Top Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers, Supplier & Wholesalers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Aug 25, 2023
Top Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers, Supplier & Wholesalers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


What is Pave Diamond Jewelry?

The Word Pave refers to the effect of “paving” a jewelry surface with small diamonds. It is done by fitting and laying the diamond into those holes which are directly drilled into the metal.

The pave diamond is diligently carved out into our trademark jewelry which is done by our technique who is an expert in jewelry casting. Then the jewelry is provided to our customers at a reasonable price.

In Pave setting the surface of Jewelry is studded with small diamonds. These diamonds are held in place with metal tongs or beads, forming a row of small diamonds continuously.

Are Pave Diamonds Cheap?

The word Pave means  setting and Pave diamonds are a setting of small diamonds. A pave set diamond ring is often a lot cheaper than other types of diamond rings because it is paved with smaller diamonds.

Maroth Jewels use ethically sourced diamonds in our jewelry. This accomplishes our objectives i.e design jewelry and source diamond and provides a one-stop destination to our customers. 

Thus, our jewelry and diamonds are priced much lower than other jewelry manufacturers in India.

How do you tell if Pave Diamonds are Real?

Maroth Jewels is a certified Pave Diamond jewelry manufacturer so we can tell you whether pave Diamonds are Genuine? There is some guide-line which confirms Pave diamonds are real or not.

  • Observe that diamonds are securely placed in their places, there should not be any stones that move when touched.

  • Inspect the paved surface, it should be smooth. Sometimes, there are stones that are out of alignment because they were not set properly. Check that the stones are set properly.

  • Check that there are no stones that have been broken, or otherwise damaged.

  • The stones should be set next to each other, and they can also touch, but they should not overlap.

  • Prongs should not stick out.

  • Prongs should not be too big or too small.

How to Evaluate Pave Diamonds in Jewelry?

To determine the quality of paved diamonds, we need to know four things. The value of paved diamonds depends on color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

1. Color :-

Like other diamonds, the more colorless the paved diamonds are, the higher their value is.

2. Clarity :-

The higher the clarity grade of paved diamonds, the higher their value.

3. Cut:-

The cut affects the shine and luster, and when it comes to diamonds the best way to evaluate them is to look at the set of stones and see how bright it looks.

4. Size:-

As we mentioned, paved diamonds are smaller, and smaller diamonds cost less per carat.

Why Should You Buy Pave Diamond Jewelry? 

Pave jewellery is trending nowadays. There are many reasons behind people choosing to pave diamond jewellery over regular diamond jewellery. 

Here are some main reason 

  1. Pave diamond jewellery manufacturers like us provide the best quality that people wish for. And that's a reason people are shifting to pave jewellery. 

  2. When you buy pave diamond jewellery, you get a diamond-like spark at less price. Pave setting gives an illusion of a bigger diamond. In reality, the pave setting uses a smaller diamond, which makes pave jewellery cheap and beautiful. 

  3. Pave jewellery looks extremely beautiful in a modern and vintage look. Like you can buy modern pave jewellery or vintage jewellery; both things will compliment your look. 

Reasons for Choosing Diamond As Jewelry :

Diamond jewelry is always preferred by maximum people. The reason for choosing diamonds is they glitter a lot and are very attractive, diamonds are very much old enough due to that reason diamonds are very costly. 

Diamond jewelry is used for all different purposes. Diamond is very expensive so people try to get the diamond touch. Some questions come to mind when choosing diamond jewelry, so here we answer some of them.

Pave Diamond Jewelry is the Top Most Jewelry Among All Jewelry

When it comes to Pave diamond jewelry manufacturer from India, the first thing that flashes in our minds is the engagement ring. Diamond is the costliest and attractive jewelry for marriage and engagement. 

In case you have any particular design in your mind then our in-house designers will be pleased to create your ideal design with our tailor-made service. Moreover, we assist you in choosing the perfect metal, diamonds, and designs for your loved ones and you to make your occasion even more special.

