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Pave Diamond Pendants Wholesale : Shop at Stylish Prices

Aug 25, 2023
Pave Diamond Pendants Wholesale : Shop at Stylish Prices


When you go to a jewelry shop, you see various designs of pendants, rings, necklaces etc. One of these designs is pave diamond in which small diamonds are tied together to shape a pendant on a metal frame such as gold or silver.


Jewelry sellers around India buy the jewelry in great quantities to make profits off the deal. They look for a deal which costs them much less than they sell. Therefore, keeping the pricing and quality of the jewels in mind, we will tell you the best pave diamond pendant wholesaler and why so.

What Are Pave Diamond Pendants?

These diamond pendants are sparkly because each small diamond stone is wired in a way that they stick to each other to form a shiny, reflecting surface. They could be in any design, whether it's your name's initials or some pattern you want to wear around your neck.


One thing people doubt about these pendants is that the diamonds could fall off the pendant. Well, the answer is that the diamonds could be lost only if the jewelry is in regular use because that way, the metal used could loosen its strength to hold the diamond.

Buying Pave Diamond Pendants from Maroth Jewels in Wholesale 

If you are specially looking for a jewelry wholesaler then Maroth Jewels is the right place for you because it is India's one of the best jewelry wholesalers. They are one of the leading pave diamond starburst designer pendant jewelry manufacturers. Let us tell you why we believe in their customer service and jewelry.


They believe in variety and that's why you can find an uncountable number of different designs on their website. In addition to the designs, the quality of the pave diamond pendants is better than any other wholesaler in the market you would find.

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Why Should You Buy Pave Diamond Pendants From Wholesale?

Most of the pave diamond pendants are made in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Well, Maroth Jewels could be one of the choices on your list of buying a pave diamond pendant because they are based in Jaipur. To add, the pave diamond pendants are the best made in Jaipur only. More on the quality later, these pendants can be yours within your budget.


Because there are many other pave diamond pendant wholesalers based in Jaipur, they are not sold out of your range. Maroth Jewels is the one manufacturing and designing these pendants so there are a bunch of designs available on the official website. The word of quality of these pendants is that they are durable and the diamonds won't wear out or lose their shine if they are kept carefully.

How To Figure The Best One Out?

To conclude after summing everything up, there are an uncountable number of wholesalers out there deciding the best of them takes a few things to consider.


The first one is their quality of work. Some wholesalers do not own any good reviews while some do. Some have a lot of orders placed, some don't. This is where you determine the quality of their product.


The second one is their prices. For the same product with the same quality, you might be paying a little more which seems unfair so, you must compare the prices before you finalize.


The third one is what extra effort they make. For instance, one wholesaler might be providing a personalized pendant on demand while the other may not. If the deal seems fair to you, close it.

Why Should Maroth Jewels Be The One To Choose?


With maroth jewels, you get better deals than any other jewelry wholesaler on pave diamond pendant wholesale. More on the financial decisions later, you also get 24/7 support which means no permanent trouble to bother you. Also, if you find any issue with the order within a week of shipment, just send it back. You can return whatever you dislike just like a piece of cake!


Not just the 7-day return policy, you can also order pieces of pendants according to your needs and however you want. For example, on their website itself there is a stock of pendants with alphabetical letters carved or combinations of letters carved within a single pendant - perfect for couples. Now taking the financial talks in hands, all the payments you make stay secure.

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How Are Maroth Jewels' Products?

Well, we have talked much about how the deals are better, now we'll talk about how the products are better with three different qualities - quality, choices, and variety.

1.  Small diamonds, excellent strength

All the diamonds are stuck to the metal perfectly so that they don't get loose and fall off the pendant easily. Unlike other pave diamond pendant wholesalers in the market, all the diamonds are placed carefully and tied together with the metal.

2.  Personalized pendants

If you are looking for a pendant specially designed for your engagement or someone special then maroth jewels do accept such orders. You get exactly what you expect, your mind to life.

3.  All the metals are here

Yes, you can get your pendant's diamonds tied to any metal you would like to wear. It could be 14k white gold, silver…or platinum. Our store has all the varieties from a snake shaped pave diamond pendant, to alphabetical letters carved.

4.  Handmade jewelry 

Handmade jewelry is better than the ones carved with some machinery because of their excellent strength. More because the diamonds are tied together with more fine sight, they stay together and less are the chances of them loosening and falling.

This way, you get all the things at one place. Some wholesalers sell at pocket-friendly prices so their product quality isn't quite good. Some wholesalers sell high-quality products then their prices are higher than anywhere you see. Maroth Jewels fulfills everything you need.


There are an uncountable number of pave diamond pendant wholesalers but we carved the best ones for you to shape the pot with the clay. The Maroth Jewels could be your go to the deal so check their products out here!