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Pave Diamond Clasp Wholesale

Aug 26, 2023
Pave Diamond Clasp Wholesale


All the fancy necklaces have clasps, which work as a hook for the necklace. Sometimes, these clasps are also worn in rings. Anyway, they are made of different metals and different designs such as fishhooks, lobster clasps, etc. Meanwhile, fishhooks are the most popular ones among them.

Talking about the design, diamond clasps have their own shine. In the market, sellers can find normal gold design clasps and also fancy pave diamond clasps. Buying from the pave diamond clasp wholesale which offers quality of the clasps as well as good profits seems like a good deal.

What Are Pave Diamond Clasps?

Pave diamond is a design in which small diamonds are tied together in the form of clasps, pendants, and other forms of jewelry. Those who are interested in wearing glistening strings with shiny hooks around their neck, pave diamond design is the perfect choice.

The pave diamond clasps come in different shapes such as pave diamond lobster clasps. For these lobster clasps, one can look for pave diamond lobster clasp wholesale to get a chunk of them and sell them in the market.

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What Is It Like To Buy From Pave Diamond Clasp Wholesale?

Honestly, your experience could vary from seller to seller. You may not get what you are looking for all at one place. With this being said, we mean to say that somewhere you may get the quality you want but at high rates and vice-versa.

So, where do you go in such a situation? Maroth Jewels is a perfect name to say here. They are the leading jewelry wholesalers in India & the USA who sell not just pave diamond clasps but also other jewelry in the same design such as pave diamond pendants.

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When you buy pave diamond clasp from wholesale, you should consider the two things if you are new to the industry.

1.  Diamonds & The Strings

In the pave design, small diamonds are tied together with the metal string to the metal. So, when you buy them from an untrustworthy wholesaler, you must consider checking the diamonds because if they loosen, they will fall and get lost.

2.  Pricing

Some wholesalers might charge you more than the others regardless of the quality they sell the pave diamond clasp in. Thus, you must compare the prices and rates at different wholesalers in order to choose the most convenient one financially.

3.  Handmade Clasps

 All the pave diamond jewelry they design are handmade which indirectly contributes to the durability of the clasps. In addition, all the diamonds are held tightly by the strings and do not loosen within a short span of time wearing regularly.

 However, one must take care of them for their long-term shimmer.

Anyway, we have already done this lengthy job for you so you don't have to waste your precious time going back and forth finding the best wholesaler.

Who Is Maroth Jewels?

Maroth Jewels is one of the leading silver and gold jewelry manufacturers & wholesalers in India & the USA, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They have a wide variety of jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, clasps, earrings, etc. In diamonds, one of the most popular designs is the pave diamond design. This is why people chose us as the pave diamond clasp wholesaler in the first place.

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We not only offer pave diamond designs but also sometimes accept customized orders and that makes them unique. Their quality of work is unmatched by any other wholesaler.

Why Choose Maroth Jewels?

As we just described the quality of their products, the diamonds are tied together with no unnecessary spaces left. Also, the diamonds that they use have enough shine to glimmer your special days. Moreover, they are tightly held by the gold/silver strings so they don't fall off very easily.

In conclusion, Maroth Jewels are the masters of the pave diamond design. Another thing that we told you about was that they accept customized orders sometimes. So, you can make your jewelry shop special by having different and unique designs.

Maroth Jewels & Lobster Clasp

Lobster clasps are usually used in necklaces and sometimes, lobster ring clasps are worn in rings. No matter which way, Maroth Jewels are known to be experts in pave diamond lobster clasp wholesale.

The only difference that comes with this specific clasp is that the boundary of it is covered with diamonds instead of a huge part of the clasp. Otherwise, they are beautiful just like any other clasp.

Are Maroth Jewels Affordable?

Yes, the jewelry wholesaler is really affordable in comparison to the other wholesalers based in India. Maroth Jewels know that the jewelry sellers want to earn good profits choosing a wholesaler. Thus, they do the best possible part in finances for their customers.

With anything, Maroth Jewels is the best jewelry wholesaler in the jewelry industry  because rarely does someone provide both quality of the jewels within the best budget possible.

What Are The Policies Maroth Jewels Follow?

Maroth Jewels follow four policies in their jewelry wholesale business. They include customer service, financial security, etc.

1. 24*7 Customer Service

This is one of the green flags in any business. Maroth Jewels follow the same policy and solve any of your queries whenever you need their help.

2. Return within 15 days

If you encounter any issues with the jewelry within a week, you can return the pieces of the defective jewels within the 7 days time period from the delivery.

3. Secure Pay
All the payments and transactions which happen are all secure and do not involve any third-party or frauds.
4. Customized Orders
Just as we told you, they are one of those which accept customised orders and packages to fulfill what your customers need.

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With all the four policies, Maroth Jewels make up the best jewelry wholesaler in India.

Concluding It All

We concluded the best pave diamond clasp wholesale business for you in the market. Maroth Jewels will deliver the best jewelry to you as much as we know about them.