Our Top 5 Pave Diamond Jewelry

  • Pave diamond rings
  • Pave diamond earrings
  • Pave diamond necklaces
  • pave Diamond Pendants
  • Pave diamonds Carabiner Lock

According to a different market survey, youngsters prefer diamonds for their engagement rings. The main cause to choose a diamond is it glitters very attractively and is very expensive. People are attracted by seeing diamond jewelry.

Things to Remember While Buying Pave Diamond Jewelry

Although you are perfect at buying things, you should consider some essential points before buying pave jewellery. 

Here are the things you need to remember while buying pave diamond jewellery. 

  • Always go for a reputed buyer like Maroth jewels 

  • Check the design of jewellery properly 

  • Check the diamond shapes & cut 

  • Check how the diamonds look in different lighting  

  • Pay attention to the style of jewellery 

  • Check the size of the Jewellery 

  • Check for purity of the diamond 

  • Always check colour, clarity and carat weight 

How to Get the Best Pave Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer in India & the US? 

A customer always searches for the best & Maroth jewels to fulfil this requirement of the buyer. Choosing a best seller is crucial to get good pave diamond jewellery. Maroth jewels are starting the journey by providing the best quality pave jewellery. 

Here's your guide to choosing the best pave diamond jewellery manufacturer. 

  • Check the trustable buyer 

  • Check for the authority of the buyer 

  • Check the online reviews before buying from a creation buyer

Where to Buy Pave Diamond Jewellery Wholesale at a Fair Price? 

Looking to buy pave diamond jewellery at an affordable price. We got you covered. We at Maroth jewels are very optimistic about jewellery prices. We give customers the best price so they can buy their dream pave diamond jewellery without a second thought. 

We are a wholesale seller of pave diamond jewellery and provide the jewellery to customers at the best price. If you are into pave diamond jewellery, you must know diamond doesn’t come cheap, but the thing matter is quality. And from Maroth jewels, you will get quality at a very affordable price. 

So don’t look further and buy pave jewellery from the best pave diamond jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur. 

Pave Diamond in Maroth Jewels 

Maroth Jewels is the leading pave diamond jewelry manufacturer from India. Pave setting is very important where small diamonds are set very much closer using small metal beads. We are regularly providing the latest designs of jewelry.  

Customers are getting attracted to the reasonable price of different jewelry collections. Maroth Jewels are also valued as the best Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer from India of the latest new trendy designs in the present jewelry sector.

Maroth Jewels the name itself carries its heritage as a Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer from India. Maroth Jewels Concentrate on jewelry making with pave diamond jewelry.

We are also known for manufacturing the latest designs in the jewelry sector. Since jewelry is truly for everyone so We always take care of the design, product, and price. We ensure purity that advocates towards Pave Diamond Jewelry. Maroth jewels are the most trusted Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer from India of the very best Pave Diamond Jewelry.

Why Choose Us For Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer?

Maroth Jewels is an affiliate of pave diamond jewelry manufacturer and also a jewelry exporter in the industry. Our diamond jewelry is manufactured and designed by our talented skilled craftsmen. 

We use ethically sourced diamonds in our jewelry. This accomplishes our objectives i.e design jewelry and source diamond and provides a one-stop destination to our customers. Thus, our jewelry and diamonds are priced much lower than other jewelry manufacturers in India.

In case you have any particular design in your mind then our in-house designers will be pleased to create your ideal design with our tailor-made service. Moreover, we assist you in choosing the perfect metal, diamonds, and designs for your loved ones and you to make your occasion even more special.

Our Vision As a Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer

Maroth Jewels have the vision to be at the forefront of innovation and technology in pave diamond jewelry and also to deliver the best customer service. Our company’s success is defined in commitment, excellence, integrity, and teamwork.

We are a leading Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, we strongly focus on product development, customer relationship management, and innovation. Although we supply pave diamond jewelry, we are still flexible and prepared to meet the demands and needs of every client’s specific requirements.

The entirety of our activities is joined by a client-centric methodology, based on a long-lasting and strong relationship. We value our creativity, service, quality, relationships, innovation, and craftsmanship. These are the significant fixings to the 360° responsibility of our company.

