized in the compound mixture.

Yellow gold custom 14k carabiner lock  Manufacturer:

You may be wondering that yellow gold is acquired through nature. This is just partially true. The original gold is mined, it requires an alloy to keep the metal hard. Yellow gold of 14k is mixed with silver and copper to acquire a warm yellow color.  When you compare 14k gold with other 24k and 18k, you will notice that 14k gold appears softer because of the lower amount of pure gold utilized in an alloy.

White gold custom 14k carabiner Manufacturer:

Cherished for its exquisite and shining completion, 14K white gold is blended in with the silver metals to make a crisp, clean white color. There will be a touch of faint, soft yellow since the primary material utilized is yellow gold.

At Maroth Jewels, you will come across attractive and a wide variety of Custom 14k gold carabiner. At Maroth Jewels, you can pick up the design wisely with proper guidance, we are always present to help you. We are the best custom 14k gold carabiner manufacturer in the industry. We will also send a design proof to ensure whether the design is as per your expectation.
You can also make additional changes to it if required. We hope, together we can build a great bond creating unique jewelry.

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