Best Pave Diamond Hoops Supplier in India & the US

Maroth jewels are a prominent supplier of pave diamond jewellery in India and the US. We have available an entire category of pave jewellery. From hoops to rings, you name it, and we have it. 

An experienced team makes us stand out in the crowd. If you are into pave diamond jewellery, you must know a dedicated supplier is essential to serve the best. 

And we confidently say we are serving our customers best. If you are searching for a diamond hoops supplier in India and the US. We are at your service; we sell pendants, earrings, rings, chains and many more. We provide wholesale pave diamond pendants as well. 

Our Custom Jewelry Manufacturing Service

We are the Leading Pave Diamond Jewelry manufacturer so Our focus is to add value for our customers by giving customized administration as best as possible to help them to take their venture to the next level. Utilizing our global presence and experience, we likewise support our clients with market trends, detailed analytics, promotion opportunities, and branding ideas.

1. Innovation with skilled craftsmanship:

Our innovative team is continually pushing the advancement boundaries supported by robust development and research promoting items that are the pipeline of the items in the future.

2. Creativity:

At Maroth Jewels, creativity includes breaking out of built-up examples and letting go of certainties to take a look at things alternately. The drive to consolidate something new and fresh is the thing that we live for. This has significantly impacted our way to deal with design and creativity. The vibe of wonder on our clients’ faces when they see something they have never observed fills our creativity.

3. Quality & Craftsmanship:

For us, quality isn’t a demonstration yet a propensity and these are reflected by the parameters and standards we implement. When we conquer perfection, we follow excellence in the things we do. Our quality pave diamond jewelry designs are popular among our clients. It is the art of communicating in the unwritten language that permits us to recount a story through each piece of pave diamond jewelry we manufacture for you.

4. Relationship:

We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients. We try to build a cordial relationship so our business relationship remains enjoyable and transparent. Sales may vary but service will last forever!

Maroth Jewels Private Limited is a pave diamond jewelry manufacturer in India. We have all micron pave setting designer jewelry collections in earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, and bangles with diamonds and natural gemstones.

Maroth Jewels Private Limited is a BIS-certified Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer from India. Maroth Jewelry is a Leading and Trustable Company For 11 years all over the world.

Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer from India

Maroth Jewels always try their level best to provide very trendy and proper quality jewelry to their jewelry designers. Jewelry is the symbol of culture and royalty for Indian Culture. Jewelry raises high at the need of any special occasion. 

Maroth Jewels always prefer to provide the latest trendy fashionable diamond jewelry. We manufacturers the jewelry in so well manner that the PAVE DIAMOND does not have any kind of damage.

However there won’t be any kind of damage or falling of stone, but We always ensure for the replacement offered on pave style rings. Maroth Jewels always have a center of attention on trendy diamond settings like Pave, channel micro Pave, and many more for best diamond jewelry manufacturing. 

Maroth Jewels are the best Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers India. Maroth Jewels are specialized in the manufacturing Pave diamond jewelry. We offer the best quality pave diamond jewelry in 14k gold and 18k gold and also custom jewelry services such as tailor-made jewelry which is perfect for your budget.

We have the best collections of trendy diamond bangles, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and many more for our clients. We always concentrate on the configurations of Pave Diamond settings. The diamonds are properly inserted in the holes around the ring.

We are the reputed jewelers with whom you can avail the best PAVE DIAMOND Jewelry casting. We are one of the respected as well as reputed Pave Diamond jewelry manufacturer from India. We do have many years of experience in the field of jewelry manufacturing and selling business. 

The most and only single motto of ours is to provide quality and the best and latest trendy design diamond jewelry to our precious customers at a pocket-friendly cost. As we mentioned above we are the pave diamond Jewelry manufacturer from India so you can order your Jewelry through the website, Email, or Contact Number

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Please get in touch with us and share your ideas if you have personalized jewelry or are searching for a private label jewelry manufacturer. In accordance with your suggestions, we will make and present genuine jewelry.

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